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May 2017


Dr. Mark Virkler
President of CLU and
CWG Ministries

A Personal Message from Mark Virkler

We have an amazing practical training tool available for you. It is our dynamic e-learning module, The Art of Biblical Meditation. I have recorded eleven streaming videos which allow you to watch my computer screen as I explain and demonstrate the exact steps I take as I work my way through a Bible meditation.

In these streaming videos (which average 12 minutes each), I explain and demonstrate exactly how I use the FREE electronic Bible software, e-Sword, which I have on both my iPad and laptop. e-Sword makes everything a snap. e-Sword allows me to do the research in a fraction of the time it used to take, and my desk is not cluttered with Bible concordances and Bible dictionaries. They are all effortlessly contained within e-Sword's outstanding resources. This makes it easy to do in-depth research wherever you are!

e-Sword has been downloaded over 35 million times by people in 235 nations, making it the number one downloaded Bible software program on the planet.

I conduct these Bible Meditations with:
  1. The Holy Spirit at my side;
  2. An openness to whatever God wants to show me;
  3. No fear in my heart. 
These steps allow me to receive revelation knowledge which is often “outside the box” of rational theology. I do not demand truth be within my pre-conceived theological grids. I welcome God showing me new things which are keys to successful Spirit-anointed living. Of course I always submit these revelations to my spiritual advisers. I receive revelation truth which provides breakthroughs in my life!

I meditate on areas where I am not experiencing the declared biblical blessings which are available to me. I continue the Bible meditation until I am walking in this declared biblical reality! Our goal is taking concrete steps of spiritual growth, not learning new theology.

I want to train you in The Art of Biblical Meditation so you can do it yourself. The Bible has over 60 verses which contain one of the Hebrew or Greek words for meditate or meditation. I will guide you through a biblical meditation of all of them so you fully understand what God means when He commands us to meditate day and night (Josh. 1:8). This will result in you approaching the Bible correctly, so you receive from it the Spirit life (2 Cor. 3:6-9) which God has purposed for you to have. The Bible clearly states that meditation makes you prosperous and successful (Josh.1:8).

Time for Your Breakthrough: I also guide you through a second Bible meditation. You ask God what area of your life you need a breakthrough in. You apply each step of biblical meditation, with a goal of gaining new biblical and revelatory insights which will allow you to break forth into victory in that area. You can take whatever time is necessary to gain this needed revelation (I generally take three to twelve months to actualize a new revelation). You experience being transformed from glory to glory (2 Cor. 3:18). The light of God grows brighter and brighter in your heart (2 Pet. 1:19). A new day of God’s grace dawns!

We even have a members-only online chat room where you may share questions, discoveries, and your finished Bible meditation. My daughter Charity and I oversee the online chat room and we are there to assist you as needed so you experience personalized coaching.

In addition, I show you how to use interactive online Bible maps which allow you to actually walk along any street in Israel, and see all the sights, the stores and holy places on each side of the street as you walk by!

Now is your opportunity to let me show you exactly how I do my Bible meditations. Master the art of biblical meditation and experience God’s life-changing revelations and supernatural breakthroughs in areas of life where you have been stuck. Life is too short to be stuck! Circling the same mountain over and over and then dying in the wilderness is not God’s plan for your life. It’s time to move forward and take possession of your promised land!

  • Obtain this one-of-a-kind training experience – The Art of Biblical Meditationclick here
  • Purchase just the book on Biblical Meditationclick here for a special offer until May 24th.

Your Testimony, Please?

We are looking for your testimony to include in our book on Kingdom Emotions being published by Destiny Image.

If you would do one of the following New Creation Celebration Devotionals every day for a week, and then email me a short testimony concerning the transformation it brings to your life, I would greatly appreciate it. The devotional meditations are available at the links below:

We are providing the complete online training package for Hearing God's Voice at half price only until June 19th. Hard copies are also on sale for 25% off.

Watch the entire 10-hour series FREE during our Worldwide Video Event June 7th - 16th! Let us teach you how simple it is to lead those around you into hearing God's voice and seeing His vision.

Perfect for: Your personal devotional time, ministering to others, and small group use.
Invite your friends to watch this free streaming event, beginning June 7th.
Free Video Event

LIVE in Pittsburgh & Our Jamaica Dreams Tour by Charity Kayembe

I had a great time in Pittsburgh filming a live TV interview with Cornerstone Network earlier this month. We discussed several tips for remembering dreams, “dream friendly” alarm clocks and how the baptism of the Holy Spirit empowers us to see into the supernatural. If you missed it you can still catch the 15-minute interview here.

I’m also excited to announce our Caribbean Dream Tour next month! Jamaica House of Prayer has coordinated interpretation workshops on both sides of the island and you can get the itinerary details here.

We’re going to have an awesome time of impartation and revelation as we translate God’s dream language together. We hope to see you there!

The Treasure Chest – Spirit-Led Prayer Organizer

40 Prayer Approaches to Meet Your Needs

I worked construction in my teens and twenties, and built a house which we lived in for many years. So I have a fairly extensive workbench and tool box in my garage, containing tools which I know how to use.

Some of the more than 40 tools I own and used to build my physical home include: hammer, sledge hammer, nails, crosscut saw, skill saw, jig saw, hack saw, chisels, flat screwdrivers, phillips screwdrivers, allen wrench, various size crescent wrenches, pipe wrench, pliers, needle nose pliers, adjustable pliers, locking pliers, trowels, mixing pails, paints, various size paint brushes, various adhesives, step ladder, extension ladder, tool belt, face mask, sand paper, wood files, metal files, stipple brush, paint roller, utility knife, measuring tape, square, level,  tin snips, hole punch, stilts, extension cords, power drill, power staple gun and caulking gun.

I would like to offer you 40 tools (prayer approaches) God has taught me over the years which I have used to build strong spiritual homes for myself and others. I certainly want to be as adept with tools to build a spiritual house as I am with tools to build a physical house, so I have taken the time to learn to use these as needed. I encourage you in a similar endeavor.

The links to the 40 blogs which compose these 40 Spirit-led prayer approaches can be found here. Review them, use them and share them with your friends.

For your daily devotions, you can ask, "Lord, what is my need today?" and hear from Him which prayer approach will be most life-giving for you to utilize as your meditation for the day. Devotionals need never be dull, boring, repetitious or mundane again! Now you have 40 to choose from to meet your needs and the needs of those you counsel.

I have recommended these links to people from around the world who have asked for prayer, and received wonderful testimonies back of healing and restoration taking place in their lives. Praise God. May your testimony be next!

Use these tools. Share these tools. Build the body of Christ. Click here to discover the list of these 40 Spirit-led prayer approaches.

Join me in prayer that these become widely utilized in the body of Christ.

Invite Charity Virkler Kayembe to Your Community for a Dreams Seminar!

More than 13,000 people from 100 nations watched Charity’s new dreams video series in our free promotional of it during December. Almost 350,000 have viewed her online Sid Roth interview, and over 55,000 have watched Charity and Mark when they introduced the training series at Catch the Fire in Toronto.

Charity also had a dreams article published in the December issue of Charisma Magazine, a book on Hearing God Through Your Dreams published by Destiny Image, and she has just completed 10 weeks of extremely successful seminars in Australia and New Zealand! We thank God for His blessing upon this message.

Many key leaders have endorsed Charity's teaching and now is your opportunity to book her for a seminar in your region. She is available to minister across the U.S., Canada and around the world with dream workshops as condensed as one session or up to a full weekend of training. Her passion is simply to get the message out as far and wide as possible: God counsels us through ALL our dreams and you can become fluent in the language He speaks at night!

Charity is currently coordinating a European tour for November/December 2017. If you are in or near Austria, Hungary, Germany or the Netherlands and would like to host a seminar please contact Charity as she'd love to join you.

Working together we can restore dream interpretation to the Church! What a gift that will be. You can be a part of this restoration. Thank you for partnering with us to build the kingdom!

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We now have the 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice available free in 49 languages! God has taken this message around the world. Spread the word to your missionary friends!

Special thanks to Tim Taylor as our Adopt A Language program continues to bear great fruit. We are thrilled to announce that our top 9 teaching series are now available in Punjabi! This includes 47 sessions of streaming and downloadable video and audio plus PDF workbooks for all these:
Punjabi Material

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