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Dr. Mark Virkler

Author of 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice and President of Christian Leadership University

February 2012

New Free Online Test on Left & Right Brain Preferences

We find it fun to discover how God has made us. Someone has just sent me another free online test on left and right brain preferences. We have posted the test here. Scroll down until you see the brain and you will find that there are two tests listed under it. They are both fun to take. These will help you understand yourself, your family members and your friends, and this can help you have better relationships all the way around as you honor and draw upon the differences between you all. God's prophetic word to me is "Honor the differences" - something I never used to do. I used to judge and scorn people who were different from me. So let's receive this prophetic word into our hearts: "Honor the differences!"

New Book: A Daily Devotional for The First 21 Days of a New Believer's Life!

When you have a brand new believer, you want to put something into his hands to establish him in the Lord. We are offering a wonderful NEW book which consists of 21 short teachings to get new Christians grounded.The first day's teaching is on the four keys to hearing God's voice. It gives some journaling questions to ask the Lord, and encourages two-way journaling from day one of their Christian lives. Now isn't that a powerful way to start a new believer off? Why not have a few copies of these on hand to give to those whom you lead to the Lord or to young Christians you know who need a good foundation? Read more about this book here. Enjoy the first 20 pages free here. Order the book here.

How-To Blogs for Spirit-Anointed Living by Mark Virkler

Mark Virkler has begun writing weekly blogs which are accessible from the lower left corner of every page of the CWG website. Below is a list of blogs he has posted in the last month. We encourage you to click on these links to read the messages from Mark's heart to you over the past few weeks.
  1. Free PowerPoint for Prayers That Heal the Heart (Download and use these in personal counseling and when leading groups through this healing workshop.)
  2. Victory Over Cancer! (This amazing book can be purchased online. Read it and do the right things to stay well.)
  3. Laughter Is Healing – "A Joyful Heart Is Good Medicine"
  4. Samples of two-way journaling from Lyle Thomas, a missionary in Russia who has just completed the CWG course. See how God is changing lives worldwide. Be inspiried by Lyle's testimony. See how beautiful God's loving counsel is. Be encouraged to continue journaling, and make sure you teach someone how to hear God's voice!
  5. Mark Virkler’s upcoming itinerary is available here. Come, bring your friends and receive an impartation. Your life will be changed!

Communion With God Ministries' Life-Engaging Blogs 

These include posts that are written by other people, such as our Certified CWG Facilitators. Check them out here!

Ben Lunis has posted seven entries of two-way journaling during January. Be blessed by this excellent journaling. His blogs are listed here.

Dale Cresap is now posting daily blogs of journaling which you can access from the lower left corner of the front page on the CWG website. Enjoy and be encouraged!

Juli Iles is a CLU student who is writing passionately about God and Government. She has posted four new blogs this month and you can view them here.

Powerful New Testimonies Posted Online & Blessing the World!

  1.  We want your testimony! Testimonies change people’s lives. You can email your testimony to with your picture attached and Mark can help get it posted. Or you can click on the “Write a Testimonial” tab found directly under the blue order box for any of the products in our “Store.” Thank you for sharing your story of how Jesus has impacted your life through our products.
  2. Help us touch more people by seeding into this ministry which is transforming lives worldwide! Our Donation tab offers numerous projects you can be a part of. Click on each hyperlink in the blue box to explore the various ways your contribution can change lives. You may type in any amount you desire to give. Thank you!

Adopt-a-Language Translation Update

Mark Virkler has recorded forty-seven bilingual sessions of several of our key teachings including Communion With God, Counseled By God, Prayers That Heal the Heart, Christian Dream Interpretation and Naturally Supernatural. We are now looking for investors who want to reap the harvest of Christian leaders raised up in other nations with this foundational training on Spiritual Intimacy.

Twelve languages are now completely funded: Hindi, Nepali, Spanish, Mandarin, Telugu, Japanese, Tagalog, German, French, Korean, Pashtu and Russian. Praise the Lord!

We are currently in the process of raising funds for Portuguese. We believe this is a strategic language because not only will these translations train the people of Portugal, but also the large South American country of Brazil as well as several African nations including Mozambique and Angola. We can reach three continents with this one translation!

Please pray about helping us raise the money necessary to complete this important work. A video describing the Adopt-a-Language program is available here. You may invest in this project by clicking here. Thank you!

Koinonia Network
The Online Home for Spirit-filled Believers

Over 1,800 people have come to join the party and share their lives in Christ with one another on our new social networking site. If you haven’t connected yet, come on over and sign up so you can share your journaling and visions. Bless the world with your testimony of your walk of obedience to Almighty God’s voice in your heart and the wonderful effects that have come as a result.

Chat Room Available at! We have a live chat available for those of you who wish to connect with other members online. Learn more about how it works here.

Revelation-Based Learning Groups: Get Yourself on the Map!

We have a wonderful tool for you to use to draw people to your group. You can post the location and topic of your current or prospective home or church group meetings on a map on the CWG website, and invite others to join with you! And if you don’t have enough people to begin the group, you can mention that you will start when you have at least six people interested in joining. Maximize your learning experience by growing with others and get yourself on the map.

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