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July 2015


A Personal Message from Mark Virkler

You CAN live Naturally Supernatural! Let me show you how...

The Choice - Is my daily goal self-actualization? Becoming all I can be? Or is it to be dying daily to self, tuning to the indwelling Christ, and radiating His life, gifts and graces? Every morning I decide. Every moment of every day I decide. We all make this choice. We get to live naturally out of ourselves and our abilities, or to live naturally out of the abilities of the Holy Spirit Who indwells us. What a choice! When stated that way, it is quite obvious which way to go: Choose the lifestyle of abiding in Christ (Jn. 15).

An Intentional Lifestyle - Let’s discuss living naturally supernatural or abiding in Christ. It generally requires several months of intentional focus. We retrain ourselves from “living out of self” to “living out of the indwelling Spirit.” It took me a year to reorient, but I believe the online training module “Naturally Supernatural” can shorten this time so that if you focus purposefully and intentionally for three months on living tuned to the indwelling Holy Spirit, you will be well on your way to that anointed lifestyle.

In living naturally supernatural, you choose, moment by moment to…
  1. Stop looking to self, and instead, tune to the indwelling Holy Spirit.
  2. Stop picturing your heart as evil and instead see a new heart shining with Christ’s light.
  3. Stop seeing yourself as ignorant but rather acknowledge that you have the mind of Christ.
  4. Stop seeing yourself as small and insignificant, and instead, see yourself as triumphing in Christ.
  5. Stop confessing limitations and instead say, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”
  6. Stop setting your own goals, and instead say, “Holy Spirit, what are Your goals for me today?”
  7. Stop striving in self-effort and instead say, “Holy Spirit, I receive Your power to...”
The Inner Posture - With each of the above, you fix your eyes on Jesus (Acts 2:25), ask for the Holy Spirit to anoint you, and then tune to flowing thoughts, flowing pictures and flowing emotions. The flow that comes to you, while in this posture, IS THE RIVER of the Holy Spirit Who flows within you (Jn. 7:37-39)! And guess what – this is more than a trite saying or theology. This is the central reality of the New Covenant!

The Holy Spirit has come to live within you and you are now commissioned to walk and live according to His indwelling Presence (Acts 2:38; 1 Cor. 6:17; 2 Cor. 4:6,7; Gal. 5:25; 2 Pet. 1:4).  

This blog on blasphemy against the Holy Spirit helps one come to grips with the revelation that the indwelling Holy Spirit is the central reality of the New Covenant. Our earlier email this month explores in depth the theme of living naturally supernatural. I encourage you to meditate on both of these articles. “Abiding in Christ” is a life-altering revelation that makes EVERYTHING different!

The Results - You will heal the sick and raise the dead and bring creative solutions to the world’s needs that surround you. The anointing of the Holy Spirit lifts you up to be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, one who lends and does not borrow (Deut. 28:1-14). The world needs your Spirit-anointed leadership!

After the Civil War, George Washington Carver brought financial restoration to the South by receiving wisdom from God that brought forth hundreds of new uses for the peanut. Read the incredible story of George Washington Carver here.

Make the Investment of Time - Is it worth taking three or six months to learn to move comfortably in this realty of drawing constantly to the indwelling Holy Spirit? I believe we all agree the answer is YES! You will be six months older whether or not you learn to abide in Christ. How many years could you enjoy this wonderful lifestyle if you acquired it NOW?

Each module is available individually for only $99 each... or save $782 if you purchase the full set of 18 core modules for a one-time price of only $995! Just click the buttons below to go to the individual module or discover the full set of 18 modules.

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Revelation on Living Naturally Supernatural – from Mark's Journal

The following questions and answers on what it means to abide all the time helped to clear up the difference between abiding and communion for me.

Lord, how does one abide all the time?

"Do you recall Adam and Eve? I came and talked to them, then they would live in and out of the things I had spoken. That is what I desire. One carries on in life, living out of the words I have spoken to him, coming to Me whenever necessary and remaining open so I can speak to him whenever I desire."

Lord, it seems like I operate in darkness then, and only occasionally walk in the full light.

"Yes, in a sense you are in semi-darkness. However, in a sense you walk in the light, because that which you walk in is previous light, which when brought forth anew is light again."

Lord, please explain "brought forth anew."

"It is even as the process you are currently doing, reaching for a piece of information in the depths of your being, drawing it forth, re-crystallizing it, seeing how it fits, and allowing it to be adjusted to the present situation. It is light because I retrieve the right piece of information for the humble in heart. I position it. Therefore, it is light."

Lord, but why not live in constant communion?

"Because it is impossible for you. You were not built that way. To abide in the presence of your wife you do not constantly talk to her. In a spiritual sense you need not even always be physically together, simply aware of one another, concerned with one another's thoughts and reactions and considering her attitudes on the matter. That is abiding in her presence. And you see it does not necessitate seeing her or talking with her but is simply an inner awareness of her, and her thoughts, attitudes and responses."

Lord, are "communion" and "abiding" the same?

"Yes, in that they are both a flow of life. No, in that communion tends to involve communication, and abiding, simply awareness. Therefore, abiding is constant. Communion is intermittent. I would have you abide in Me constantly and commune with Me regularly."

Patti Virkler

From Patti's Journal

"My goal is not for you to be constantly asking Me questions, but rather that you be constantly aware of My answers and desires. More than mental conversation I want spiritual awareness that I live inside you, I am a person. I am wise and loving and I want to, and can, guide you better than you can guide yourself."


Want to Learn More?

You can discover more about living naturally supernatural by clicking here.

Each module is available individually for only $99 each... or save $782 if you purchase the full set of 18 core modules for a one-time price of only $995! Just click the buttons below to go to the individual module or discover the full set of 18 modules.

Single Modules -- $99 EachAll 18 Modules -- Only $995

Act now: Use coupon code SUPERNATURAL50 for 50% off the above price on Naturally Supernatural 'til July 31st!

New "4 Keys" DVDs Available This Fall

By September 1st you will be able to order a 5-CD or 3-DVD set of the abridged version of 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice. These will average 40 minutes each, rather than the current 60 minutes each and will be ideal for Sunday school classes and lunch-hour groups. Watch for ordering information coming soon!

We also plan to continue offering the current version as long as there is demand for it.


Thank You for Helping Spread Revival!

With the U.S. Supreme Court moving in the wrong direction, you may ask, “What can be done?” My answer is, “We can bring revival to our land by teaching people to live and walk by the Spirit!” See my blog on the Supreme court.
This last month, you helped us spread the message about the four keys to hearing God’s voice, and more than 300 people enrolled in our electronic School of the Spirit training course on Hearing God’s Voice! In addition over 90,000 views of our free online posting of the videos of How to Hear God’s Voice were viewed from at least 88 nations and two new Schools of the Spirit were established! Thank you for catching and spreading the fire of intimacy with our Heavenly Father. Rather than getting depressed, let’s all make it our mission to spread the fire of a personal, empowering walk with the Holy Spirit.

Free Worldwide Video Event: Naturally Supernatural (Entire Series) 3 Days Only!

From July 27-29th CWG Ministries will be posting one part of the streaming video each day at this web address for free viewing by you and all whom you would love to introduce this message to - worldwide! Each section (approx. 40 min) will be available for a 24 hour period, starting at 7AM EST.

Spread the word to all your friends and contacts. Let's make a huge impact!


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My blogs go out weekly and if you are not signed up to receive them (which you can do here), then you will find them available in the left column of this monthly newsletter. I have also written several short articles on steps in Cultivating Christian Spirituality which includes God’s Roadmap to Producing a Bountiful Harvest in your life. My goal in these blogs is to provide inspiration and training in Christian Spirituality. I trust they feed your heart and mind richly.

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