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  4. I Want to Speak in Tongues Fluently
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March 2015


A Personal Note from Mark Virkler

We are listing my blogs for the month in the column on the left (and we will be doing this every month from now on, so please look there to find them). Some titles this month include: "What's Wrong with Protestant Theology's Foundations?" and "Father, Son and Holy Bible???".

Charity also has a great blog on "Beloved - A Valentine's Meditation". And my upcoming itinerary will be on the side bar in the future as well. 

Your Last Chance to Enroll in CLU Courses at 1994 Prices!!!

In 1994 the Plymouth Neon, Justin Beiber, and CLU were born.

Can you believe we have not raised our tuition prices since we began Christian Leadership University 20 years ago? Well, that is changing as of April 1st. Prices are going up. Which means you have the entire month of March to still purchase courses at 1994 prices.

What benefit would I get from a three-month online college course? 
Einstein said: “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.” Personal transformation is ensured as you take three months to focus (Jas. 1:25) with our coach/instructor at your side (Eccl. 4:12). The Bible confirms that true knowledge is knowledge that has come through revelation and is transforming an individual (2 Pet. 1:8).

Getting a passing grade on a CLU course confirms to you that you have been transformed by the material. In addition, you can be working toward a degree which provides a sense of inner satisfaction. Others will note that you have taken the time to adequately prepare yourself for anointed Christian spirituality and effective ministry.

I love this testimony describing what focusing on a topic can do for you! “It has been awhile since I got all the material and I finally made time to do a focused in depth study and it has been a real blessing. Even my children are now sharing their dreams and they are journaling with us and the Lord has spoken a lot through my daughter of 10 and my son 4.”

Contact us, as we stand ready to assist you in discerning a path that will best serve your needs. 
Our staff and I are glad to work with you by email (mark@cluonline; or phone (407.271.8412; 1.800.466.6961) to help you determine the ideal program for you. We can show you how you can speed up the attainment of your degree by completing a life experience portfolio and bring in transcripts from other training you may have completed. You are closer than you think to earning a degree.

Get an additional 20% off! If you order a package of 10 or more courses, we provide a 20% tuition discount off these 1994 prices. So contact our offices during March and let's make it happen!

   List of available courses


Buy One Get One 50% Off!

You asked for it – and we listened. You don't need to choose between your favorite types of media anymore! Everyone knows DVDs are perfect for your small group get-togethers. But we also understand that CDs or MP3s are best for all your on-the-go listening in the car, giving your spirit time to soak up the truths and transform your heart. Now you can add a 2nd type of media to your cart and get it for half price using coupon code: MULTIMEDIA. No more hard decisions, decisions. Get both today!

Get a Top Notch Coach at Your Side!

Benefit from 40 years of writings by Drs. Mark and Patti Virkler. They are passionate to lead you into Spirit-anointed living by providing biblically-based, real life, "how to" training manuals on Christian spirituality. Their down-to-earth teachings are perfect for personal and small group training experiences. These packages are an excellent library of materials for your home, and you can take the downloads with you wherever you go!

Each package has been priced at 20% off the cost of buying the items individually (and downloads are already priced 40% lower than hard copies)!


Our New One-Page "4 Keys" Handout & a Powerful Testimony

"It was simply amazing tonight! We had over 215 people (new church members and new converts) in the room as we took them through the one-page handout on the 4 keys and almost all of them heard the voice of God speaking comfort and love to them. So many people wanted to share what they heard but we had to cut it short in order to let them get home. Everyone was so excited; they couldn't believe it could be so easy to hear God! Today's session lasted almost 3 hours." - Emeka D. A. Ojoko

   Seen all our other "4 Keys" freebies?

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