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February 2016



Dr. Mark Virkler
President of CLU and
CWG Ministries

A Personal Message from Mark Virkler – Be Mastered by the Old Testament

"Oh how I love thy Word! It is a lamp unto my feet." In today’s world where everything is so relative, I am thrilled to have a working knowledge of the Old Testament and be able to stand on it with absolute confidence that it is true, and a wonderful light unto my path (Ps. 119:97-105).

If you want a Bible school education at your fingertips, these modules include both the Word and the Spirit and they draw you into scriptural meditation. We are offering you the entire Old Testament training package at half price this month only.

So check it out here. You can even watch the first set of videos which cover the Pentateuch during our Free Video Event! (We're part way through, but will replay all 10 sessions before the end of the month.) Don’t miss this opportunity to have Dr. Andrew Hardy, a Spirit-anointed teacher, walk you through the story of the Old Testament, making it understandable to you. When I went to college, there was no Bible meditation, only Bible study, and we sure didn't cover the entire Old Testament. Come enjoy what I missed! Now it is available to you to use in your morning devotions, with your family or your small group.

New Book Released: Hearing God Through Biblical Meditation

The Bible was meant to be meditated on and yet most of us have never had any training on exactly how to do biblical meditation. Eastern meditation and New Age meditation are inferior counterfeits to revelation-based meditation which is centered in Scripture. Discover how to do it right!
Experience the joy of receiving Holy Spirit revelation every time you sit down with your Bible. 
Destiny Image (the publisher) wanted this book to be practical and usable for the general public. Because of this they moved the heady research on Greek and Hebrew words for "meditation" into the appendix of this book, which leaves the user-friendly, easy devotional applications front and center. This book will be your coach, leading you into daily meditation of Scripture.

Explore it at no cost! Read these sample pages and see if it is something you or your group would enjoy working through.

A PDF of this book is included as a FREE bonus when you sign up for this month's CLU School of the Spirit Pentateuch Spirit Life Module!

Christian Dream Interpretation Seminar in Orlando with Mark & Charity!

Did you know 1/3 of the Bible consists of dreams and the actions people took as a result of the counsel God gave them during their dreams at night? I will bless Jehovah, who hath given me counsel; Yea, my heart instructeth me in the night seasons (Ps. 16:7 ASV). Wow! OK, I missed this completely in Bible college. So God is counseling you and me every night. How precious is that?

Charity and I can teach you how to understand the language God uses in your dreams. Charity, my daughter, has been journaling out her dreams for over 20 years, and she is by far the best dream interpreter in our family, or that I have met anywhere in my travels. Charity is standing on my shoulders and going further than I ever did with dream interpretation.

Destiny Image is releasing a book by Charity later this year which includes sixty of her dreams with step-by-step explanations and interpretations, effectively demonstrating how you, too, can translate the messages God speaks at night.

Charity will be the primary teacher in this life-changing seminar. I will guide some interactive experiences where we interpret dreams together as a group. Talk about fun! So come with your recent dreams written down, and meet us in sunny Orlando, April 15-16th.

You are also invited to stay and take in our CLU Graduation Celebration the evening of the 16th, and our Sunday Morning Miracle Service, where body ministry will abound. Everyone is invited to bring a 3-minute testimony or teaching on divine healing, and this will be followed by breaking into small groups and praying for healing for everyone seeking a touch from the Lord (April 17th).

Book your reservation NOW! Seating is limited, as are the number of discounted hotel rooms available.

And of course, you may just want to stay a few extra days to vacation and go visit Mickey! Why do you think we live 15 minutes from Disney World? You know what the Bible says... all work and no play... Hmmm, is that in the Bible? Well, that is why you want to get our Old Testament survey, so you can know for sure! ☺


New Health Protocol Provided Through Kurt Green

Kurt Green is the naturopath I go to, and you can experience his services also! This blog is my introduction to Kurt and to the consultations he offers. Register on his website for only $30 to receive Kurt’s personal analysis of two online health/nutrition profiles which he makes available for you to take.

He then calls you and spends 30 minutes going over the results, making recommendations, and sharing words of knowledge he received for you from the Lord. This he follows up with healing prayer, and the opportunity to connect back with him over the following weeks with updates as to how you are doing.

Click here to read about my personal healing encounter with Kurt. I blogged this out earlier this month, and after reading it, 50 people signed up on Kurt’s website to receive ministry from him! I expect if you read my testimony, you will be part of the next 50 which sign up. The story is over the top!

Clearing Cellular Memories – A Prayer Workshop for Healing Emotional Roots to Diseases

As a result of Kurt’s ministry to me, God led me into an extended prayer time to remove stress from my adrenal gland, and to heal the memories of past traumas which were still trapped in my cells. My passion was to remove ALL cellular memories of stress, not just some of them. Getting half healed does not interest me. Getting fully healed is my goal. So the Lord helped me develop a worksheet which I have used to process 30 traumas of my life, plus generational traumas coming down through the family line from my ancestors.

I have improved this blog considerably since I first published it on the 8th of the month, so if you read it earlier, I highly recommend you go back and re-read it. This is one of those life-changing blogs. I believe it is going to improve my health and the health of many others. I have even created a downloadable form you can easily type in, to help you record your divine encounter as the Lord heals scene after scene in your life.

I kind of knew I should be doing this for years, and just kept putting it off. Well, no longer. Why exactly would anyone put off healing prayer? For me, it was because satan sent me a thought, "It would take too much time to do thoroughly." Well, in one to two weeks of your devotional time, you can process your emotional traumas quite thoroughly, I believe.

The blog is: Clearing Cellular Memories - A Prayer Workshop for Healing Emotional Roots to Diseases. Enjoy, and get healed! I would love to have you post your testimonies of healing at the end of this blog.

Inspirational and Teaching Blogs: Our Feast for You!

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