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Dr. Mark Virkler

Author of How to Hear God’s Voice and President of Christian Leadership University

January 2011


1000 Days of Journaling
from Friends in East Asia

(Name and picture withheld due to security risks)
What happens when you watch the “How to Hear God’s Voice” DVDs 8 times and then journal every single day for almost three years? Learn more about what God did through this time set apart to hear Him and check out one of the awesome words he received from the Lord in “The Best Is Yet to Come” journal entry. Read more…

We Lost 317 Pounds in 2010!
by Mark Virkler

Find out how our group of eight friends not only lost weight, but lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, improved acid reflux and other health issues, and gained a whole lot of energy! Read more…

Love Letters from God
Joan Corcoran A new blog from Joan Corcoran

Is God captivated by me? Am I truly His beloved? Does He really not want to live without me? Get a glimpse of His passion for you, His patience, and His unending desire for intimate fellowship with you. Read more…

Online Giving: Adopt-a-Language

Would you pray about helping sponsor the translation of 46 hours of foundational Spirit-anointed teaching by Mark Virkler? The series includes Communion With God, Prayers That Heal the Heart, Counseled by God, Christian Dream Interpretation, Naturally Supernatural and more.
Find out more about this exciting project and how you can partner with us. Thank you for your faithfulness!

Physically Healed in a Spiritual Vision
Val RobeyValerie Robey

If Jesus showed up right now, what would He do? Reveal an angel to me? Or lay His hands upon me? Click here to read Valerie’s story of meeting with Jesus and experiencing His miraculous healing power.

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Jan. 21,22   How to Hear God's Voice   Kissimmee, FL  
Jan. 28-30   How to Hear God's Voice   Orillia, Ontario  
Jan. 31   How to Hear God's Voice   Owen Sound, Ontario  
Feb. 11-13   How to Hear God's Voice   Port of Spain, Trinidad 
Mar. 11,12   Prayers That Heal the Heart  Niles, OH  
Mar. 25,26  How to Hear God's Voice   Stephens City, VA  
Apr. 29,30   How to Hear God's Voice   Cleveland, OH  
May 6-8   How to Hear God's Voice   Northwood, OH  

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Transformed by His Spirit
A New eBook by Pastor Rob Bruce
Rob Bruce

Worthless or priceless? Your image of yourself directly impacts God’s destiny for your life. Experience God’s rest by smashing your religious and distorted mirrors and replacing them with Truth through this practical guide into your identity in Christ. Click here to find out more…

New Book: The Transformation of Joan Faith
by Joan Faith Miller, a CLU Student

The true story of a woman’s journey from religious cult and sexual abuse to a life of helping children heal. Her story is powerful. You can read the first chapter free and order the book at

To the Ends of the Earth! CLU Global Missions Outreach
Karen TannerKaren Tanner, Missions Coordinator

You might not know that Christian Leadership University reaches onto the mission field by offering Bible school courses free of charge to students in developing nations. We continue to be humbled and amazed by how God uses these materials to change lives and takes His Spirit and teaching to places we cannot always go in person.

Below are just a few excerpts from the powerful testimonies we receive regularly. To read more of their stories and discover the 27 nations our missions program reaches, click here.

From Cameroon: “I testify that these books are inspired by the Holy Ghost because I experience a great improvement in my health, inner healings and can distinguish between satan’s dreams and the dreams projected from the Holy Spirit’s projector…My future is big and as I finish this course I am going to give my future only at the demands of mankind. I have so much invested in me and I can’t wait to go out to influence the world….”
From Windhoek Central Prison in Namibia, Immanuel writes, “From deep of my heart I give you all my sincere gratitude for blessing me with this life finding courses. I felt totally lost. But immediately after I received and went through these courses I felt relief from all the burdens. With the help of this course I experience everyday Christ Jesus as a Living Person. This course blessed me in so an amazing way that I did not just experienced Christ Jesus, but I can now even smell His love all over me. He have become my Life.”
Malawi Bible SchoolWe have some students who have started Bible schools of their own to teach what they have learned. This is a picture of a long-time mission student, Weston Kapasule, from Malawi at the Bible school he has started called “Mark’s International Bible College”.
Another man from Malawi has been with us for 11 years and has translated about 10 books into the Chichewan language and is using them to teach students in his Bible School called ‘Jerusalem Bible College’. He sent a message that said, “…God speaks with me the very way Dr. Virkler teaches. My understanding of these books is not theological but revelational and I even experience them. I do not lecture theologically but as a person who experiences them in my life.”
In Lome, Togo there was a graduation ceremony at Leadership Training Centre with students receiving degrees from us. This picture shows the joy of their accomplishment!
 Togo Graduation

A Sierra Leonean refugee writes, “The anointed and sound teaching from CLU has created tremendous results on my spiritual life, and a great impact on my local Church and the community as a whole. It has transformed my life…”

  If you want to invest in these students' lives, please give generously here.

New Translation Available – Tedim

Flag of Myanmar We give a special thanks to Gin Khan Mang who has translated the tract “4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice” into Tedim, a language of Myanmar. It is available for free downloading here.

Japan Trip: Praise Report & Free Streaming Videos
Mark Virkler

Read highlights from two powerful weeks of ministry, and the unexpected gifts I returned home with! Click here...

December 50% Off Sale Continues!

4 Keys BookHuge savings on our newest book and accompanying CD/DVD series held over through January 31st due to popular demand! Don't miss out...Click here!

Laughter Is Healing

ReverendFun Comic

ReverendFun Comic

Koinonia Network
The Online Home for Spirit-filled Believers

Over 1,300 people have come to join the party and share their lives in Christ with one another on our new social networking site. If you haven’t connected yet, come on over and sign up so you can share your journaling and visions. Bless the world with your testimony of your walk of obedience to Almighty God’s voice in your heart and the wonderful effects that have come as a result.

Chat Room Available at! We have a live chat available for those of you who wish to connect with other members online. Learn more about how it works here.

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We have a wonderful new tool for you to use to draw people to your group. You can post the location and topic of your current or prospective home or church group meetings on a map on the CWG website, and invite others to join with you! And if you don’t have enough people to begin the group, you can mention that you will start when you have at least six people interested in joining. Maximize your learning experience by growing with others and get yourself on the map.

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