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God's Voice Worldwide

February 2015

Table of Contents

Taking Personal Responsibility for Our Health

God has placed responsibility for our health in our own hands. Take this responsibility seriously and become healthy. You can! The path is fairly simple but it takes some effort. You live clean, eat clean, exercise, pray, believe and speak life.

This book summarizes the steps you can take and what I have learned in 22 years of taking responsibility for my health. How about opening your home and starting a small group? Go through the book Vibrant Health together. Minister health and life to one another! The life you save can be your own.

Did you know that
25% of the world's nations have lower infant mortality rates than the United States? Our government is failing to keep even our newborns safe. It is time you take personal responsibility for your health. Do not trust your health to the government or anyone else. That was never God's intention.

Learn more and order the PDF of Vibrant Health here. 

Also available on Kindle here! We would appreciate it if you are willing to do a customer review of the book, and give it a 5 star rating if you feel it is worth it. Thanks!


New Products from Mark & Patti

Benefit from 40 years of writings by Drs. Mark and Patti Virkler. They are passionate to lead you into Spirit-anointed living by providing biblically-based, real life, "how to" training manuals on Christian spirituality. Their down-to-earth teachings are perfect for personal and small group training experiences. These packages are an excellent library of materials for your home, and you can take these downloads in your pocket wherever you go!

Each package has been priced at 20% off the cost of buying the items individually. SAVE an additional 20% off these already discounted prices during February 2015 if you enter the coupon code FEBVIRKLER when you check out!

New Book by Lyle Thomas with Opportunities to Journal

Becoming Mr. Ephesians: You CAN love your wife as Christ does His Bride [Kindle Edition] is now available from Lyle Thomas, a CLU student. This book also has a free workbook available here, which takes you through 30 daily devotionals.

All of us Christian men know the famous passage from Ephesians 5 that addresses marriage. The easy part to remember is about wives submitting to their husbands. And the husband’s role? “Love your wives as Christ loved the Church...” is about as much as we can confidently remember, after which it starts to get fuzzy.

This book is Bible study, workbook, journal, small group study and manual, all in one. Here you will find 30 hard-hitting lessons that drill deep into the meaning and application of just 8 verses - Ephesians 5:25-33, the most complete yet superficially understood passage on marriage in the Bible. 

Reaching Families & Churches in Africa

Communion With God Ministries reaches into the hearts and churches of Africa in many ways. We have a program that has offered below-cost online classes or a CD-Rom of links to course materials from Christian Leadership University.

These photos are from Teso Center in Nairobi, Kenya. Pastor Afrika Cyprien of On the Road to Emmaus Seminary has been sharing what he has read, studied, and learned from CLU. We are so happy to partner with him so that these precious lives will be influenced by and filled with the knowledge and actions of Holy Spirit through the Word of God!

We invite you to join us in this ministry! If you would like to help offset these costs and invest in reaching the world with the message of hearing God’s voice, that would be a HUGE blessing! We would love to have you get involved in our missions program with both your prayers and financial support.

You can make a one-time gift or become a partner with a monthly contribution to sow continually into what God is doing among the nations through CLU and CWG Ministries. You can even correspond with the student you sponsor if you like!
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