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April 2015


A Personal Message from Mark Virkler

  • Summer spiritual training camp for children, teaching them to operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Wow! Could anything be better? Read all about it in this blog by Karen Barnes.
  • I will be on Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural!" radio and TV shows May 4th - 10th. The interview is on the topic of our newest book Hearing God. Check out the times of airing in your area by clicking here!
  • Australia is joining the U.S. in prayer and fasting for America from April 30th - May 6th. We're believing God to hear from heaven and heal our land. 
  • Revival is breaking out in Indiana! Sam Bowman, a CLU student, told me that 400 - 800 meet for breakfast, training, and then hit the neighborhood for evangelism. This video by the trainer, Kyle Martin, shows him ministering on the streets. Everyone comes back to debrief, share testimonies and lunch together, a bit more training and out again for the afternoon. This is followed by dinner together and an evangelism service at the church. Awesome!
  • Check out my new blogs listed in the left column.
  • CLU has a new website compliments of my daughter-in-law, Charla Virkler! Check it out. Thank you, Charla!

Hungering for a Spirit-filled Bible College at Your Fingertips?

I went away to college for 4 years to receive training for ministry, and they did not equip me for ministry. Our 18 revelation-based courses bring to your laptop, tablet or smart phone more Bible, more Spirit and more practical training than I received, and it is at 1/38th the price that college is charging for annual tuition. All 18 courses for only $995 plus three free bonuses if you purchase before the end of the month! Read all about this limited-time offer here.

What benefit would I get from a three-month online college course? 
Einstein said: “Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience.” Personal transformation is ensured as you take three months to focus (Jas. 1:25) with our coach/instructor at your side (Eccl. 4:12). The Bible confirms that true knowledge is knowledge that has come through revelation and is transforming an individual (2 Pet. 1:8).

See what focusing on a topic can do for you! 
Photo of Patty Sadallah“Even though I could hear God’s voice, I couldn't explain how I could before this class. Now I have the language and the tools to do that. I connect to this program because I am all about the ‘how’ of doing things and I love to teach others what I am learning.” 

- Patty Sadallah, Ohio

Contact us, as we stand ready to assist you in discerning a curriculum direction which will best serve your needs. 
Our staff and I are glad to work with you by email (mark@cluonline; or phone (407.271.8412; 1.800.466.6961) to help you determine the ideal program for you. We can show you how you can speed up the attainment of your degree by completing a life experience portfolio and bring in transcripts from other training you may have completed. You are closer than you think to earning a degree!

   List of available courses

Learn how to enter into creative visionary prayer just as Beverly Ann Snyder did in her Prayers That Heal Heart course exercise:
“Dear Lord, I remember when I was in sixth grade and loved playing basketball. When they had try-outs for the team I was very nervous, but as I look to my left I see You there with me. You’re dressed like my Coach - in shorts, a sport shirt, hat and sneakers! You’re encouraging me as I bounce the ball saying, “You’re doing great! You can do it!” And later when I score a point for my team, I look off to my right and see You in the bleachers smiling and cheering.
“After a little while everyone lines up along the wall as they start to pick people for the school team. I feel an arm around me as I listen carefully. I look and see it’s You, Jesus – and You’re even eating a hot dog! I feel Your love and acceptance in my heart, it’s beautiful. Soon I hear my name called to be one of the players on the team. I turn to see You, Jesus, and we give each other a high five! This was such a happy day for me.”


Our New One-Page "4 Keys" Handout & a Powerful Testimony

"It was simply amazing tonight! We had over 215 people (new church members and new converts) in the room as we took them through the one-page handout on the 4 keys and almost all of them heard the voice of God speaking comfort and love to them. So many people wanted to share what they heard but we had to cut it short in order to let them get home. Everyone was so excited; they couldn't believe it could be so easy to hear God! Today's session lasted almost 3 hours." - Emeka D. A. Ojoko

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