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God's Voice Worldwide

November 2016


Dr. Mark Virkler
President of CLU and
CWG Ministries

A Personal Message from Mark Virkler

Our featured special during the month of November is our How to Walk by the Spirit Series. During the first 10 years of my Christian life, I knew nothing about how to live or walk by the Spirit. The Holy Spirit was simply a vague concept to me, with no living, practical relevance.

Then I read Watchman Nee's trilogy of books on the Holy Spirit and really began hungering to live by the Spirit. However, I could not connect to the Holy Spirit through his books because he was writing from an Eastern mindset and I think like a Westerner. He was more right-brain and I was more left-brain. So I had no bridges allowing me to step from the Western god of rationalism to the God of Christianity, where Spirit-to-spirit encounter rules.
My only recourse was to explore Scripture myself, which is exactly what I did, and that was the key that opened the door for me. I prayerfully meditated on all 1200 verses on heart and spirit, asking God to reveal truth to me. He did! I journaled out was I was learning. I saw things I had never seen before. I was able to place insights into left-brain categories which were meaningful and which would allow me to define and identify my spirit and the moving of the Holy Spirit within my spirit, and to live out of Him (Jn. 6:63; Gal. 5:25).

So we have taken 500 of these key verses and present them to you in the categories God showed me, inviting you to prayerfully reflect and meditate on them, asking the Lord to reveal truth to you.

We encourage you to set aside everything you think you know, and simply let Scripture and the Holy Spirit speak to you. Become a child and learn at His feet. Let Him transform your outdated theology into a living reality where you live and walk by the Spirit. If you can do this, you can and will be transformed!

This month’s special…

How to Walk by the Spirit is our featured series and you can find details below on our worldwide video event. Watch all 9 sessions FREE online, and get your own set of electronic materials for 50% off. Don't miss it!

Free Worldwide Video Event:

How to Walk by the Spirit (All 9 Sessions)

Click Here to Watch
From November 19-27th we will be posting one session of the streaming video each day on the CLU School of the Spirit website for free viewing by you and all whom you would love to introduce this message to – worldwide! Each session is approximately 50 minutes, and will be available for viewing any time during the 24 hour period starting at 7AM EST each day.
Would you please help us spread the word to all your friends and contacts? Let's help as many as we can learn how to live and walk by the Spirit!

Want to Learn More?


Enroll in this interactive e-learning module:

How to Walk by the Spirit Module -- $49

Prefer hard copies?

Two options:
  1. Get them shipped from CWG Ministries (also on sale)!
  2. Invest in the full college-level CLU course REN206

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How to Walk by the Spirit
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Christmas Is Coming – Sitewide 25% Discount Beginning NOW!

At Christmas time especially, our heart's passion is to give and to bless others. In keeping with this, we want to help you give good gifts to your friends by extending a 25% discount coupon from now until December 25th, which you can apply toward every product on both Communion With God Ministries and Glory Waves websites. At checkout, simply use coupon code: Christmas25.

That's right! Everything on both websites, whether it is by Virklers or one of our other amazing authors, is now available at a discount! So try something new that we have written. Check out a new author. Give the gift of intimacy with our Savior to your family, friends and pastor!
Shop Now
We have created a whole section of materials in our CWG store under "Topics" of Books for Children and Teens. Check out these 17 great gift ideas for your children and grandchildren.
Remember the newest abridged video series of 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice which is ideal for Sunday school classes.
Hearing God - for Intimacy, Healing, Creativity, Meditation and Dream Interpretation – This is an excellent introduction to each of these topics which is ideal for the light reader or small group interaction.
Playtime with Jesus workbook and Spending Time with Jesus book make meaningful gifts for children and grandchildren, leading them into their own personal encounters with Jesus. Check them out!
Hearing God Through Biblical Meditation.  For many years I studied the Bible incorrectly, and it produced death rather than life. Even though I had a knowledge of the Scriptures, I did not personally experience the life and the realities they revealed. The Bible calls this the ministry of death, rather than the ministry of righteousness (2 Cor. 3:6–9). Don't let this happen to you!
Rose Guide to End Time Prophecy is an amazing, full-color, pictorial overview of the standard four opposing views of end-time prophecy, each one backed up with Scripture. Why do I care? Because I want an optimistic view of the end times, not a pessimistic view. I want to believe that God’s government is increasing and satan’s is decreasing (Isa. 9:7). I want to create a better world for my children and grandchildren. I don’t want to be down in the mouth. To see scriptural support for an overcoming view brings joy and gladness to my heart, and I believe it will yours also. The Church, the light of the world, is to be lighting cities, not hiding under a basket (Matt. 5:13-16)!

Bless our ministry when you shop at Amazon

If you do your Amazon shopping through this special link, a portion of your total will be remitted to CWG Ministries (click here for more details). Thank you!

Going Down Under – Charity Kayembe

We've been thrilled with the response to our new book on Hearing God Through Your Dreams. Now I have been invited to minister Down Under and will be on a teaching tour in Australia and New Zealand the early part of next year!

If your church or School of Ministry would like me to speak while I'm in your region, I'd love to join you. You can find the current itinerary online and we'd be happy to include your church as well.

I teach how to hear God's voice all night every night and you can find out more about this brand new seminar on dream interpretation on my website:

I look forward to meeting you Down Under!

Dreams eBook & MP3s Now Available!

Many of our international friends have been waiting for the release of the electronic version of Hearing God Through Your Dreams - Understanding the Language God Speaks at Night. We're pleased to announce that it's finally here!
Get the eBook
In addition to the PDF ebook, we also just released the audio recording we taped in Toronto this fall. Ten teaching sessions with Charity that correspond closely with the chapters of the book, plus six interactive interpretations with Mark make this the most comprehensive and practical training on how to translate the language of dreams available anywhere.

Download your dream decoding resources today!
Get the MP3s

EFT Seminar MP3s with Charity Kayembe & Jim Richards

Charity was honored to be a speaker with Dr. Jim Richards at his annual Heart Physics conference in Huntsville, Alabama last month.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is one of the simplest, easiest-to-apply therapies available. It is extremely successful dealing with PTSD, depression and anxiety. After years of tormenting after-effects, some experience dramatic relief in a matter of minutes.
Get ready to add a fantastic new tool to your bag of skills!
  • Learn the scientific principles behind EFT
  • Discover why and how “tapping” works
  • Understand its legitimacy in biblical counseling and ministry
  • Get experience addressing spiritual, emotional and physical issues with EFT
  • Learn how to teach EFT to your children
  • Be a different person by the end of the weekend!
All 24 audio MP3 sessions (plus 2 video download sessions) can be purchased for instant download today!
Get the MP3s
While you're at it, grab the PDF ebook or a hard copy of the new EFT for Christians book.

Learn how to experience emotional freedom by tapping into God’s peace and joy today!

Would You Send Me Your Testimony Please?

I am writing a book, Spiritual Transformations, which explores the power behind the three new devotionals I have posted. If you would try each of these devotionals for a week or two and email me your testimony of transformation, I would greatly appreciate it. They are The River of LifeNew Creation Celebration - Replacing Emotions and New Creation Celebration - Replacing Beliefs. Thank you!

Inspirational and Teaching Blogs: Our Feast for You!

My blogs go out weekly and if you are not signed up to receive them (which you can do here), then you will find them available near the top of the right column of this monthly newsletter (or below on mobile devices).
Mark's Latest Blogs
I have also written several short articles on steps in Cultivating Christian Spirituality which includes God’s Roadmap to Producing a Bountiful Harvest in your life. My goal in these blogs is to provide inspiration and training in Christian Spirituality. I trust they feed your heart and mind richly.

There will be no end to the increase of
His government or of peace!

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