November 2010 – God’s Voice Worldwide

From Dr. Mark Virkler, Author of How to Hear God’s Voice and President of Christian Leadership University

Not Studies about God       
       But Encounters with God

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Brand New CD/DVD Sets from Dr. Mark Virkler on Sale!


Practical suggestions to increase your effectiveness in healing prayer!

  1. How to discover and remove the root cause of the sickness.
  2. How to remove blockages to healing.
  3. Why would you choose to lay two hands on a person?
  4. Open the eyes of your heart and see what is happening!
  5. Why is the teaming up of prophets and teachers important?
  6. What is the value of providing a divine healing soaking experience?
  7. Utilize various prayer modalities, including inner healing and deliverance.

Length: 27 minutes, which is perfect for a Sunday school class or home group meeting where you then have healing prayer (in groups of 3-5) for any who have physical needs. Our goal is that 100% receive healing! Experience divine healing together with your loved ones.

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Throughout the New Testament, everyone who was baptized in the Holy Spirit began to speak in tongues! In fact, hearing Cornelius and his household speak in tongues was the only evidence that Peter and the Apostles needed to prove to them that God had indeed baptized these Gentiles with His Holy Spirit (Acts 10:44-47; 11:15-17).

Unfortunately, because of a lack of understanding and knowledge, too many today who have earnestly prayed for the baptism in the Holy Spirit have not moved into the evidence of speaking in tongues that God has given them. Dr. Virkler’s clear, practical teaching has helped thousands of people step out in faith and begin enjoying this wonderful blessing that God has promised. Are you ready to receive?

The session is 27 minutes long, which is ideal for a Sunday school class or home group meeting where you then move into a prayer ministry time for any who are seeking to speak in tongues. Our goal is that 100% begin to speak in tongues! Experience this gift and share with your loved ones the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

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Each of the above sets contain BOTH a CD and a DVD of the message. Listen to it over and over in your car as you soak up these truths and principles. Then show the DVD in your small groups and follow the teaching with group prayer ministry, seeing people be healed and baptized in the Holy Spirit! Price per set is $15.95, or $31.90 for the two sets. However, we have three special offers during November 2010!

Offer 1 – Only $24.95 for both CD/DVD sets:
“Divine Healing Toolbox” and “How to Speak in Tongues”

Plus the following extra bonuses thrown in:

  1. Two copies of the “How to Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit” booklet (pictured above)
  2. Website access to free streaming versions of each of these CD and DVD sessions which you can use and share with others freely
  3. Exclusive access to these new unpublished articles from Dr. Mark Virkler:
    • “Road Map for Deliverance-Healing Sessions”
    • “4 Keys to Divine Healing”
    • “How Satan Removed the Road Map for Deliverance-Healing”
    • “Energy Medicine – the Scientific Basis”
    • “What the Anointing of Power Feels Like”
    • “Journaling about Seeing God as Light”
    • Plus reminders of additional earlier articles by Mark Virkler which are available for free downloading.
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Offer 2 – Deluxe Bundle: just $29.95 for ALL of the above, PLUS an additional 8 copies of “How to Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit” booklet (10 copies total). Use them to lead a home meeting, taking your group through this life-changing experience of receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues, and training them to lead others into this awesome experience!

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Offer 3 – FREE web access to the streaming video and MP3 versions of these messages for you to have and share with others. No Cost!

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  A Testimony of Healing demonstrating the truths of these two training DVDs from a pastor’s seminar (by Mark Virkler) can be found in our March 2010 newsletter. Instantaneous healing occurred as we applied the principles in this month’s CD/DVD offer. You may re-read that story here and rediscover the awesome power and effectiveness of using these techniques when ministering healing.  


Preview of December Super Special! Don’t do all your Christmas shopping until you see this!


You may have noticed that Destiny Image recently released a new version of How to Hear God’s Voice titled 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice. DON’T BUY IT! (I’ll bet you never expected an author to tell you NOT to buy his book!) Because it was rushed to market, editing was poorly and incompletely done. Destiny gave us the opportunity to improve it for the second printing, and we are much happier with the new product.

We have re-written the first chapter and made many other improvements, and it is currently being re-typeset. We are purchasing the updated edition in high volume which will be available for sale by CWG Ministries on December 3rd. In next month’s newsletter we will fill you in on how this new revised version of the message is the best one yet!

In addition, we are producing in quantity the correlating CDs and DVDs, as well as plenty of seminar guides with updated covers to match the new book. Because of our large quantity purchases, we will be able to extend to you an astounding discount, so you can bless those on your Christmas list with intimacy with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Watch for this upcoming special next month!


CLU Doctoral Degrees Presented to John and Carol Arnott


Mark Virkler was extremely proud to present an earned Doctorate in Christian Leadership to John Arnott, and an earned Doctorate in the Prophetic to Carol Arnott on October 5, 2010 at their annual “Partners in Harvest” Conference in Toronto.

John and Carol have touched millions worldwide with the principles of spiritual intimacy and the Father’s Love, and we are absolutely thrilled to have them as graduates of Christian Leadership University. Our friendship spans 20 years, and in the last 12 years alone, the church in Toronto, has had me in to do a How to Hear God's Voice seminar approximately 50 times! This is more than any other church in the world!

John and Carol have taught How to Hear God’s Voice and Counseled by God on numerous occasions. In addition, the Partners in Harvest churches and speakers have taken the message of Communion with God with them around the world in hundreds of conferences they have run. We greatly appreciate our friendship with John and Carol and their commitment to restoring spiritual intimacy to the Church at large, and pray God’s blessing upon them as they continue their worldwide ministry.


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Dec. 5-16   How to Hear God's Voice   Japan  
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Jan. 28-30   How to Hear God's Voice   Orillia, Ontario  
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Feb. 11-13   How to Hear God's Voice   Port of Spain, Trinidad  

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Freedom from a 50-year-old Word Curse Brings Healing!

Bob & Mary Holland
Below is dialogue between Mark Virkler and Rev. Bob Holland, a missionary to Jamaica and a CLU student.

Bob: My biggest challenge is memorizing Scripture; I have never been able to do it. They say too many brain cells were destroyed through my heavy alcoholic drinking. Memorizing anything is not something I have been able to do. In Bible school I was not able to and I have tried many ways, 3 x 5 cards, writing out the verses many times, etc. with no success. Therefore, I am at a "wall" or "hitch" not knowing what to do.

Mark: So when did your difficulty with memorization begin? What happened in your life at that time? Ask God.

Bob: I do not know when it started. I soon will know – maybe at 12 when I started drinking.

Mark: OK, go journal about that and see what God says.

The next day:

Bob: Last night I spent some time, actually all day I kept asking God to reveal what is blocking me from memorizing this current verse, then last night in the evening I spoke to Him again as follows:

“Lord, what is the problem here with me and memory?”

All God said was, “Remember Mr. Ward.”

So here is what I remember of Mr. Ward: He was my 6th grade teacher, about 53 years ago. He was a World War II veteran, a Marine, and every boy looked up to him. One day he sent a note home to my mother saying that the only thing I could do well was my penmanship. I used to joke about that, but I am realizing how damaging it was to me. I also now have realized that I was looking towards him as a father figure. My wife and I deal with this kind of "bad-talk" damage within the lives of the boys we deal with every day.

What has happened since then, I prayed about this revelation and then asked for God to help me. Last night about 1:00 AM I woke up with the intent of memorizing 1 Chronicles 29:18. This morning I was able to recite it from memory to my host here in North Tonawanda. Praise God!

I just ask you all to help me with rebuking this damage (block).

Mark: Awesome!!!!! God has shown you the root cause. It was a word curse spoken over you by an authority figure. So now you speak the following out loud:


“In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I break this word curse spoken over me by Mr. Ward, which in essence said I could not memorize. I break it in the name of Jesus. I break it in the name of Jesus. I break it in the name of Jesus. It has no power over me, for my Lord Jesus Christ has spoken the truth over me. I am His child. I have the mind of Christ. I have the gifts of wisdom and knowledge. I have an anointed mind and an anointed heart. I am filled with the wisdom and knowledge of Almighty God.

“I am a man of God. I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me. I am a new man. Old things have passed away. Behold all things become new. I am a child of God. Hallelujah. I break the power of these lies that I cannot memorize. They are lies from the pit of hell. I can learn. I can memorize. From this day my confession will be that I CAN memorize. I can memorize Scripture. God has commanded me to hide His Word in my heart and I can do that. I will do that.

“I bind any demons of lies, confusion, mental lack and all of your family, and I command you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to leave me NOW. Leave now, in Jesus’ name. Leave now in Jesus’ name. Leave now in Jesus’ name. I hate you. I don’t want you. I will not give you a place. In the name of Jesus, leave NOW. I am brilliant, and I am able to memorize through the Lord Jesus Christ! Thank You, Lord!!!”


Keep me informed of your continued journaling on this topic and what God says. Here are some journaling questions:

  • Lord, please speak to me concerning how You see my mind.
  • Lord, please give me a vision concerning how You see my mind. (Look and record the vision.)
  • Lord, show me how You are restoring my mind.
  • Lord, show me how You are anointing my mind.
  • Lord, show me how the lie penetrated me and held me captive.
  • Lord, show me how You are setting me free.
  • Lord, what do You want me to do to obtain full freedom?

Send the two-way journaling to all 7 questions above to me. Take a few weeks if necessary to complete this. Be thorough. Your healing is in His spoken words and visions to you. Get these. Capture them. Savor them. Relish them. Live in them. Hold them before your eyes. Speak them in your heart. They are the words of life that will set you free. They break the yoke of darkness.

Conquering the Health Mountain – Roger DeHaan creates the “Kingdom Health Initiative”

If you are interested in restoring health care as an expression of the kingdom of God, I suggest you email my friend, Dr. Roger DeHaan and ask him to send you information about this new initiative. I would love to see this sweep the nation as countless people participate. I have a passion to participate in Kingdom healthcare methodologies. One new healthcare tool I have just begun using is a device that plugs into the USB port of your computer, measures energy feedback from your body and recommends nutrition that would help balance your body. If you are interested in knowing more, email me.




“I Had Forgotten What It Felt Like to Be Me!” – Lois Richards, a CLU Student


I would like to say thank you for allowing God to use you and Mark as instruments, to speak into the lives of His people especially those who are bound by satan. Since becoming a student of CLU, my life has not been the same! When I think of the way my life was before, I know it was God's mercy, love and His grace that kept me safe from the destruction of satan. This last course “Prayers that Heal the Heart” was awesome. I was delivered from the spirit of fear, loneliness and depression.

Dr. King told me that God heals in stages and I believed her. Last week I went before God in prayer asking Him to show me other spirits that I needed to be delivered from. I spent one hour throwing up, being delivered. Oh! What a glorious feeling. I felt light as a feather and free. I had forgotten what it felt like to be me! What joy! I was delivered from six spirits. Praise His holy name, that's why I love my Savior so! He is a God of compassion and power. My prayers will forever be with you.


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