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God's Voice Worldwide

June 2016



Dr. Mark Virkler
President of CLU and
CWG Ministries

A Personal Message from Mark Virkler 

I find it amazing that the Apostle's Creed diminished the work of the Holy Spirit by not stating one single thing the Holy Spirit does for us. (See the blog I wrote about it this month.) Yes, when the early Church came up with this, they were combating the Gnostic error of secret spiritual insights, but rather than state balanced truth, they went way off in the other direction, giving the Holy Spirit essentially no place in Christian experience. 

So we are reformers, restoring the Holy Spirit to His rightful place in our lives. We need to embrace what it means to be a reformer. We are different. We are leaders in restoring a piece that was lost. We challenge the status quo, but we do this in love. We challenge people to a new and different lifestyle, knowing some will embrace it and others will run from it and some will attack us. We help people overcome their fears, their lack of understanding, and their misconceptions. 

Many desire this lifestyle of intimacy with God through the Holy Spirit. Some are adamantly against it. It is heartbreaking to hear people preach against the Holy Spirit, telling parishioners that God no longer speaks today, and their journaling is wrong and needs to be discontinued.

I am sure it breaks God's heart, and it also makes Him angry. His warning to those who would damage the faith of a young believer is that it would be better for a millstone to be hung around their neck, and them cast into the sea and drowned (Matt. 18:6). Wow! OK, make sure you NEVER damage the faith of a young believer in Christ in any way. 

I believe God will win, His Kingdom will continue to grow, and you and I are on the cutting edge of restoring spiritual intimacy between Him and His Bride. So let's press on together, arm in arm, and saturate the world with the message that God wants to chat with His children. Let's all spread this truth in every way we can to everyone we can until the Bride and Groom commune once again!

Ignore the naysayers, the detractors, the name callers, those who despise. They have no place with us, as they refuse to honor all people (1 Pet. 2:17). We honor all, love all, feel compassion to all and reach out to all, expressing God's love. If some reject our message we simply move on, finding those who are hungry and hurting (Matt. 10:14).

The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord (Hab. 2:14). Amen!
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News You Can Use

Pashto and Bengali Available: Our top 9 training modules have now been translated into these two languages, and are available on our website for FREE downloading! Please share this information with any missionaries you know ministering to these ethnic groups. Pashto is spoken by 39 million people (mostly in Afghanistan), and Bengali is one of the top 10 languages in the world with over 200 million native speakers (most prevalent in south Asia).

Romanian Translation of 4 Keys Book Available! We are thrilled to have posted a free download of the entire 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice book, translated into Romanian. Special thanks to Petronela as the translator of this project. 

If you know anyone with Romanian connections, please let them know this is available here free.

This makes 47 languages that our training on hearing God's voice has been translated into! Thank You, Lord, for the spreading fire. Let it consume the earth with a revelation of Your presence!

Tent Time – A Fun Way to Teach Children to Hear God's Voice – Perfect for your children and grandchildren!

Can you imagine the joy of learning to hear God's voice as a child and continuing this skill through your teen years and on into your adulthood? Make sure to pass this link on to your children's pastor. See this blog for a full description of Tent Time and FREE downloads of the entire children's Tent Time curriculum.

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