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July 2017


Dr. Mark Virkler
President of CLU and
CWG Ministries

A Personal Message from Mark Virkler

This month we are offering a sale on our training on Spirit-Anointed Teaching. No more boring lectures. I want to practice truth in the classroom! I decided many years ago I no longer simply wanted to be told what to do. I wanted to be led into the experience of actually doing it. I wanted teachers who were coaches and would lead me into the experiences they were talking about, and as an instructor, I made it my rule, "We will practice truth in the classroom!"

Students LOVE this. We all have heard much more than what we practice. We want someone to lead us into the experience of DOING it! We want an experience! We want revelation! We want a God encounter!

If that is you, then put your hand up! Sorry I can't see your hand, but I guess one way you can let me know you are interested is by listening this month to the free video webcast. Then if you have a passion to internalize it, purchase the course while it is at half price so you can review it over and over until you "own the truth" and are living it and have become this kind of communicator.
We ALL teach. If you are offering instruction to your child or counsel to a friend, you can either lecture them or help draw them into a revelatory encounter with our heavenly Father, allowing them to experience the joy of understanding bursting forth in their hearts and spirits.

How much smoother would our relationships be with our spouses, children and friends if we used this approach! So enjoy and internalize the skill of being a Spirit-led communicator who draws people into revelatory experiences by listening with your heart and then asking Spirit-anointed questions which precipitate insight in the hearer's heart and mind.
Invite your friends to watch this free streaming event!
We are providing the entire training package on How to Be a Spirit-Anointed Teacher at half price this month only. Hard copies are also on sale and available here.

Watch FREE this month during our Worldwide Video Event! The first session will be posted August 17th, and we will change to the next video every 24 hours at 7AM EDT. Let us teach you how simple it is to transmit Spirit-life in the classroom and beyond.

Perfect for: Your personal devotional time, ministering to others, and small group use.
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Thanks for All Your Testimonies on “How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit”!

I have received MANY exciting testimonies on speaking in tongues, thank you! I could still use more stories demonstrating the operation of the other eight manifestations of the Holy Spirit as recorded in 1 Corinthians 12:7-10.

This blog describes the tough time I had in receiving the manifestation of speaking in tongues, and then how the activation finally occurred once I understood that I needed to speak if this was ever going to work!

Please send me some of your testimonies of how you have operated in any of the other eight manifestations of the Holy Spirit. Thank you!

From Buffalo to Brussels
by Charity Virkler Kayembe

Praise God for an amazing dream workshop in Atlanta this past weekend! There were some excellent questions raised during the Q&A and you can read more about the answers shared in my blog here.

Next up is Buffalo and we are thrilled to be teaching on hearing from Heaven while you sleep right here in our hometown. If you’re in the Western New York area, we’d love to have you join us! You can find more details and an overview of the workshop here.

God is coordinating our European Dream Tour beautifully and we are grateful for new seminars added to the ministry lineup. If you or your friends are in Belgium, Germany, Hungary or Austria, see if we’ll be in a city near you! We can’t wait to share God’s message of intimacy with Him through dreams overseas this fall and we’d love to meet you there.

The Treasure Chest – Spirit-Led Prayer Organizer

40 Prayer Approaches to Meet Your Needs
Use these tools. Share these tools. Build the body of Christ. Click here to discover the list of these 40 Spirit-led prayer approaches.

Invite Charity Virkler Kayembe to Your Community for a Dreams Seminar!

Over 400,000 have viewed Charity's online Sid Roth interview, and over 55,000 have watched the video of Charity and Mark when they introduced the training series at Catch the Fire in Toronto.

Many key leaders have endorsed Charity's teaching and now is your opportunity to book her for a seminar in your region. She is available to minister across the U.S., Canada and around the world with dream workshops as condensed as one session or up to a full weekend of training. Her passion is simply to get the message out as far and wide as possible: God counsels us through ALL our dreams and you can become fluent in the language He speaks at night!

Feast on Our Daily Blogs as Part of Your Daily Devotions

Fresh manna every morning is a priceless blessing from God. We encourage you to receive yours through daily two-way journaling, and also by receiving our inspirational blogs in your inbox every morning. The internet is a wonderful way you can access amazing, gifted writers from around the world as their stories, teachings and revelations are delivered each day to your inbox. Thank You, Lord, for connecting us through the worldwide web!

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New Translations Posted

We now have the 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice available free in 49 languages! God has taken this message around the world. Spread the word to your missionary friends!

Special thanks to Tim Taylor as our Adopt A Language program continues to bear great fruit. We are thrilled to announce that our top 9 teaching series are now available in Japanese! This includes 47 sessions of streaming and downloadable video and audio plus PDF workbooks for all these:
Japanese Material

Inspirational and Teaching Blogs: Our Feast for You!

My blogs go out a few times weekly and if you are not signed up to receive them (which you can do here), then you will find them available near the top of the right column of this monthly newsletter (or below on mobile devices). Here are some additional blogs which went out since our last newsletter, just in case you missed them:
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