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Dr. Mark Virkler

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February 2011


2010 – Our Strongest Year to Date

Because you passionately introduce others to our training materials on how to hear God’s voice, 2010 has been CWG Ministries’ strongest year to date, with more sales of materials and curriculum than in any previous year! We thank you for teaming up with us to spread the message of Communion With God!

Adopt-a-Language Translation Update

Thanks to Arnold G. Hyndman for seeding $3000 to fully fund the translation of our core teachings into the Philippine language of Tagalog. May this planted seed return a 100 fold blessing!

We are thrilled that DVDs of 47 sessions of six of our key courses are being translated into various languages. This exciting project began one year ago, and so far we have raised funds for translation into 8 languages (see list here)! This month we are trying to raise the remainder needed to complete the German translation. Please pray about helping us make these courses on Spiritual Intimacy available in other languages by giving online today. Thank you!!

Testimonies of the Healing Power of God
YouTube Video from England sent by Michael Hales

This is a series of stories from people who have been physically healed through prayer. As we see and hear their testimonies it increases our faith to pray and see others healed. As our faith grows, God is able to do more. Check out the powerful 10-minute video here!

What Book Has Stayed on Our Publisher’s Best Seller List for 25 Years?
Dialogue With God

Dialogue with God has remained on Bridge-Logos’ Top 20 bestsellers list since they first published it in 1986, over two decades ago! Make sure you introduce your friends to this classic. Get your copy today!

The River Within
Journaling from Yosefu Ueno, Japan

What does the River of God feel like? What is it designed to produce? How do we live out of this flow of the Holy Spirit within our hearts, and what happens if we don’t? To find out what the Lord shared with Joseph about His River within click here.

Taking God with You to Work:
“I’ve Been to the Mountaintop!”

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 2011, the powerful sermon by Rev. King was given once again by recently-naturalized citizen Leo Kayembe (Mark and Patti’s son-in-law).

This was the speech King gave the night before he was assassinated. It is quite prophetic in nature as he displays a peaceful confidence in the face of death, preaches on the kairos timing of God and our nation, and shares the importance of “dangerous unselfishness” challenging us all through the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Leo had the privilege of delivering this godly message to an overflow crowd of co-workers and senior management, and received a standing ovation!

Check out his portrayal of King on YouTube at MLK "Mountaintop" Speech - Given by Leo Kayembe. You can even invite Leo to share the message with your group!

Pray about what innovative ways the Lord is asking you to use to bring Him into your workplace. May God’s creative ideas open the doors to extend His Kingdom to every area of our lives!

Amazing 2010 Christian Leadership University Statistics!

 •  2010 new enrollees  555  
•  Total enrollees 5907 
•  Current students 1668
•  Countries with students  113
•  Total mission students   337 
•  Total prison students  328  

CLU Students Write...
Starting this month we are going to share a couple of CLU student testimonies as well as a word from Dr. Karen King, a CLU professor who works intensely with our students. We believe you will find these stories and journaling entries powerful and inspiring. Enjoy, and prayerfully consider whether God would have you internalize these Spirit-anointed truths by becoming a CLU student!

2011 – The Best Year Yet!
Dr. Karen Joy King

“Father, what do You want to tell us about 2011?”
“My Beloved Children, yes, there are many things that can cause you to become discouraged, but I am in control. There is much work to be done for My Kingdom, and I am empowering My people in a greater way than ever before to accomplish My will. Do not allow yourselves to worry in any way about anything or anyone, for I am your loving heavenly Father, plus your El Shaddai, El-Elyon, Jehovah-Jireh, and all My wonderful Names--I am the Great I AM! There is nothing that I can’t and won’t do for those who love and trust Me. Look and you shall see My greatness. Trust and obey all My directives, for through Me you shall do the impossible. 
To read the rest of Dr. King’s faith-building journaling and article click here.

From the Depths of Despair to Joy Unspeakable!
Lisa Werner, a CLU Student

Lisa Werner
“As I neared the end of the Communion with God course, I sat with tears streaming down my face looking back in amazement at the wondrous changes it brought into my life. Prior to this course, I would never have dreamed that my life could be impacted in such a positive fashion in just a few short months. This experience has changed my life so dramatically, that I feel no aspect is untouched.” Click here to read Lisa’s story.

“I Didn’t Create You as an Island to Be Alone”
Edith Avanell Savage, a CLU Student

“Handling conflict in relationships was an area I needed growth. I was pleased with the course Cornerstones of Communication in that it offered me the opportunity, even at my age of 61, to learn new communication skills to deepen my relationships and to help me to be more assertive in my weak areas.”
From Avanell’s Journaling: “I didn’t create you as an island to be alone; but as a tall, strong oak tree reaching out your branches to shade and protect those around you. I am teaching you how to communicate with others so you can effectively communicate My love to them….”
To read the rest of Avanell’s journaling and testimony please click here

Seminars with Mark Virkler

Spread the word to your friends in these areas!

 Feb. 11-13   How to Hear God's Voice   Port of Spain, Trinidad 
 Mar. 11,12   Prayers That Heal the Heart  Niles, OH  
 Mar. 25,26  How to Hear God's Voice   Stephens City, VA  
 May 6-8  How to Hear God's Voice   Northwood, OH 
 May 13-15  How to Hear God's Voice
and Go Natural 
Newport, NH 

Seminar details available at

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The Evangelical Mysticism Site
Developed by John and Rebekah Boruff

What is an evangelical mystic? Are they New Age? Or should I aspire to become one? If you’re wondering what to say to friends who don’t believe God still heals, or who question what you’re doing actually hearing from God in this day and age, you’ll want to visit this site. There are some great ebook downloads available for free and I (Mark Virkler) personally learned something about Christian Mysticism as I read their book on experiencing God. You can read more of my thoughts here and you can check it out for yourself here.

Cleaning for a Reason

If you know any woman currently undergoing cancer treatment, please pass the word to her that there is an organization that provides FREE housecleaning, once per month for 4 months while she is in treatment. Read more...

Growing in God through Times of Want
Dr. Maurizio Secondi, a CLU graduate from Italy

In the current economic downturn, many are challenged and possibly hurting and in times of pain. If this is you, then read this wonderful reminder from Scripture on how God wants to minister to us during times of want. The article concludes with some of Dr. Maurizio’s personal two-way journaling. Read it here.

New Translations Posted!

Special thanks to Barbar Jamil who has translated the “How to Receive the Baptism in the Holy Spirit” booklet into the Pakistani language of Urdu. It is available for free downloading here.
Special thanks to Yosefu Ueno ('Joseph') who has translated the “You Can Hear God’s Voice” tract into Japanese. You can download it freely here.

Laughter Is Healing

ReverendFun Comic

ReverendFun Comic

Koinonia Network
The Online Home for Spirit-filled Believers

Over 1,300 people have come to join the party and share their lives in Christ with one another on our new social networking site. If you haven’t connected yet, come on over and sign up so you can share your journaling and visions. Bless the world with your testimony of your walk of obedience to Almighty God’s voice in your heart and the wonderful effects that have come as a result.

Chat Room Available at! We have a live chat available for those of you who wish to connect with other members online. Learn more about how it works here.

Revelation-Based Learning Groups: Get Yourself on the Map!

We have a wonderful new tool for you to use to draw people to your group. You can post the location and topic of your current or prospective home or church group meetings on a map on the CWG website, and invite others to join with you! And if you don’t have enough people to begin the group, you can mention that you will start when you have at least six people interested in joining. Maximize your learning experience by growing with others and get yourself on the map.

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