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Dr. Mark Virkler

Author of 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice and President of Christian Leadership University

God's Voice Worldwide

March 2014


Exciting Things Happening! 
So many thousands have shared with me that learning to hear God's voice and see His vision have been the most transforming experience of their Christian lives. And you have shared it widely with many you have touched as well! Just yesterday, I had the privilege of handing a 4 Keys wallet card to a Hindu man sitting on the plane next to me.

He was so hungry to learn to hear God's voice! He was eager to take the card and took up my offer that he could email me some journaling and I would be glad to confirm it for him. And I fully anticipate salvation will be in the package before we are done. God spoke to me to commit my life to transforming the world with Communion With God and for the last 35 years I have done exactly that.

Now God is inviting YOU to participate in the mission to saturate the world with communion with God! We have prepared a list of simple ways you can assist in offering every person the know-how for communing with God. Discover 7 ways you can get involved by clicking here. We have provided so many easy tools, resources you can give away and DVDs you can show in a home group.

We also need intercessors and monthly supporters who can make an ongoing pledge toward the propagation of this message worldwide. (Give $25/month or more and receive a discount on all purchases of Virkler materials!)

Will you pray over this list, and ask the Lord what part He wants you to play in saturating the world with communion With God? Join with us TODAY and together let's change our world! This job is too big to do alone. However, a worldwide team can easily accomplish it. Nothing is too hard for our God!!


Strategies to Create Hunger for Communion With God

Do you want to share with people the intimacy you've found with Jesus, but you're just not sure HOW? Click here for a blog on half a dozen ways to effectively share the message of communion with God! These include simple conversation starters, how to get yourself booked to offer the DVD course and more. Below is an excerpt from the blog. 

Where to Share the Message

(Reminder: You can present the "4 Keys" using the DVD Training Module, or you can teach it yourself.)
  1. Weekend seminar in a church
  2. Christian retreat or advance
  3. Home group, cell group, cell church
  4. Sunday School class
  5. Sunday and Wednesday evening church series
  6. School of Ministry, Church-centered Bible School
  7. Businessmen’s group, weekly Bible study luncheon
  8. Women’s Bible study, Woman’s Aglow meetings
  9. Men’s Groups, men’s Bible study
  10. Counseling group, recovery group
  11. Prayer Ministry group, Healing Room training group
  12. Eldership training, adult education
  13. Adult Education available through your local school
  14. Training sessions on missions outreaches
  15. Meeting kids after school in a park or at a McDonalds and teaching the 4 keys and getting them journaling.
  16. Inviting some of your friends to your home for a series on How to Hear God’s Voice
  17. Any other creative group or ministry - for example: New Age fair, where you set up a “Spiritual Readings booth” or a “Dream Interpretation booth” and have teams providing either/both services. Spiritual readings would be providing prophecies, words of wisdom and words of knowledge. And of course you could provide training modules for both 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice and Christian Dream Interpretation. Provide a contact brochure offering your services as a trainer of either of these courses. 
Find the complete list of Strategies Which Create Hunger for Communion With God here.

New Book! Miracles Plus Gifts of Healings
Since Steve Stewart took a group of 35 of us to India last year on a Journey of Compassion, and we ALL saw amazing healings flow through our hands, a fire has been re-kindled within me to explore Miracles and Healing. So over the last 12 months I have sought the Lord for revelation and insight on the release of His healing power. I am truly excited about what He is showing me, and I can attest to you that both Patti and I are healthier today than we were a year ago. I turn 62 this month, and my health is like it was in my late 20's.

I passionately want you to walk in divine health and to share these insights with your family and friends! I am releasing this book as a series of blogs (11 so far). The best way to learn anything is together as a group, so why not get a small group going that is interested in becoming healthy? Everyone needs this! Discover the keys to health and share them with all in need.

FREE Articles: Download - Experience - Share
(Most links are active, but some will be published over the next few weeks. Keep watching the blog to see when they are posted!)

Miracles PLUS Gifts of Healings - You CAN Walk in Divine Health!

Miracles of Healing

  1. Miracles – 7 Step Model (1 page summary available at:
  2. Miracles - 7 Step Model – PowerPoint (37 Slides)
  3. Miracles - 7 Step Model - Streaming Audio (72 minutes)
  4. Miracles – 7 Step Model (Wallet Card)
  5. I Release Divine Energy – Energeo 
  6. All Uses of Energeo (and Its Various Forms)
  7. Jesus Moved By Compassion Healed

Gifts of Healings

  1. Gifts of Healings – Explored
  2. Gifts of Healings - 7 Step Model
  3. How to Keep Your Healing!
  4. When Reason Challenges Faith... What Am I to Do?

Additional Greek Word Studies and a Summary 

  1. Three New Testament Words for Healing
  2. The Authority and Power We Have in Christ
  3. Healing - A Demonstration of The Kingdom of God
  4. Maximized Living - 5 Essentials for Living in Health
You Spoke – We Listened: Now You Can Earn an "Express Diploma"! 

So you and your group simply want to grow spiritually. No tests, no grades, no homework, but simply come together and GROW! (Of course, some official recognition of your achievements would be welcome too.) Well, we have just finished designing the perfect fit for you.

Our Express Diplomas allow you to take individual training modules, or a short series of modules, and learn together with the option of receiving Certificates at the end of each 10-12 week training experience, Express Diplomas at the conclusion of 3-8 courses, or an associates degree at the conclusion of all the training modules.

Almost 30 DVD training modules are available with Express Diplomas in the following six areas: The Healed Heart, The Healed Life, New Testament Scholar, Old Testament Scholar, The Spirit-Anointed Counselor, and Supernatural Living. Learn all about the Express Diploma Program here! These are IDEAL for you, your home group and the adult education arm of your church!


Transformational Prayer Counseling Available with Dr. Mark Virkler

Life is too short to live it struggling with hurts or sin in your heart that bog you down and won't go away. They CAN be removed by going after them with the seven Prayers That Heal the Heart. So if you decide you need a full day of prayer ministry counseling with Dr. Virkler to speed you through the healing process and help you break free, it is NOW available through phone, Skype or in person in Orlando. The intensive day of counseling is followed up with another 6 weeks of "mop up" exercises, which include building an intense wall so satan cannot come back and steal the gains that were made. If you are ready and serious, so are we. Learn more here.

Health Insurance Troubles?

If you are still wondering what to do concerning the new health insurance laws, you may want to check out this Christian health care company which we have decided to go with.

Did You Know... 

You can earn a degree from home, using the same Spirit-anointed training materials offered by Communion With God Ministries? Leave dry academia behind and step into the excitement of revelation-based learning delivered through 100+ courses offered by Christian Leadership University! Master new spiritual disciplines and acquire practical, life-enhancing skills while cultivating a deeper intimacy with the Lord than you've ever known. You may enroll in courses as a lifelong learner or apply them toward an Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree. Click here to learn more.

Specific Action Steps!

  1. Forward this newsletter (and Dr. Virkler's blogs) to your friends who you feel would be blessed by the information they contain.
  2. Pray for God to meet our needs and enlarge our borders. New projects underway include: Charisma article on the 4 Keys, new free "40 Days of Inspiration - Devotional eBook," plus new books with Destiny Image and Bridge-Logos.
  3. Become a Financial Partner by providing a monthly pledge or one time gift to CWG Ministries.
  4. Order 50 or 100 of the Sea of Galilee DVDs and distribute them.

  5. Order 100 of the Sea of Galilee cards and distribute them (100 cards are free; your $4 gift covers U.S. shipping and $15 gift covers international shipping).
  6. Check out this easy, no-cost way to support Communion With God Ministries financially, every time you place an order!

Recent Blogs by Mark Virkler
  1. Practicing Spontaneity Together - Look Where It Took This Group!
  2. Ministering Healing on the Streets!

Seminars with Mark Virkler
Spread the word to your friends in these areas!
Mar. 21, 22  How to Hear God's Voice Summerville, SC
Mar. 28, 29 Christian Dream Interpretation  East Cleveland, OH
Apr. 4, 5 Counseled by God Sylvan Lake, AB
Apr. 6 How to Hear God's Voice Sherwood Park, AB 
May 1-3 How to Hear God's Voice Geylang, Singapore
May 9, 10 Prophetic Activation Woodland Park, CO 

See the rest of Mark's itinerary at

Did you know you can host a seminar with Mark at your church? Click here for more information on how you can bring this life-changing experience to your area!


Communion With God Ministries' Life-Engaging Blogs

Mark Virkler's How-To Blogs for Spirit-Anointed Living are available here.

Ben Lunis, a Certified CWG Facilitator, has posted several entries of two-way journaling over the past month. Check them out here!

Dale Cresap, a Certified CWG Facilitator, is posting daily devotionals of journaling. Enjoy and be encouraged!

Juli Iles is a CLU student who is writing passionately about God and Government. Check it out today! 

Tara Dulin is a seer who journals. Trained in the prophetic, Tara’s introduction to two-way journaling catapulted her into vision, dreams and revelation she had desired, but only occasionally experienced. Join Tara on her journey into, and out of, the supernatural. Glean from her conversations with Wisdom. Allow her visions of Life and Truth to minister to your mind, body, and spirit. You can find them here.

Karen Barnes has a wonderful ministry of introducing children to encounters with the Holy Spirit called "Fire for the Nations." Karen is ready to share with you the methods, strategies, and stories of success she is having as she ministers with children around the world. You can even send your kids on ministry trips with Karen as she releases the power of the Holy Spirit through children worldwide. Karen's blogs are available here.

As president of Impact Nations, Steve Stewart travels the world facilitating Journeys of Compassion and mentoring leaders in developing nations under his holistic Kingdom vision. He writes from experience about power evangelism and the transformative impact of the gospel of the Kingdom. Come take a look!

Jesse Birkey's blog is "Extraordinary Stories from an Ordinary Person." He works in Florida on a paramedic team and rides the rescue vehicle that goes out in response to 911 calls. His stories of God’s supernatural healing encounters will inspire our faith to continue to do the “greater works” that Jesus talked about. 

Mark Holloway has written an awesome book of two-way journaling which details his battle with doubting that God is really speaking to him. I consider the book to be powerful because it describes with such reality the daily battle with doubt that we all struggle with. Check it out on his blog: The Freedom Diaries.


Powerful New Testimonies Posted Online & Blessing the World!

  1. We want your testimony! Testimonies change people’s lives. You can email your testimony to with your picture attached and Mark can help get it posted. Or you can click on the “Write a Testimonial” tab found directly under the blue order box for any of the products in our “Store.” Thank you for sharing your story of how Jesus has impacted your life through our products.

  2. Help us touch more people by seeding into this ministry which is transforming lives worldwide! Our Donation tab offers numerous projects you can be a part of. Click on each hyperlink in the blue box to explore the various ways your contribution can change lives. You may type in any amount you desire to give. Thank you!

Koinonia Network
The Online Home for Spirit-filled Believers

Over 2,500 people have come to join the party and share their lives in Christ with one another on our social networking site. If you haven’t connected yet, come on over and sign up so you can share your journaling and visions. Bless the world with your testimony of your walk of obedience to Almighty God’s voice in your heart and the wonderful effects that have come as a result.

Chat Room Available at! We have a live chat available for those of you who wish to connect with other members online. Learn more about how it works here.


Revelation-Based Learning Groups: Get Yourself on the Map!

We have a wonderful tool for you to use to draw people to your group. You can post the location and topic of your current or prospective home or church group meetings on a map on the CWG website, and invite others to join with you! And if you don’t have enough people to begin the group, you can mention that you will start when you have at least six people interested in joining. Maximize your learning experience by growing with others and get yourself on the map.

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