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Dr. Mark Virkler

Author of 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice and President of Christian Leadership University

August 2011


Our Brand New Website Completed after One Year of Development! Come and See, and Save 10% on ALL of Mark and Patti’s Products!

Wow! We did it, and it is a miracle. We have a brand new CWG Ministries website which features:

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  6. A listing of 12 ways for you to team up and help us share the message of Communion with God.
  7. You are encouraged to help spread the word about the power of Communion with God by uploading your personal story alongside the product(s) which spurred spiritual growth in your life, inspiring others to try the product for themselves. Each month 30,000 visitors come to our website, and you can touch them with your powerful, life-changing story, without leaving home or spending a cent!

The Power of a Story

by Mark Virkler
I became a Charismatic because of one person’s story of how God had moved in her life! When I was attending a conservative, evangelical college studying to become a pastor, I was completely anti-Charismatic and so was my school. I could argue theology with the best of them and I had many “proof texts” demonstrating that healing was not for today. And no one could change my mind!

Except I was not prepared for the power of a story. Patti was doing her student teaching at a school near our college, and her sponsor teacher often invited us to her home for meals. She was a strong Charismatic Christian, and during the meals she shared many stories of healings in her friends and family. Well, this shocked me because here was a very real person, and a very nice person, with a very powerful story which contradicted my theology.

Obviously her story was not a lie! She was living proof of the healing power of God. Her story so impacted me and so contradicted my theology that I decided I should go back and explore what the Bible taught about divine healing. As I did, God granted fresh revelation, my theology completely changed, and I became thoroughly Charismatic, committed to the Spirit-filled lifestyle… All because of the power of a story!!

We Want YOUR Testimony!

Your story is powerful as well! You, too, can change lives by telling your story – especially your testimony of meeting with Almighty God and the life-transforming impact the experience had upon you. First, your account demonstrates that such encounters with God are real and can happen. Second, it makes people thirsty to experience them as well, and third, it points people in the right direction, as they pursue their own encounters with the Living God!

Our mission is to saturate the world with the message of communion with God – that everyone can have the intimate daily fellowship with God that He longs for. You can help us further our goal by sharing your personal testimony of the impact God, through these products, has had on your life. By doing this, you make your life a billboard, proclaiming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all around the world: “Here is a living story of how God met me and changed my life.” You become a missionary sharing good news with the thousands of people who visit our website, and you get to tell them, “Here is how God impacted me! Here is what God said to me! Here is the vision God gave me! Here is the dream God gave me! Here is how I acted on it, and here is the blessing God poured into my life as a result! Why don’t you try it, and let God change your life, too?”

Stories speak to hearts and convince people of a new reality. I can tell them that the truths in our book will change their lives, but when you post your picture and you tell how the book changed your life, then they listen, and then they believe, and then they try a book or CD or DVD set and discover that they, too, are changed by the Almighty hand of God!

To discover what a testimony looks like once it is posted online, click here, scroll down to the “Customer Testimonials” tab and read the post by Christine Taimanglo.

To get started writing your story – read this… 

“Forget Your Heroic Efforts of Prayer and Simply Come to Me”

Journaling from Mike Bastien

Father, what do You want to speak this morning?

Did I not say that you can come to Me and learn of Me? I will give you rest, I will lift your heavy burdens, I will replace your yoke with My yoke that is easy and light. I so long to impart rest to your soul. You are so easily distracted, Mike. I AM the Lover of your soul.

Let go of your worry, cast them at My feet and sit at My feet. You have not truly understood My rest that I have for you. Forget your heroic efforts of prayer and simply come to Me. Forget your efforts of bringing Me down and see I am with you. Simply know and see Me closer than a friend, than your breath itself.

Come to Me often. Remove yourself from your busyness and get alone. Lay aside your striving and just be with Me.Turn your eyes away and turn to Me.

Listen and see and hear My whisperings of love and My melodies of approval and acceptance! Turn the gaze of your soul to Me. You have missed Me often in your striving to find Me.


Posturing Yourself to Receive Divine Healing

by Mark Virkler
I was modeling a healing prayer technique for the seminar participants this last weekend, and had a volunteer come forward who had had pain in her knees for the last 3-4 months. She could hardly stand up or walk.
So in demonstrating the effective flow of divine healing current (as discussed on the CD “Divine Healing Toolbox”), I laid two hands on her and told her to see the power of God (as light) entering her and healing her. After the prayer she reported being about 10% better.
However, after she went back to her seat, she continued to look and see the power of God as light entering her and flowing down through her and into her knees, and at the next break she came and told me the pain was 90% gone! Because she stayed in a receptive mode, believing and seeing divine reality taking place, her healing continued and increased!
The next day (Sunday morning) she testified in church that the pain was still 90% gone, and she was going to continue in the healing mode until it was 100% gone.
Go, God, Go!

Seminars with Mark Virkler

Spread the word to your friends in these areas!

 Aug. 19-21 Counseled by God  Lebanon, TN
 Aug. 26,27 How to Hear God's Voice  Raleigh, NC
 Aug. 28,29 How to Hear God's Voice  New Bern, NC 
 Sep. 30 - Oct. 1 How to Hear God's Voice Peterborough, ON
 Oct. 7,8 How to Hear God's Voice  Petersburg, MI
 Oct. 14,15 How to Hear God's Voice   Toronto, ON
 Oct. 21,22 How to Hear God's Voice   Union City, PA
 Oct. 28-30 Prayers That Heal the Heart  Hopwood, PA

Seminar details available at

Tune In…

Mark Virkler’s radio interview with Sid Roth on the topic of Christian Dream Interpretation will air the week of August 15th – 19th, 2011 on stations across the US. You can check Messianic Vision’s website to see exactly which stations the program is on and what time the airings will be at

Mark's two previous Sid Roth interviews available here.

Baptized in the Holy Ghost at 30,000 Feet!

by Georgeann Gornall, a CLU Student
I want to share a testimony with you. I was on an airplane from Denver to Philadelphia two weeks ago and sat next to a man who is a Baptist pastor. He was in Colorado Springs for a Global Harvest International Prayer Initiative Conference. We started talking about praying in tongues and he said that recently he became more open to praying for the baptism of the Spirit, but he still wasn’t quite sure about it.

I had the opportunity to talk to him about the rational mind vs. having a spiritual right brain mind from what I learned from my last course: Experiencing God. I shared several Scriptures with him and asked him if I could pray for him to receive the Holy Spirit and a release of tongues. He agreed! So right there in the airplane he was baptized in the Holy Spirit!!!! Praise the Lord!!!

The neat thing was that he was supposed to have flown out the night before, but his plane was canceled. He went back to the hotel room wondering why. He said to me that he realized our meeting was a divine appointment! So I truly am putting to good use the wonderful things I am learning at Christian Leadership University!

Three Stages of God’s Healing Process

by Pastor Max Flynn ~ &
Recently, at the conclusion of a 3-day fast, the Lord awoke me with these 3 thoughts:
  1. I Know God CAN Heal Me;
  2. I Know God WILL Heal Me;
  3. I Know God HAS Healed Me!
Click here for the rest of this article…

Nobody Is Old in Heaven

by Dr. Karen Joy King, a CLU Professor
Christian Leadership University courses teach students how to develop and use their heart eyes and ears which brings forth wonderful revelations of God, His love, and changes their lives. To use our heart senses opens up endless realms of the spiritual.
“I am thankful for the heart eyes and ears God has given me through the exercise of them. He has shown me many things, including a number of glimpses of heaven.
“Recently, Chuck, an elderly man in his 90’s, died and God gave me a personal glimpse of his passing. There were four beautiful angels (two on each side) who escorted him to heaven. In heaven, he was met by a large crowd of loved ones….”
For the rest of this heavenly vision and to find out how Jesus welcomed Chuck home, please click here.

When I Look into the Eyes of Jesus…

by Edith Avanell Savage, a CLU Student
What do you do when your parents don’t want you and your siblings reject you? Where is God when your husband dies unexpectedly and satan whispers that he’s going to take your children next? How do you get out from under the stranglehold of demonic influence and see Jesus moving in the midst of all the hurt and fear? Can you really break free from a lifetime of pain?
Avanell did, and her life has been radically transformed. Read her incredible journey through Prayers That Heal the Heart and find out what steps she took to become whole and delivered and completely set free. Click here for Avanell’s story, in her own words. 

Attention CLU Students: Calling All Men!

We are in need of more male counselors for our healing rooms on Koinonia Network. If you’ve successfully completed Communion with God, Counseled by God and Prayers That Heal the Heart courses and want to put into practice what you have learned “comforting those in any trouble with the comfort you yourselves have received from God” (2 Cor. 1:4) – we invite you to join us. Please contact Patty Klingensmith for details. Thank you for reaching out to minister to others the breakthrough, hope and freedom that’s available in Christ Jesus!

Adopt-a-Language Translation Update

Last year Mark Virkler recorded forty-seven bilingual sessions of several of our key teachings including Communion With God, Counseled By God, Prayers That Heal the Heart, Christian Dream Interpretation and Naturally Supernatural. We are now looking for investors who want to reap the harvest of Christian leaders raised up in other nations with this foundational training on Spiritual Intimacy.

Eight languages are now completely funded: Hindi, Nepali, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Telugu, Tagalog and Japanese. Praise the Lord!

We are currently in the process of raising funds for Russia. As the largest country on the planet we feel it is a strategic nation to train up Christian leaders with Spirit-anointed teaching. Please pray about helping us raise the money necessary to complete this important translation. A video describing the Adopt-a-Language program is available here. You may invest in this project by clicking here. Thank you!

Laughter Is Healing

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