Here are 3 ways you can impact your world for Christ today!
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Dr. Mark Virkler

Author of 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice and President of Christian Leadership University

Looking to the Future – How YOU Can Make a Difference!

I am not giving in to defeatism. I am not going to believe for darkness to cover our nation. I am going to believe, speak and act for the glorious light of Christ to cover the land (Isa. 9:7).

I am offering you three things you can do to make a difference!

  1. Train 100 people to hear God’s voice daily!
    We are offering you a special discount on the purchase of our brand new product “A Stroll Along the Sea of Galilee.” We have spent six months creating this and I believe it will be the simplest way for you to train 100% of your friends how to hear God speak to them during their morning devotions. This will be shipped in time for Christmas (we anticipate during the first or second week of December, if not before). The best part is, you can watch it free online now

    If you order 100 of these CDs or DVDs, use the coupon code “Sea10" and your cost will be just $90 (or "Sea15" if you're ordering the 50/50 CD/DVD Pack). To purchase 100 of an item, add a single item to your cart and then adjust the quantity on the shopping cart page. This discount coupon is only good until midnight on November 11th.

    Any order you place which includes “Sea of Galilee” items will be held and shipped in its entirety during the first two weeks of December. Check out the free download to sample it before you buy, and then get enough copies for everyone on your Christmas list! Click here to find out more and listen FREE.
  2. Learn how to minister divine healing on the streets! I invite you to go with me on a missions trip to India from January 20 - February 1, 2013 with Steve Stewart. Everyone who goes will be trained and activated in praying for divine healing, and everyone who goes will experience God working through them to heal the sick! You will return to your church and your community with a new anointing and confidence to rescue the lives of those around you. Click here to learn all about this amazing ministry trip and how you can get involved!
  3. Learn about our nation's Constitution by taking this CLU course! Abraham Lincoln said, "The philosophy of the classroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next." Come enjoy studying the “Mighty Deeds of God” (Psalm 78) in the founding of America’s Liberty through these three courses which cover 36 weeks.

    You will understand how God moved providentially through generations and centuries to glorify Himself through America with covenants and miracles. Your faith will be built as you discover how great our God is! Every Christian needs to develop an understanding of these principles to know what practices will build freedom, prosperity and justice. Then we as a culture will know what practices to refuse and which to embrace, which will bring poverty and despair and which will bring success and prosperity. 

    Learn about the U.S. Constitution by taking the course “American Heritage Today” with our CLU instructor, Juli Iles. I urge you to read Juli's thoughtful blog on this topic here.
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