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August 2015


A Personal Message from Mark Virkler

Stop Owning This: 
“Let me tell you about MY painful…”

I vividly remember many years ago I met a person for the first time and they wanted to tell me their life’s story, so I listened for 90 minutes as they described to me, in great detail, every nasty, hurtful thing that had ever been done to them. We relived together every second of every story. Talk about depression overload. I would never let a person do that today, because it is far too damaging to their life.

They will never get healed of their hurts by repeating them over and over, visualizing them and living continuously in that darkness. By focusing on their pain, they are enlarging the darkness within them and it becomes their life, their identity.
Jesus spoke to me: â€œWhatever you fix your eyes on grows within you. Whatever grows within you, you become.”

Inner Healing Defined: â€œAllowing Jesus to remove the pictures in the art gallery of your mind, removing pictures that do not have Jesus in them and replacing them with pictures which do.”

Hurt, pain, sickness and infirmity are healed when they are brought to Jesus and you ask Him, “Lord, where are You in the midst of this event? Let me see You, please. What are You saying to me? Let me hear You, please." Then you look for Jesus to appear. Relax and put a smile on your face, for you know that as He appears it is all going to be OK, plus your relaxing allows Him to appear, because you are no longer striving.

You tune to flowing thoughts (His voice) and flowing pictures (His visions), and you listen and watch, recording what He is saying and doing, and cooperating with Him in all the ways He is asking you to. This is inner healing! This works.

Now whenever you recount this story, in your thoughts or when talking to another, you describe what Jesus did as He appeared in the midst of the situation and spoke and moved. THIS IS WHAT YOU TALK ABOUT! You don’t focus on the evil or the pain. You spend your time focused on what Jesus did and said. Then His light grows within you, rather than satan’s darkness and gloom.

This process works equally well for physical, emotional or mental hurts and pains. You ALWAYS look for Jesus in the situation, and you always focus on Him and always recount what He is doing. It is called fixing your eyes on Jesus (Heb. 12:1-2) or abiding in Christ (Jn. 15) or seeing Jesus always at your right hand (Acts 2:25; Ps. 16:8).

More recently I have had people claim their infirmities by telling me, "I have this (insert the name of your physical problem)." Folks, I don’t want to claim any sickness or infirmity! I don’t want to affix it to myself. Instead, I want to journal and hear what the Lord says about this infirmity, and then speak ONLY that!

So I end up saying, "Jesus has healed this (state the infirmity) and set me free. Infirmity, be gone in Jesus' name! Jesus spoke to me concering this and said...." I receive what Jesus has spoken. I declare it. I speak it over myself. I speak life and wholeness to my entire being - spirit, soul, body and mind: "You are healed. Be healed. Function normally, in Jesus' name."

And of course, since pictures are the language of the heart, I always ask the Lord for a picture of myself fully healed. He shows me and I choose to hold that picture constantly in the imagination of my heart. This releases God's emotions, power, light and glory into every cell of my being. Doesn’t this sound better than claiming the infirmity as my own?


  1. How long do I pursue healing? Until it is fully manifest.
  2. Do I speak the healing before it is fully manifest? Absolutely (Mk. 11:22-24).
  3. If I get stuck, then what? Ask God what the block is. Ask others for their ideas as to what must be done to see full healing manifest. Keep pursuing, asking, seeking, trying, and experimenting, until you receive! Never give up. If one thing doesn’t fix it, try another.
You are using displacement: driving out darkness by bringing in the light of His glory!

START Owning This:
“Let me tell you how


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