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As Family Entertainers, we need to keep in mind that when we are out in public, we are not only representing ourselves but we are also representing everyone else in our industry.

One bad looking or behaving entertainer can destroy all the good that others have worked years to achieve. As such here is my own personal list of an 

Entertainer’s Code of Ethics.

1. I will keep my act, performance and behavior in good taste at all times. I will remember that a good performer entertains by making fun of themselves and does not get laughter at the expense or embarrassment of others. 

2. I will strive to achieve the best that I can with my costume and/or make-up and appear clean and neat at all times. I will always try to remain anonymous while in make-up and costume as a clown, though there may be circumstances when it is not reasonably possible to do so. 

3. An entertainer should never drink any alcoholic beverage prior to a performance or appearance, nor should he/she drink any alcoholic beverage while in costume and/or make-up. 

4. An entertainer should not smoke while in costume and/or make-up and in public. If you are a smoker, make sure that you have a good supply of breath mints to take before meeting the public. 

5. An entertainer should never touch anyone in an inappropriate way especially while in costume and/or make-up. 

6. While on appearance, in costume and/or make-up, I will carry out the directives of the Producer or his designated deputies. I will abide by all performance rules without complaint in public. 

7. I will abide by a professional code of business ethics.

Dave “D Jay”


An evening with Corporeal Mime Master, Giuseppe Condello


At Herbert Carnegie Arena
580 Finch Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario

Doors are at 6:45pm

Join the Facebook event page here!

Dr. Giuseppe Gioacchino Condello is recognized internationally for his work in fostering and promoting Corporeal Mime: The Actors Art of Movement.  Giuseppe is a professional actor, corporeal mime, producer, director, a yoga practitioner, and a certified educator that has spanned a period for over forty-six years.

Join us at this insightful and inspiring practical lecture where Giuseppe will share his story and teach techniques of corporeal mime and yoga to help us revitalize our characters and the way we think about movement.

We invite you to read Giuseppe’s biography and information about education on his website

Giuseppe will also be teaching a series of workshops during his trip to Toronto between November 17th until November 22nd at Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creatve Movement at 6 Noble Street in downtown Toronto.

Please email him directly at for more information.

Private ‘one-on-one’ sessions, which can be tailored to the artists artistic and technical needs, are also available upon request.

Guest fee: $15

Click here for more workshops by Giuseppe Condello this November!
TCAFE Meetings are scheduled until February! for details

Sunshine Report

Our condolences to the following two members:  Jeniffer Gonsolves and Dianne Pepper .

Both these ladies lost their mothers in the last few weeks. Our Sympathy goes out to them. Mothers are such special people, it is so sad to lose them.  You will always remember the happy times you had growing up with your wonderful mothers.

Sunshine Chairlady

Shirley Jolly

Many things factor how you decide the rates for your services. You've invested so much into your business: costumes, workshops, memberships, insurance, and of course, high quality products!

Currency inflation or the increase in purchasing supplies from the USA might also be a factor as well.


Here are some questions to help you decide if it's time to update your prices:

  • Are you highly trained and experienced?

  • Do you continually invest in taking new workshops, and purchasing new supplies to enhance your services?

  • Do you feel like you're working much harder than what you earn?

  • How do your rates compare to the average for entertainers in your area?


Here are some links to articles that might be beneficial to you and your business:

TCA Family Entertainers have some great news!

Starting January 2016 we will be teaming up with
The Circus Academy's Juggling Club on Wednesday nights to bring back our Monthly Jam! 

We are working out the rest of the details for this - but we planning on having Jams on the 2nd Wednesday of every month! So January 13th, 2016 will be the first Jam! Event pages will be created on Facebook so be sure to
Like our page!

The address is 1300 Gerrard Street East in Toronto and there is free street parking! The Sideshow Cafe has tons of sweets and drinks that you can buy, but we are welcome to bring our own snacks but remember the training space is a nut-free facility.

As per The Circus Academy rules - entry into the space is $5 during juggling club. There will be a waiver to fill out the first time you come.

Their Juggling Club is weekly if you'd like to go and work on your juggling! They have multiple open gyms schedule if you need a place to practice and they also have a ton of other classes, workshops for adults and kids -
Click here for their schedules!

Fire and aerial circus performances are just some of the things the TCAFE Insurance Policy does NOT cover - but we wanted to let you know...

Liability insurance for individual fire performers and circus artists is now available in Canada. Coverage includes 1  to 2 Million dollars in third party liability, and coverage for fire troupes as well as individuals is also available. Coverage options are for 1 Million or 2 Million in third party liability. Contact Hala for more information or simply download the individual Canadian fire and circus performers application form.

Canadian circus performers have had few options for affordable liability insurance coverage, and until now independent fire performers have been unable to obtain comprehensive coverage in Canada unless they are working under the umbrella of an entertainment agency.

Various programs in Canada do offer performance coverage, however fire was not included at all and most fire performers were using an American address to obtain coverage from an American company. That company does not cover Canadians however, and they are no longer permitting the use of an American address to obtain coverage, leaving fire performers north of the border scrambling for options that just weren’t there.

In addition to her extensive performance experience and creative acumen, Hala is also a licensed insurance agent with a brokerage and is committed to providing coverage for her peers. As of September 25, 2015 artists can begin registering for the individual performer program. Hala is currently collecting your applications in order to demonstrate interest in the program, and without significant volume this program will not be able to proceed.

The proposed coverage will include special coverage for:

  • fire prop manipulators
  • fire dancers
  • fire jugglers
  • aerial performers
  • hoop dancers
  • stilt-walkers
  • other circus acts

Coverage will protect against bodily injury and property damage caused to third parties, i.e., venue or spectators who are present during an act. However, coverage will not extend to insure a participant that may be called upon to be a part of the act as audience participation.

If you are a stilts performer looking for liability coverage but you don’t use fire tools in your performances there may be cheaper options currently available (Like the TCAFE Insurance Policy)

Download the application form here: Canadian fire and circus performers GLA


March 7 to 11, 2016
Orlando, Florida, US

Email our communication director, Stacey, if you are interested in coming to this convention.
August 22 to 26, 2016
Newark, Ohio, US

One of our TCAFE members, Laura Schell, is interested in putting a group together to carpool down to this event. If you are interested in joining her on this amazing clown journey please email her at
January 6 to 9, 2016
Orlando, Florida, US
January 29 to 31, 2016
Washington, DC, US
February 22 to 26, 2016
Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK
April 2, 2016
Toronto, Ontario
April 6 to 10, 2016
New Orleans, Louisianna, US
June 12 to 17, 2016
La Crosse, Wisconsin, US
January 28 to 31, 2016
Columbus, Ohio, US
February 17 to 21, 2016
Dallas, TX, US

March 7 to 11, 2016
Orlando, Florida, US
April 4 to 8, 2016
Las Vegas, Navada, US
April 21 to 25, 2016
Banff, Alberta

Runs every Sunday from 2pm to 5pm

In the backroom at the Imperial Pub - 54 Dundas St East (across from Dundas Square). 

Allan Turner's drop-in class on improv, acting, and the power of play. Open to all experience levels. $10.

On the first Saturday of each month -  2:30pm  -  5pm.

At Browser's Den of Magic 3220 Dufferin Street

Whether you have been interested in magic for two months or twenty years all are invited to attend.

At the club magicians and hobbyists sit around our 'magic' table and talk magic and show each other tricks. Plus cookies and snacks are provided.

Hope to see you at the next one!  Yours very truly-Jeff, Shawna, Lisa & The Browser's Den Team


Wednesday November 18th 10am - 4pm

At Pioneer Balloon Canada 333 Kenora Avenue N Hamilton, ON 

Here come the Holidays!!! This hands-on class will offer innovative designs and techniques to create your own Holiday centerpieces and decor. Focus will be on the use of social media, and how to use the platform to bring your concepts to the next level.

November 17 to 22, 2015

At Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement - 6 Noble Street, Toronto, ON

Enhance your stage presence, physical technique, imagination, emotional memory, concentration, rhythm, self-confidence, visual creative thinking, and spiritual awareness with Corporeal Mime: The Actors Art of Movement, November 17-22, 2015 at the Pia Bouman School for Ballet and Creative Movement in Toronto with renown artist Giuseppe Condello, corporeal mime, actor, educator, and yoga practitioner. 

For registration, schedule and fees, contact:

December 17 & 18, 2015 11am - 4pm 

At Solar Stage Children's Theatre - Madison Centre - 100 Upper Madison Avenue

A workshop with Dahlia Katz, artistic director of Solar Stage.

Conditioning the performer for puppetry is a complex process; placing a puppet on or in the hand is only a small part of the picture.

Using breath, ensemble work and technique from mask and physical theatre, we'll work to break patterns of human body movement and re-map our muscles for animating the object believably and emphatically. 

Expand your use of your performing body and challenge your assumptions.


Ages 16 and up.

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