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November Event Highlights: 

TALENT Volunteer Social 

On November 1st, 18 volunteers met at Picture My Cup café in Wangjing for the Fall Semester Volunteer Social. At the midway point of the Fall Semester, the social provided a great opportunity for volunteers from different schools and programs to meet together, share their experiences and get to know each other better. The evening began with a live music performance from a previous music volunteer, Liu Hongsen and an ABC staff member, Peggy. Liu Hongsen strummed a guitar while Peggy accompanied him on a drum and sang a variety of popular songs in English and Chinese. Volunteers hummed and clapped along to songs they recognized whilst eating delicious quesadillas and burgers provided by the café. Everyone then played a competitive game to get to know each other better. Every participant had a sticker on their head with a different animal and the aim was to work out their animal and finding its partner in the quickest time. The three fastest pairs then sat back to back and had to use a string of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions to guess each other’s animals in the fastest time. The whole room was in fits of laughter as pairs were given increasingly difficult animals such as octopus and grasshopper to explain. All volunteers then shared stories about their experiences of volunteering, the challenges they had overcome and their dreams for the future, which was a fantastic opportunity for everyone to learn more about each other. It became obvious that the experience of volunteering was enriching these volunteers’ lives in many ways – one volunteer even said it had caused her to completely re-think her future career plans as she now planned to work with children. Overall, the volunteer social was a great opportunity for volunteers from different schools and programs to get to know each other and share an enjoyable evening together. 

Top left: Previous Volunteer Liu Hongsen, Top right: ABC staff member Peggy, Previous Volunteer Liu Hongsen and his music partner. Bottom left: Music volunteer Song Mumei. Bottom right: Picture My Cup cafe, Wangjing 

Above: group photo of volunteers at the Volunteer Social in Picture My Cup cafe, Wangjing


TALENT Graduation Ceremonies

On November 22nd, 622 participants comprised of 411 students, 96 volunteers and staff, and 35 guests celebrated the culmination of 10 weeks of hard work and achievements in art, basketball, music, and dance. This semester, graduation ceremonies took place at each individual school, creating a warm and personal environment for classmates, friends, and relatives. Art students exhibited their work in an interactive game, where participants competed to find out details about each piece of artwork. This allowed art students to provide details about their work and for participants to learn more about the art program. Those art students who had several pieces of work displayed felt really proud as they introduced their work and explained how they had created it. At Qinghonglan School, an art volunteer designed a special art event, where all participants could experience part of the art program by painting and drawing on a massive canvas on the wall. 
Following this, music students sang songs and gave well- rehearsed performances on recorders, melodicas, and percussion instruments. Students were really able to experience how to give a performance – all wore performance costumes and were arranged in formal rows of differing heights facing the audiences. Dance students then performed different styles of dance, including Uighur traditional dance and modern dance. Finally, the activity reached a crescendo as the basketball students took part in a competitive tournament while their classmates cheered on their favorite team from the sidelines. The day ended with a awards ceremony, where the top students from each class, the basketball champions, and the winners of the art game were recognized. Overall, the Graduation was a wonderful way to reflect on the term and to celebrate the achievements of volunteers and students alike. 

 Graduation ceremonies: Top left: Shuren basketball, Top right: Shuihu music, Bottom left: Xinyuan dance, Bottom right: Qinghonglan art

TALENT Volunteer Appreciation Event 
On November 29th, 80 volunteers, ABC staff, DREAM students, and guests gathered at Tsinghua Middle School to recognize the achievements of Fall semester volunteers. The evening opened with two videos. The first was prepared by an ABC staff member, Kate, and included the very best photos and videos from the entire semester and all the graduation ceremonies. The second was a special video prepared by a gifted music volunteer, Song Mumei. The video included a series of photos and interviews with volunteers from every school and program detailing their most memorable moments at ABC. Following this, we heard from this semester’s photo volunteers - experienced photographers who had given their time to ABC to take photos of ABC TALENT classes and graduation ceremonies. Each photo volunteer presented their best photos and explained a story behind each of them. Felix, a photo volunteer who had travelled around all six schools, was able to explain the characteristics of each of the schools he had encountered and Li Chao, the photo volunteer for Qinghonglan, presented a photo of an album that the one of the art volunteers had made for the students. Volunteers with full attendance and those who had volunteered for three or more semesters were then recognized and presented with gifts. Volunteers from all programs were recognized and presented with ABC T-shirts, group photos from their program and certificates. The evening ended with a question and answer session with questions directed at Steve, the volunteers, and the Tsinghua students. This portion of the evening allowed all participants to ask thought-provoking questions and learn about ABC from a different perspective. Volunteers gained a real insight into how ABC was founded, how the organization worked and how invaluable volunteers were to the success of ABC. All volunteers agreed this was a fantastic addition to the evening and that it made them feel that they were an important part of the ABC team. Overall, the evening was recognized as the most successful volunteer appreciation event to date and was a brilliant way to recognize, reward,and share the successes of ABC TALENT volunteers. 

Volunteer Appreciation event: Top left: Steve presents dedicated volunteer, Liu Chenjing, with her award, Top right: ABC thanks Tsinghua students for their assistance, Bottom: Group photo

Volunteer Appreciation Event: Top left: Shuren school volunteers, Top right: Photography volunteers, Bottom left: Outstanding music and art volunteers, Bottom right: Most dedicated volunteers


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