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TALENT Graduation Ceremonies 

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On the weekend of the 22nd November, a total of 622 participants celebrated the most exciting event of the TALENT semester – the Graduation Ceremony. A total of 411 students, 96 volunteers and staff, and 35 guests honored the achievements of students and volunteers from Pengying, Hongqi, Shuihu, Qinghonglan, Xinyuan and Shuren schools in the following areas: art, basketball, music, and dance. This semester, Graduation Ceremonies took place at each school, creating a warm and personal environment and allowing students and parents alike to witness the achievements of their classmates, relatives, and friends. On the morning of the ceremonies, each of the six schools was a flurry of excitement as basketball scoreboards were prepared, art exhibitions were created, music and dance stages were erected and certificates and prizes were organized.
The day opened with an introductory speech from the MC of each graduation ceremony. Raucous calls of “Are you ready?” with jubilant replies of “Yes!” filled the air as the MCs created an atmosphere of anticipation. Everyone then watched a video created by one of our interns, Adrianna, which depicted the best moments of the entire semester in photographs and videos.

Graduation Ceremonies group photos: Top left: Xinyuan School Art, Top right: Hongqi School Music and Art, Bottom left: Shuihu school Art, Music and Basketball, Bottom right: Qinghonglan School volunteers


The first event of the day was an Art exhibition. Art students proudly showcased their work to family members and classmates in an interactive activity, which permitted a fuller appreciation of the art pieces. Volunteers and students anxiously competed to find out as many details as possible about each piece of art work, allowing art students to explain their pieces in detail and other students and volunteers to learn more about the art program. 
All attention then turned to the music and dance students. The music students stood in formal rows at different levels facing the audience, creating a professional atmosphere for the performance. They performed a variety of Chinese songs and gave well-rehearsed performances on recorders, melodicas, and percussion instruments. One music student at Shuren School said performing for an audience was one of the most exciting moments of her life, especially as her parents were in the audience! At Pengying and Xinyuan Schools, dance performances followed. Dance students performed carefully synchronized dance performances of Uighur traditional dance and modern dance styles. After the performances, the audiences excitedly shouted “Again! Again!” and schools gave repeat performances to the delight of the audience.
The excitement reached a crescendo with the much anticipated basketball tournament. Spectators stood on the sidelines, cheering encouragement to their favorite team and jumping up and down when they scored. In Shuren and Pengying Schools, basketball volunteers even joined in the game, making the tournament even more competitive and exciting!
 Graduation ceremonies: Top left: Shuren basketball, Top right: Shuihu music, Bottom left: Xinyuan dance, Bottom right: Qinghonglan art

The ceremony concluded with an awards ceremony, where the top students from each class were recognized, the winners of the art game received prizes, and the basketball champions were crowned. All participants then gathered outside the schools for group photos to capture the smiles on everyone’s faces at the end of the day.
After the ceremony, everyone had the opportunity to reflect on the day whilst eating delicious noodle dishes and quesadillas. Overall, the graduation was an enjoyable day for all and a wonderful way to showcase and celebrate the hard work of volunteers and students alike. 

Graduation ceremonies: Top Left: Hongqi art, Top right: Qinghonglan basketball, Bottom left: Shuren music, Bottom right: Pengying dance


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