"We CONNECT the TALENT with the DREAM"

December Highlights 

CONNECT Trip with SEI to National Film Museum

On December 6th, there was a sense of excitement in the air as 76 basketball students from our TALENT program arrived in buses at the gates of the China National Film Museum. Eagerly waiting to meet them was a bus of volunteers from Sinopec Engineering Incorporation and their leader for the day, Charles. Sinopec is one of ABC’s most long-standing partners, and volunteers from multiple departments have completed a variety of migrant school beautification projects, trips to the Zoo, and team building activities. The relationship with Sinopec really exemplifies the goal of ABC’s CONNECT program: to instill and foster a sense of volunteerism among Chinese corporations.
On the day of the event, everyone gathered at the entrance of the museum to be welcomed by seven of ABC’s TALENT volunteers and all of ABC’s staff and DREAM students. As the long lines of students filed into the museum, they stared in wonder at the impressive and modern exterior of the museum and chatted excitedly about what they might find inside. In the entrance, everyone received a personalized nametag, and each student was matched with a volunteer and presented with an interactive quiz to complete together. All participants then paired up and explored the different rooms of the museum to find out more about the fascinating history of Chinese film and to complete their quizzes. After an hour of exploring, everyone entered the cinema to watch “Interstellar,” one of the latest science fiction films. Students and volunteers alike were engrossed in the film and couldn’t believe they were watching it on the largest screen in Asia! One student from Qinghonglan informed us that this was her first trip to the cinema, and she couldn’t wait to go home and tell her parents all about it! After the film finished, everyone went downstairs to eat lunch and to chat together in groups about the film. Following this, Sinopec volunteers presented all students with gifts for successfully completing their quizzes. Students opened gifts of pencil cases and wooden toy animals with delight and excitedly compared and played with them. As the day drew to an end, the students were all smiles as they posed for a group photo outside the museum and headed back to their buses to return home.

DREAM Christmas Party
On the evening of December 20th, 54 ABC staff, volunteers, and friends gathered to celebrate the DREAM Christmas party. For many DREAM students, this was their very first Christmas, so staff went all-out to make it extra special. DREAM students and staff transformed Picture My Cup Café into a Christmas grotto, adorned with fairy lights, tinsel and a carefully decorated Christmas tree. During the weeks prior, they had been preparing drama sketches and songs they would be presenting for their guests on the evening of the party. The evening before, the foster homes and the cafe were hives of activity as Ma Laoshi and the DREAM students prepared dumplings, vegetable, and meat dishes, while the café prepared a variety of Mexican and American foods.
On the evening itself, the DREAM students, adorned with Santa hats, welcomed the guests as they entered and asked them to help themselves to plates of food.
The limelight was then on the DREAM students. This was the moment all the script-writing and rehearsals of the previous weeks had been building up to. They anxiously waited in line to introduce themselves in English before the audience, daring each other to be the one to go first. In the end, Mary bravely volunteered to lead the way and stepped forward to give her introduction. The others then followed in turn, describing their hometowns, their favorite hobbies and wishing the audience a Merry Christmas. Through these introductions, the audience was able to learn about each student’s personality, background and goals. Olive gave a detailed description of her interests and explained to the audience how she aims to become a translator and so she is working hard to improve her English. William gave a vivid description of his hometown in Yunnan and managed to convince many members of the audience that they should visit! It was fantastic to see how much each student’s English ability and confidence had improved during their time at ABC. Following this, the boys sang a song together about friendship and their hometowns, and then the whole group sang a song together about love. The audience applauded enthusiastically and there were calls of “Encore! Encore!” William responded by offering to sing a solo! He bravely stood before the whole audience and sung a traditional song from his minority group, the Li Su minority group. The whole group then performed a famous Chinese drama sketch, Tang Bohu, where Vanessa took the lead role as the man who has fallen in love with Qiu Xiang, who was played by Linda. The DREAM students added their own modern jokes, which made the Tang Dynasty sketch even more amusing and had the audience in fits of laughter.  This was the first time many of the DREAM students had performed in front of an audience, and most said they found it really exhilarating, even if they’d been quite nervous!

The projector screen then slowly rose to reveal two tables stacked with presents of all shapes and sizes. Everyone then played “Pass the snowman,” where a cuddly toy snowman was passed around the room in time with the music. When the music stopped, whoever was holding the snowman got the chance to pick a present, and there were cheers around the room as each guest unwrapped a gift. A variety of hand-creams, scarves, lip-balms, laundry baskets, gloves, and picture frames were excitedly unwrapped and swapped until all guests had a present they were happy with.
Everyone then participated in a memory game, where participants were divided into two teams – the Santa team (those with Santa hats) and the non-Santa team – and given new names for the duration of the game. The aim of the game was for each team to get six members into the “hot seats” through remembering everyone’s new name and reorganizing their positions accordingly. The game became increasingly competitive as the students began to associate faces with their new names. Shouts of “Ma Laoshi! Charles!” and “Jiang Anming!” filled the air. Much to the mock fury of the non-Santa team, the Santa team finally managed to get six participants into the “hot seats,” and those winners were rewarded with prizes of Calvin Klein wallets, Polo-shirts and Cosmetics. The evening ended with a group photo, with many participants still wearing their Santa hats and with Jiang Anming posing jokingly across the front of the photo. The broad smiles and joyful giggles captured in the photo gave every indication that this first Christmas would be one that the DREAM students would always remember.

 DREAM Christmas Party

DREAM Christmas Party. Top left: the tables piled high with presents before the games, Top right: Everyone sitting together playing the Memory Game, Bottom left: Group photo, Bottom right: Three of our TALENT Volunteers, Wang Meng, Huixiao Liu and Zhang Jieyu, pose with their presents

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