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Yaqian Peng: "I dare to take risks and confront the things that I'm afraid of. I will strive to fight for what I want and need to do."
Jiangwei Hou: "I learned how to persevere; whatever I do, I must persevere."

Mingyue Shang: "I believe that if you are confident, you can achieve anything you want. Even if you fail many times, confidence will bring you success."

Xinpeng Wang: "We should be united with our fellow classmates. We cannot exclude anyone."

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Our Social Impact:

27: Orphans supported through our DREAM Program

31: Orphans placed in loving homes through our Domestic Adoption Initiatives

168: Foster home families in Southern China financially supported by ABC

301: Number of rural and migrant teachers who have participated in our Teacher Training initiative

526: Number of volunteers who have taught in our TALENT program

963: Number of volunteers who have participated in our CONNECT Program

3,715: Migrant children who have participated in our TALENT Program

3,481: Hours of free vocational skills, language, life skills training and career counseling received by orphans in our DREAM Education Program

An Unforgettable Day: 2012 Spring TALENT Graduation

Excited chatter filled the gymnasium of St. Paul American School (SPAS) as friends, family, ABC staff, 11 principals and teachers, 20 SPAS high school volunteers, and 37 TALENT volunteers gathered this past Saturday, June 9th, for the graduation of 217 ABC Spring 2012 TALENT Program students. An additional 187 students will graduate from the Footfall For Life Academy this week, totaling 404 students who have participated in the TALENT program this spring. 

Eight teams of young athletes who have been training this past semester partook in an inter-school tournament where they not only showed off their basketball skills but also demonstrated their understanding of teamwork. Before the winning team, "Ice Wings" (冰翼), was recognized with a trophy and a field trip to a museum for all 23 basketball players from its school (courtesy of our sponsor, Sinopec Engineering Incorporation), a representative from the two teams who played during the final round embraced – a gesture of true sportsmanship. 

In a room across the hall was an art exhibit that boasted paintings and masks of creative artists from the TALENT Arts Program. Throughout the day, everyone was given an opportunity to admire the works. While non-students voted for their favorite pieces, others engaged in an art activity in the center of the room for further artistic expression. After lunch, some students came before the audience to display their performance arts skills through instruments and song. 

  At the end of the day, the students filed out to the buses for home. ABC’s TALENT Program strives to empower students, encourage individuality, and emphasize the importance of teamwork. After an eventful day of watching the fruits of their peers’ hard work and loudly cheering for each other, it was evident that these children had really grown – not only in skill but also as individuals – and deserved all of the applause that resonated throughout the gym that day. 

Every child deserves a family

Every child deserves an education

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