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February 2012

Calling all Volunteers!

Spring 2012 TALENT Program Volunteer Recruitment has begun.

Share your knowledge, wisdom and talent with migrant children as a basketball coach, arts or music teacher. 

Volunteering starts on March 24th!

Click here to download a Volunteer Application or contact Sophie at for more information.


Give Tools for TALENT

ABC is looking for donations of basketball equipment, arts supplies or musical instruments.

If you would like to donate to our TALENT program, please contact Jennifer at

Our Social Impact:

27: Orphans supported through our DREAM Program

31: Orphans placed in loving homes through our Domestic Adoption Initiatives

168: Foster home families in Southern China financially supported by ABC

301: Number of rural and migrant teachers who have participated in our Teacher Training initiative

763: Number of volunteers who have taught in our TALENT Program

2,872: Migrant children who have participated in our TALENT Program

12,000: Hours of free vocational skills, language, life skills training and career counseling received by orphans in our Education initiative

Gearing up for the Transition Ahead
DREAM Program Update

With Christmas carols and New Year's fireworks behind us, ABC DREAM Program students have entered the final stretch at ABC with a fresh sense of purpose. Amidst the exams, homework and journal writing, students have been engaged in thoughtful exploration of what the future holds for them. With one year of intensive English, Chinese, Computer and Life Skills training under their belt, the anxiety that once accompanied conversations about the future has been replaced with confidence to secure future opportunities. We are excited to see what happens after graduation day.

The quest for post-program educational and/or job opportunities is a learning exercise in itself, teaching them to navigate websites, search job postings and research schools to identify the appropriate next step. Through it all, ABC has been providing career counseling, skill-set analysis, job-shadowing, resume critiquing, mock interviews and tailored projects to develop the unique strengths of each student. ABC will reward the best students with a laptop and scholarships for higher education.


 I have a dream to be a kindergarten teacher. I can bring happiness to children. I can play with the children. So, my dream job is to be a kindergarten teacher. - Stephanie

I want to be a journalist. I want to be a journalist, because I can tour everywhere. I like to travel and I think travel can help a person gain knowledge. So, I like this job. - Drew


Volunteers make a difference in more ways than one. Meet Shi Yajie. She initially contributed as an arts teacher in the Fall 2011 TALENT Program. Upon completion of the season, she decided to continue as a volunteer by utilizing her graphic design skills for ABC's DREAM program.

When asked what motivates her to give of her time she remarked, "I enjoy working with migrant children and volunteering at ABC has been a fulfilling experience! I want to get my friends to volunteer as well."

Yajie is not the only person who will continue to inspire the TALENT students in 2012.


 Every child deserves a family

Every child deserves an education

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