Watercolor Beyond Paper / Aquarelle au-delà du papier

At the cabin there is no wi-fi and I have a very modest data plan so I tend to not go online too much. I usually paint quite a bit and read a lot. I'm always amazed at how much I get done and obviously I'm  when I get back I'm dismayed at how much time social media takes from me. 

I don't suggest we stop using it altogether. It's useful if you invest your time with intention. I got my first art show thanks to Instagram but it wasn't by posting, liking, following and unfollowing mindlessly. It was an initial contact, a visit, a conversation which started on social media.

During walks with my dog, I've been trying to come up with ideas on how to use my time and get better results for my small business. 

Here is what I have so far:

  1. Collaborate. As soon as it's possible to get out of the house without mittens I plan to go visit certain local shops with my sketchbook and watercolors and ask them if I can paint in their shops. One thing that is excruciatingly hard for me is to introduce myself. I need something to diffuse the attention and I want to be able to promote my work without having to talk about my work, so I'm going to SHOW how my work gets done.
  2.  Write more, write better for my own website. It's my kingdom. I do what I want. My best words and photos will go on my website. People are finding it and they like to stay for a little while. Whether they are creative folks, watercolor lovers themselves or eclectic spirits that don't mind that I talk about a million different things.
  3. I will apply what Barbara Sher said. This is the best, best, best TED talk ever.
  4. I will promote other local businesses that I love. I'll buy from them, I'll sign up for their newsletters, I'll visit their physical locations and tell what I like about them. We're all hustling in the void sometimes and I know that when somebody tells me they liked my notebooks or leggings, I feel over the moon!
  5. On social media, I will continue to post what and when I feel like posting and I will genuinely like the things that resonate with me. Those Instagram posts with a long caption that invite you to reflect. 

Please share your ideas with me, how can you move away from Social Media and still reach your objectives?

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PS. We went to see Viriditas by Margie Gillis. I was overwhelmed by inspiration, by the possibilities of movement and the body at different ages. 
PPS. We never watch music videos any more. This one is the perfect marriage of visual and song.
PPPS. If you are in Montreal, my watercolors are being exhibited at Archibald et Alistair during the month of February!

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Hi, I'm Luisa, the creator of FlowArte. I consider myself an exhibitionist who likes to hide, as David Foster Wallace put it.

I am a watercolor artist and illustrator. I live in Montreal, Canada.
You can read a little bit more about me here.
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