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SEPTEMBER 16, 2022                                                                                                                              VOL. 62


Rachel Rogers Correspondence

Letter from the Editor.

It's been two weeks since we last spoke. Were you worried about me? Probably not. 

And you shouldn't be worried about me either because I am thriving on my new hair-wash cycle. I now wash my hair every 3-4 days. All my life I've washed my hair every other day, with the occasional 3-day stint. In the words of Selena Gomez, "Wow, look at her now."

My shampoo bottle did implode of its own accord. I visited my shower a couple of weeks ago to find a shampoo trail from my bottle to the shower drain. At some point, my bottle cracked in two places of its midsection. I have no idea why. It's been a difficult obstacle to overcome when pouring out shampoo now.

In fact, more shampoo was lost the last couple days because I set the bottle down wrong. I had to scoop globs of shampoo off the shower floor and put it back into what's left of the container. It's like my shampoo container has fish gills and no regard for shampoo waste.

And speaking of Selena Gomez, I finally finished watching through all four seasons of Wizards of Waverly Place. I assume all of you have been expecting an update on the situation since I previously told you that I began rewatching the show at the beginning of the pandemic and figured the pandemic wouldn't end until I finished. But it is so hard to watch that much television. Needless to say, all I need to do is watch the Wizards of Waverly Place Disney Channel Original Movie and the pandemic should end.

(But what is the movie about if they already had the wizard competition to determine the family wizard in the final season of the show??)

Fantasy Football seems like a natural transition here as wizards and football both reside in the fantasy realm. I am furious about the office fantasy football league. Even though I'm projected to take second in the regular season, I find the league unfair. The league is now a keeper league and don't even get me started on how people were cheated out of first round picks! And there are divisions in the league and I think it goes without saying that they are unbalanced! Oh boy, this is going to be a doozy of a season and I'm not even trying to win -- I'm just trying to be a menace!

I'm a part time bike commuter now. It's official because a car tried to drive where me and my bike were and I think that's how you get formally inducted into the community. I didn't get hit because I maintain constant vigilance. A bug also flew into my eye on my bike ride to work one morning. It died there. I wear sunglasses now.

Full disclosure though, I didn't bike to work once this week. But I'm not even disappointed in me and that's because I was on-call for improv. My theater (CSz) was enlisted/paid to bring 20+ improvisors to a Department of Justice conference/training. The DOJ puts together these conferences around the country to help defense attorneys learn trial skills so they have the confidence and skills needed to take cases to trial. Some attorneys offer plea deals when they could have more success in front of a jury!

And while I couldn't be a part of the conference all week long, I did participate all day on Sunday and got called in yesterday. The defense attorneys all brought an open case of theirs and broke out into groups of six for the week. They worked through all angles of their case, learned how to interview their clients, pick a jury, and do cross and direct examination. We got to play clients, witnesses, experts, jury members. It was very interesting and hopefully helps many of their clients in the future.

Someone also said "mens rea" and I knew what that meant because of Legally Blonde.

Two other things, I guess: I had my second ever annual massage and I saw Joe Pera live. I am living my life!

Before I go, don't forget to treat people (INCLUDING YOURSELF) with kindness. And that's an order.



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Eau Naturale?
We are human beings and human beings are a part of nature. And yet in for so many it's common to live in a house and work in a building and live really far removed from nature in a way that we have to put in effort to go out and be in nature again even though that's what we were meant for--not 42-story high rises. Really makes you think.
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Matrix Biolage Shampoo
Judge me all you want but this is my shampoo. I also use their detangler, which I thought was conditioner for actual years and have continued to use as conditioner. I like this shampoo and people like the smell of it. It isn't flowery or anything annoying. I don't want to be annoying. My recent bout with their cracking shampoo bottles has been annoying but I do not think their product is annoying. In fact, it's so good (and I spent enough money on it) that I scooped it up off the shower floor to preserve as much as I could. Don't you want a shampoo to love that much? Hot tip: when rinsing out conditioner (or I guess shampoo too but I don't do it), do so with cold water for soft locks!!!
I am Rachel and I have a duvet and duvet cover. A lot of you probably just gasped and gave me a couple extra cool points and I deserve them. Having a duvet makes me cool. And it also makes me warm. Duvets are filled with feathers to you keep you warm like a bird. I really like my duvet because it feels heavy and light at the same time. I assume that's as close to ever feeling like a bird as I'll ever get. But it's not all fun and games with duvets. Because my duvet is in a cover, it sometimes moves around in there in a way that frustrates me. And my sister recommended I size up which means excess duvet pours over the sides and end of my bed. I also got the medium-weight version which is too hot but I still love it!
Paisley Print
Paisley print can be done right but more often than not, it is done wrong. I like a good Paisley print but if you aren't going to take into consideration of the colors and design, you might as well not be printing anything with Paisley.

(Is Brad Paisley related to this print? What is his role in all this?)


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