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NOVEMBER 4, 2022                                                                                                                              VOL. 68


Rachel Rogers Correspondence

Letter from the Editor.

Anyone else falling back this weekend? Probably everyone but my Hawaiian and Arizonan friends. While time changes are weird, it does give me an opportunity to reset my car clock because it tends to run fast. And even though I have the opportunity to reset my car clock twice a year, I often don't and then my car clock ends up running 53 behind or an hour and six minutes ahead.

Can you believe I didn't put on a second annual Newsletter Halloween costume contest? I honestly can't believe no one reminded me! Last year's winner (Courtney C.) will just have to hold the title for an additional year.

I celebrated Halloween this past weekend. I watched a monster movie with my friend and twenty minutes in, her neighbor started shooting off fireworks. Boy did I get spooked!

A different friend hosted a Halloween party that was Everything, Everywhere, All at Once themed. I dressed up as a rock in a moment of inspiration while waking up from my nap 30 minutes before I needed to leave for the party. I also just wanted to wear my grey sweatpants. You could say my costume "rocked."

(You may have noticed I employed a pun in the previous paragraph. It's probably because I have been writing jokes all week for my joke competition this weekend. You can come if you want.)

I also went to a baby shower this weekend. I got to play diaper pong, a game I will not explain.

And I almost forgot! Big news on the work front. We had our annual Employee Appreciation Dinner on Sunday. It was my fifth dinner and fifth time wearing the same exact forest green dress. Yet another year where no one noticed. I am getting so tired of this dress but apparently no one else is so I will probably have to be buried in this dumb green dress!

What I may have neglected to mention last week in all the anniversary excitement is that I reached out to a Russian literature specialist (and author of a book I just read!). You might recall I have reached out to a couple of different Russian literature professors and the r/literature subreddit about a Tolstoy fable only to be ignored or banned from Reddit.

This time was different. I got a real response with some real thoughts and a real book recommendation! I'm on top of the world. Now I just need to read a 900-page biography of Tolstoy to get a grasp on this 10-page short story.

I attended a stand-up show/book tour for Melissa Villaseñor. She is so cool and she even stopped in at Pepino's before the show to eat at the same time I was stopping in at Pepino's before the show to eat. Imagine that! Two cool gals eating Pepino's burritos.

After the show, she signed everyone's book and she liked the shirt I was wearing (you know the one that my dad didn't want me to pick up out of a free box on the side of the road?). And in a swift move of boldness and embarrassment, I gave Melissa V. my book. I'm mortified to even be telling you this news. Legally, I don't know if she can receive books that I self-published via Barnes & Noble. So she probably had to throw it away or burn it.

But of all the people I would want to trash or burn my book for legal purposes, it would be Melissa V.

May all your most prized possessions be burned or trashed by your favorite comedian.



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A River Runs Through It?
Someone once wrote that if you visit a river, it will look the same but it will never truly be the same because all the water will be different water. Hard to argue with that! Kind of like how we are people who are the same but because of our lived experiences, we are continuously changing. Really makes you think.


Pepino's on Hawthorne
There are two Pepino's locations and they are both in Portland. If you find yourself at the location on NW 23rd, consider yourself lucky. If you find yourself at the Hawthorne location, best of luck to you! For some reason, the Hawthorne location has historically been noticeably worse than the other restaurant. It was almost unbelievable how different the two locations were from each other. My first Pepino's meals were all on NW 23rd and when I visited the Hawthorne location the first time, I ordered something completely different and it was not good. I ordered a familiar chicken burrito on my second Hawthorne visit and it also sucked. It seems as though post-pandemic, the quality has improved. Thank goodness. 7/10
The Lost Boys
Let's get this out of the way: this movie is completely unrelated to Peter Pan (as far as I know!). This is a monster movie. Without spoiling it too much, the monster variety is "Vampire" and the location is Santa Cruz (although the town has a fictional name in the movie). The Lost Boys follows the story of two brothers who move to the California Coast and find themselves in a town where people are going missing...ooooh spooky! Now imagine you are watching this and you hear bangs outside because the neighbor is lighting off fireworks. Extra scary! Watch this if only to see my bff's dad star as a hippie comic book shop-owning dad who is always asleep in the background and has no lines! 9/10
Mock Neck Sweaters
I don't remember when I bought my first mock neck sweater, maybe October 2018? At that was when everything clicked for me. Much like when I acquired my first pair of vans, I understood who I was and what I supposed to look like once I tried on my first mock neck. It's the essence of the turtle neck but without the abundance of fabric. I think they nicely remind people that I have a neck and I think that's something people forget about. I wear mock neck sweaters every day to work from November to May. 10/10



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