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AUGUST 19, 2022                                                                                                                                      VOL. 59


Rachel Rogers Correspondence

Letter from the Editor.

One of these days, I will never have to go to Eugene again. But as for the foreseeable future, that will not be the case. In fact, I just had to go on Wednesday. There may be no worse way to spend hump day than driving to heart of Oregon Duck territory, dredging up memories of autumns past where UO students berated me and my siblings at 3 in the morning while we waited to wave the WSU flag behind the set of ESPN's College GameDay.

Life is so hard.

But also life is super good. I got to go to Bend this last weekend to celebrate my sister's marriage to my now brother-in-law! Woot woot!

We did all sorts of things to celebrate like make s'mores, throw nerf balls at the swimming pool, hike a little butte, eat, eat some more, float the Deschutes, throw a giant party, and dance dance dance.

Not to brag, but I DJed my the dance party at the big wedding party and it went pretty well! DJing stresses me out because music (followed by alcohol) is the most important factor in getting people out on the dance floor and having a good time. What a giant responsibility!

Speaking of giant responsibilities, we have a new person at the office. I have to help train her! Goodness gracious. I can hardly do my own job, how am I supposed to teach anyone else how to do it? My hope is that she is skilled far beyond me and learns really fast and gets way better than me at her job.

I found out she ran cross country. That means she has what it takes to:

  1. Do work
  2. Be nice
We've been playing cornhole at work. My coworkers are impressed with my underhand tosses. It's really nice of them to be impressed with me but I just don't feel as though my cornhole abilities are above the average person. I'm trying to imagine where I fall on a bell curve and it might be smack dab at the top of the bell.

My neighborhood has been having backyard tours. Every other Sunday a few people have open houses/backyards for people to come visit. We hosted two weekends ago. I thought no one would show up to our party, but they did! I even got to tell two people about our mason bee apartments. What a wild success.

Did you hear about that 17 year-old Floridian who created an scaled electric vehicle motor without using any rare metals? I did. He is using copper. Finally something cool is happening in Florida.

I walked the wildlife refuge near my house recently. I saw baby birds in a nest, bunnies, deer, two varieties of herons, fish, otters, a bald eagle, and maybe a pelican. Seeing nature is so easy if you are just quiet and also on a wildlife refuge.

Okay. Well I have to stop newslettering now and start thinking about how to make the most of this beautiful summer weekend.




Place of the Week
Bend, OR!
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Floating the Deschutes River
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Song of the Week
Move - Beyoncé
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Want S'more?
I have had exactly three s'mores this summer. I am far from the first person to enjoy a marshmallow but maybe you don't even know how far from the first person I am. Marshmallows were first enjoyed around 2,000 BC. Marshmallows are roots of plants found in Asia and Europe and have since been made out of fluffy sugar and applied to graham crackers on summer eves. I bet you thought they were new. They aren't. Really makes you think.
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Only Murders in the Building
Am I allowed to review something twice? Yes. I have already reviewed this show once during the first season. But now I am a few days shy of the season finale and I have some more thoughts! I was worried this season would not be as intriguing or witty as the first. That is one worry I quickly put to bed! The characters are more interesting and there is time to explore details and characters only briefly mentioned in the first season. This is a fun world full of secret passageways, glitter bombs, and cutthroat podcasting! Steve Martin and Martin Short can't stop being great.
Deschutes River
The thing about the Deschutes River is that it is a really good river. You really can't argue that 252 miles isn't a good length of river because it is a good length. The river is long enough and wide enough and gets enough sun to create a warm and inviting temperature. It is a tributary to the Columbia River, which is another great river (probably because it is getting so much good stuff from the Deschutes River!). I would also say the Deschutes River is neat because of the access to exciting and moderately dangerous white water rapids. One of my top rivers. Remember: don't drink Deschutes if you don't want da shoots.
I have a complicated relationship with spiders which is why I think I am the only person capable of writing a fair and honest review of the creatures. Spiders are incredible. They can lift far more than their body weight (which has led to some recent ethical questions when using them as "necrobots"), harness the earth's electromagnetic field to balloon, and many create intricate systems of webs designed to trap prey. Spiders are impressive. And yet, they have an unpopular public persona. It seems that most cultures have deemed spiders as tricksters or evil. Why? Probably because they are gross and when you walk through their webs, it feels icky on your skin! They rarely bite, but the can and will if necessary. Some are bigger than should be allowed and some are so small that they access creepy crawly places without you knowing. Overall, spiders are cool, and I want nothing to do with them! (Except watch them from a safe distance).


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