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NOVEMBER 11, 2022                                                                                                                              VOL. 69


Rachel Rogers Correspondence

Letter from the Editor.

"Please stop your work, put your pencils down, and place your answer sheets inside your test books. We will now be taking a ten-minute break."

That's just a small sample of the play I was in this weekend. It's kind of a 5-hour experimental play called "SAT." That's right, I proctored the SAT last weekend. Nothing I love better than dipping my toes back in the standardized testing world. College Board, who runs the SAT, even brought their processes into the 21st century this year by allowing me to check in students ~*digitally*~. It was exhilarating.

I said "students" but what I really meant was "student." For the first time in my six or seven years of proctoring the SAT, I was in the charge of the room for students with special accommodations and I just had one student in there so I didn't even have to worry about peer-to-peer cheating!

I took the opportunity to finish my book on the history of timekeeping. It was two weeks overdue at the library...if you believe in the concept of weeks, I guess.

Speaking of time, daylight saving time ended. Buh bye! I was very aware of the time change but didn't change any of my clocks that needed a manual adjustment, so I did show up an hour early to something on Sunday evening. Boy was I confused!

Anybody sit down an vote this past week? Do the ballot ballet? I totally did and, as usual, left it until Monday night. I do my best work with a tight deadline. I voted and I think I did okay. I suppose time will tell if I did okay voting. But I wish politicians could get a +/- score kind of like how athletes do to rate their impact during the game. Somebody start working on that.

River Watch: The Clackamas River is flooding. The Tualatin River is not.

Okay, now that the river watch portion of the newsletter is out of the way, we can talk about the good stuff. Like how I cracked a code at work this week! We have two file cabinets in my department that both lock with a three-number combination. One of the cabinets was locked on accident about two years ago and because the combinations pre-dated our department's existence, no one could open the cabinet.

A few weeks ago I decided if I tried 100 combinations a day, I could figure out the combination in 10 days or less. I ended up doing about 100 combinations a day because I would forget about the cabinet for a week at a time. This week, I started in on the 400s and, lo and behold, the combination was 402! I have since updated the combination so you all can't come over to my office and unlock our secret cabinet that was full of empty hanging file folders and flattened Chipotle bags.

Enough of file cabinet business. Let's get to the real updates. Other than updating my phone's operating system, I have one last piece of news.

I am moving!

That's right. I am moving myself right on down to Los Angeles. Ever heard of it? You can expect me to be leaving soon. I can guarantee no one will even miss me because I will be back in Portland regularly for my job that is still located in Portland!

I told my coworkers about the move and one of them said the nicest thing: "You're the least Los Angeles person I know."

But I'm warning you now, I could possibly get even more annoying, potentially intolerable, than I already am after steeping myself in the LA scene.




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Unlocking a File Cabinet
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Here I am in my new home, enjoying the view.
Can't Bear It?
Goldilocks could have had a nice time-share with the bears because bears hibernate. They didn't talk about bear hibernation in the fairy tale! Isn't it wild that most bears hibernate? They just tap out for half the year. They eat a whole bunch and then they get to take a meal hiatus?? What kind of sleep could we be getting without having to eat all the time? Really makes you think.


The Lost Boys
You might be thinking to yourself, "Didn't Rachel just review The Lost Boys?" Yeah, I did! But that was the movie. I watched the movie to gear up to see the play adaptation of it at Siren Theater. After watching the movie I wondered how a small theater might pull off vampire-related stunts like flying and motorcycle riding. I'll tell you what, they totally pulled it off. Siren Theater knows how to make fun of a movie while honoring it and layering on analysis all at once. The play was just as good as the movie, if not better. But beware because you need to buy tickets to this kind of event early or else the show will sell out and you'll have to show up right when doors open to put yourself on the waitlist and wait outside in the pouring down rain. Not that that happened to me or anything. I would never put off buying tickets. 10/10
A Brief History of Timekeeping
I am going to briefly review A Brief History of Timekeeping, a book by Chad Orzel. This book covers cultural impact on the process of calendar creating and clock making, the stories of those who helped make the greatest advancements in clock technology, and the mechanics and physics behind calendar systems and clocks. I was warned before reading this book that it would contain astrophysics, chemistry, mechanics, and the theory of relativity and it was all in there! My favorite parts of the book were learning what aspects of society necessitated new clock technology and hearing story after story about the incredible minds that created vast and complex time systems. Humans have always been smart! Time is relative! I want to read this book again! 10/10 
Air Pumps
Why is it always raining when your car tire deflates? Better question, why can't cars pump air into tires without my involvement? In 2022, cars should be able to do that. But because they can't, we have to use air pumps and it costs $1.50 more than you think it should to use an air pump and for some reason they only ever take coins. And if you find one that takes credit cards, you'll have $2 worth of coins in your pocket that will probably spill all over the floor during a the first act of a play. 4/10



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