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JULY 15, 2022                                                                                                                                      VOL. 56


Rachel Rogers Correspondence

Letter from the Editor.

It was a rainy Wednesday in July. My mom was slated to lead a day of summer camp for kids in the neighborhood in our yard. But gray skies in July were not the only surprise that day because along came me: a baby.

It's true I was born on a rainy day in July. My dad later joked my mom said it would have to be a rainy day in July before she would think about having a third kid.

Be careful what your dad jokes your mother said in retrospect of an event because it just might come true prior to when he jokes about it.

And all this to say, we are still in my birthday month because Sunday is my birthday! If you forget to tell me happy birthday or tell me late or whatever, that's okay. I don't remember anyone's birthdays. Not even my best friends'. It's just like, everyone has one? Isn't that a bit much to keep track of? Especially when you are as popular as me??

If you were at Cook Park in Tigard on Tuesday, you would have witnessed the Rogers family (plus honorary family member Patty R. (but not my aunt, the other one)) winning the City of Tigard trivia night.

We did wonderfully and were neck and neck the entire time with a family comprised of two adults and two elementary-ish age kids. I have a hard time believing the kids were pulling their weight on questions about Seahawks players in the 80s.

But I knew which president got stuck in a tub. Doesn't everyone?

I did get an inflatable stand up paddleboard. I had heard about them for years (from Patty R. (but not my aunt, the other one)) and thought maybe they were like a pool floaty only to realize they are the real deal. I mean, I shouldn't put it down on sharp rocks but I don't think you should do that with any paddleboard.

I took my paddleboard out for its first run on the Tualatin River at Browns Ferry Park. That's secretly one of the best places to get on the Tualatin River. And now you know! Pays off being a newsletter subscriber.

I also have been performing improv for east coast rich teens who are on touring the West Coast on buses. The shows could all potentially be nightmares but the two shows I did were mostly fine!

Doing improv in front of teens is scary. Frankly being around teens scares me. They are judgy and sarcastic. They are also influenced heavily by peer pressure to be cool!

I often remember the line spoken by both Kanye and Kelly Clarkson (so it must be true): what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

What is just about killing me right now? The BareMinerals store at the Washington Square Mall is closing!!! And abruptly!

I have previously written a glowing review of the BareMinerals store in my newsletter and said, "BareMinerals is the only reason I go to the mall." And that is true. It is the only BareMinerals store in Oregon and their customer service is unparalleled. When I decided to wear real big-girl makeup in 2018, I went there and they didn't even make fun of me for not knowing anything.

Now I'm going to have to order things from the Bellevue store? In WASHINGTON?! Unreal.

Oh, and I bought sunglasses on the internet from Kent Wang. Please stay abreast for updates.

Lastly, if anyone recalls Vol. 33 of the Rachel Rogers Newsletter titled "Only Newsletter in the Building," they might also recall I wrote a mysterious line: "Other than that, I guess I'm just keeping a lot of secrets these days and sitting in warehouses that are not properly heated."

And that was because I had been working on a secret project that was so secret I almost didn't even know what was going on. But thanks to my super-sleuthing skills, I figured out just enough to understand I was involved in something special.

And now it is kind of a birthday present to myself. It is Nathan Fielder's new show that premiers today!

I was an extra (background actor, if I'm trying to impress people) for Nathan Fielder's new show even though no one told me at the time of filming! I was pranked by Nathan Fielder and no one can take that from me. So I have no clue if I made it into the show but keep your eyes out for one Rachel Rogers in a fake Raising Cane's restaurant.

That's all and happy birthday to me!



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Need Some Space?
I walked by the Space Needle the other week and was like, well yeah, we're all in space. The Space Needle isn't any different than a sewing needle when it comes to being in space. In fact, I'm wearing space clothes right now. I eat space food. We're all just floating through space. We are space. Really makes you think.
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Lilo and Stitch
I was a child when the movie Lilo and Stitch hit the scene. And despite it becoming a cultural phenomenon, I never saw it. Chalk it up to Rachel being too cool to watch a popular movie. At a young age, I was already resistant to do what everyone else was doing. What I didn't realize is that I was missing out on an animated masterpiece. Lilo is just a little girl with more spunk than she knows what to do with. Stitch is just an alien programmed to destroy large cities. But when Stitch winds up on Lilo's Hawaiian island with no large cities to destroy, he learns how to create. And together they create family (and a replica of an Elvis costume fit for an alien).
Being Short
A lot of people ask me, "Rachel, what is it like being short? Do you like being short? Sorry I made a short joke." And the thing is. I love it. You can make all the short jokes you want around me because I revel in my lack of height and all of the positive ways it has impacted my life. Sure, I'll never be a supermodel (although I've been saying for years that designers would save money if they used shorter models!). But I always have leg room on a plane. I fit in small places and under things. I can easily walk behind tall people when I think there might be spider webs in a path. I can easily cuff pants that are too long. So yeah, being short is just alright with me.
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