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OCTOBER 7, 2022                                                                                                                              VOL. 64


Rachel Rogers Correspondence

Letter from the Editor.

If I were TikTok, I would deem October "TikToktober." That is a free marketing idea for TikTok, a global force who probably doesn't need my help. But everyone needs my help just a little.

This is from the same mind that gave my arch support company "Arch Madness" and hope we wouldn't get sued. So far, so good.

So many things have been going on for me! And a lot of it got started when I purchased a $15 hydrangea from someone's front lawn in Multnomah Village. I actually paid $20 and the guy didn't give me change and I didn't ask for it. I'm really bad with money but also $15 seems really cheap.

I've been working on some new projects. Some are hinted at on my redesigned website. Ooh la la! The website itself was a project I've been working on. I thought I was making changes to a backup website when I actually just started changing my real one. So I had to really get going on it. It isn't finished but it is definitely new.

A project I am not working on but have been tracking closely is the new Community movie. That TV show really is making a movie after like eight years of not being a TV show anymore. Community is kind of like my Sex and the City.

I attended the Greek festival and ate a gyro. I ran into an old friend who recommended I have pasta flora and she was spot on. What a perfect recommendation out of the blue. Maybe we should all try to track down some pasta flora this weekend.

Because it's been unseasonably warm, I took my paddle board out to Hagg Lake. My first time using my board on a lake. It did not go smoothly. I mean, I didn't fall in but I also was stressed the whole time. Not fun! Too many speed boats!

I redeemed myself with a kayak the next day. My dad and I went out to Scappoose Bay. I'd kayaked there one time previously but you know what was there the second time? Turtles. Eight turtles. So many turtles sunning and swimming. They were so cute and so unexpected. I'd heard of turtles in Oregon and had never seen any with my own lookers! I was absolutely beside myself. I wish I were a turtle sometimes.

If you know Scappoose, you know I was only a couple miles away from the town of St. Helens, where they filmed the movie Halloweentown! I have never seen the movie but I have heard of the movie and that reason alone was enough to drag my dad into the festivities the town puts on in honor of the movie and the spookiest season of all, Halloween.

(Why do I always feel like I'm spelling Halloween wrong? Is it because I am?)

A couple of my coworkers began decorating for Halloween two or three weeks ago. It was way too soon. But to each their own, I suppose. Who am I to judge? I've had the same drawing of a dinosaur walking down Dinosaur Street on my whiteboard since we moved into our new building a year ago.

I am still biking to work. Very cool of me to still be doing that. I do it two days a week. I normally walk my bike up two really short and steep hills on the way home but this week I didn't. Go me! Improving is so cool.

While dressed to bike, I surprised a pregnant lady who was taking a nap at my friend's house. I guess you could call her the housemate of our family friend but regardless, she was not ready to see me feeding cats at 6:00pm on a Thursday.

What that TMI? Should I not tell you about scaring pregnant ladies? 

Fine, I'll stick to Fantasy Football updates. I continue to hate the NFL and yet I'm a real force to be reckoned with in my office league. I'm just trying to be a nuisance and keep the owner of our company and his dad out of the playoffs. I think I can do it. I am 3-1 right now.

Wow. That's probably it for me. No more news ever. I'm done being eventful. Sayonara!



Place of the Week
Scappoose Creek
Activity of the Week
Getting yelled at while sitting in my car at a red light
Video of the Week
Mr. Darkside ft. Vader
Clickity-click for video
Song of the Week
Yanada - The Preatures
Clickity-click to listen
Mow the yawn?
What the hecky is up with yawns? Yawns do not alleviate tiredness and yet that's all you want to do when you yawn. And yawning makes other people yawn. Sleepiness is contagious?! What if we never yawned again. Really makes you think.


Henry Hagg Lake
How many Henry Haggs does it take to make a lake? I don't know. I wasn't there when they made this one. The limited information I had about this lake prior to visiting was when a rowing coach trying to recruit me to start a women's rowing program at Pacific University said, "We will practice at Hagg Lake. Because it's sheltered, the waters are calm all day so we don't have to practice super early." Lies! All lies. I went and the waters were choppy like a poppy. Speedboats aren't allowed to kick up wakes everywhere but when you're on a body of water, the wakes don't stop at invisible "no wake" zone lines, they come right over to you and your paddle board and toss you around like a softball at softball practice. There is not even cell reception to text your loved ones goodbye before heading out on the water. 4/10.
I am not here to review the 1998 Disney Channel Original Movie, Halloweentown. I am here to review the street festival in St. Helens commemorating the filming of Halloweentown. If you like classic town halls and sticking your head through painted wooden scenes for a fun photo opportunity, this is your event. You will love the way the cotton candy vendor displays the cotton candy. It's maybe unlike anything I've seen before. There is soup for sale. Not every event has soup for sale but this event does. If you dislike crows and kids, steer clear of Halloweentown, the festival. You will see both large crow statues and children. I had a nice time spending 15 minutes there and buying nothing. I can only imagine it'd be cooler if you'd seen the movie. Maybe don't go too far out of your way to visit. 6/10.
Columbia Gorge Organic Juice
You will not find Columbia Gorge Organic Juice at Safeway. Let that be a lesson to you about Safeway because grocery stores should be carrying Columbia Gorge Organic Juice, or as I just found out it's called on the internet "Cogo Juice." I discovered this juice at New Seasons and rediscovered it at Cafe Yumm. This organization is a Hood-River based operation that makes delicious juice. I love the Vitamin C-packed Orange-Apple-Pear-Mago-Pineapple juice. My dad doesn't like how much it costs but he also has never even tried it. It's worth every penny...if you can find it. 9/10.



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Masks and proof of vaccination required
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