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HWBIDCo delivers events in the town centre to try and increase footfall in High Wycombe and to increase the length of time that those people stay.  In turn, this should (hopefully) increase the amount that they spend and create more positive perceptions of the town.  We held Frogfest 2106 on Sunday 29th May and offer you the chance to have your say below...
frogfest 2016 - the context
Facts on Frogfest:
  1. The event has run for four years and brings in around 3,000 people during the day;
  2. The event has two stages - an acoustic one for unsigned, local, acts wanting to raise their profile and a main stage for more established acts to get a larger audience dancing;
  3. The event brings in some street food stalls but seeks to complement the offer provided by established businesses;
  4. The event allows people to drink in a public space for one day only, seeking to boost trade for local venues - we have no trouble;
  5. The event brings in a large amount of children's entertainment to seek to make this a worthwhile family event, on the basis that if the children are happy, the adults stay longer.
where should the event be held?
Slow down, lay back, and relax on the Atlantic coast.
The configuration of the town centre is a real challenge - the question is Frogmoor or the High Street?:
  1. The event was moved from Frogmoor into the High Street for 2016, mainly for reasons of better infrastructure provision - power boxes and water supply;
  2. The High Street location allows us to monitor event attendee numbers through our footfall cameras and by time-lapse camera at Little Market House;
  3. Opportunities exist to grow the event in the High Street to include Pauls Row and Church Street - but 2016 proved that this does not happen naturally and will require real effort;
  4. Traditionalists from the general public still want to see the event delivered in Frogmoor.
what should be included in the event?
Our aspirations for the event are as follows:
  1. We would love more arts and cultural organisations to get involved in Frogfest to make it a truly collective effort;
  2. What would be the ideal range of children's entertainment that would attract all ages?
  3. Should the event continue to grow?
  4. What festival stalls should we be attracting and how much should we be charging them to trade?
  5. Are we correct in limiting the amount of community or charity stalls to retain a festival feel and to prioritise space for traders adding cultural variety?
  6. Where do you think our audience gaps are i.e. who are we not reaching and how do we get them involved?
how do businesses want to get involved?
Fundamentally, we work for the business community, so these events have to benefit this group:
  1. Is Sunday the best day? In the High Street, the event could only happen on Sunday due to the presence of the Charter Market;
  2. If Sunday is good, we must recognise that lots of businesses in the wider town are closed on a Sunday - how do we make it worthwhile for them to open or to come "out into the event"?
  3. Could the event create some good sponsorship opportunities to make it more sustainable - and should these opportunities be made available to businesses outside of the town centre?
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