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HWBIDCo exists to make the town centre work better for business.  This could be supporting local businesses directly or it could be addressing issues in the town cente that will encourage greater footfall and visitors to stay longer.    This week we focus on giving you a say on an important issue...
what are Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs)?
The purpose of a PSPO is to deal with a particular nuisance or problem in a particular area so that the law-abiding majority can use and enjoy public spaces, safe from anti-social behaviour.

The PSPO will impose conditions on the use of that area, which apply to everyone.  Anyone breaking these conditions will be subject to a hefty fine upon conviction or an immediate Fixed Penalty Notice of £100.

If a PSPO is agreed, it will remain in force for three years.
why am I being consulted?
Your are being consulted because you are within one of the two areas being considered by Wycombe District Council for a new PSPO.

Proposed Town Centre PSPO Map
Proposed Desborough Road PSPO Map

The District Council consultation will run until Friday 28th October 2016, as a statutory process.  We would suggest that you complete the survey and make sure that your views are represented to the Council.  We will also be making a representation on your behalf, as HWBIDCo, so you could also provide some feedback to us so that we can ensure that we have covered the concerns and expectations of everyone.

what anti-social behaviour is going to be addressed?
The two proposed PSPOs are focussed on different aspects of behaviour.  The full text for each Order can be downloaded below.  The subject of each is also highlighted:

Town-centre wide

"Consuming alcohol or being in possession of an open container of alcohol and be acting in an anti-social behaviourmanner."


"Engaging in activities that relate to prostitution (e.g kerb crawling, having sex in public etc.) at any time."
how do I make my views known to the Council?
You can make your views known by clicking on the survey links below or by emailing the council on or by writing to the Council Offices.

Town Centre PSPO survey
Desborough PSPO survey

Here is the link to the Council website
the BID is up for renewal in 2017 and you decide our future...
HWBIDCo has a five year mandate, which comes to an end next year.

Renewal of the BID for another five years is not automatic and we are not a default position.  Businesses in the town centre have to vote positively for us to remain, otherwise we close.  If we close, everything that we do will stop.  This is because either there will be no more funding available or it does not form part of anybody else's job role.

We have drafted a schedule of meetings and informal gatherings to give you the opportunity to meet together, with us, to discuss your concerns and aspirations.
Find out who can vote on behalf of your business in the BID renewal ballot next year.

Email us for a one-to-one meeting
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