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HWBIDCo exists to make the town centre work better for business.  This could be supporting local businesses directly or it could be addressing issues in the town cente that will encourage greater footfall and visitors to stay longer.    This week we focus on meetings...
HWBIDCo is looking for a new Chairperson to drive our renewal agenda...
If you are passionate about High Wycombe, have a strong personality and have a direct connection with a business in the town centre, either as employee or business owner, then this might be your opportunity to influence the changes that you want to see happen.

Our previous Chairperson is moving away from the town and so we are seeking an individual to lead our Board and to drive our renewal agenda.

You have a very experienced CEO and BID Regulations to oversee the Renewal process so we are looking for an ambassador more than an administrative expert.  Challenge the BID Team to create an amazing renewal proposal, challenge your peers to vote and challenge the town to keep improving.

Email for further details or to arrange an informal chat.
Pub Watch and Shop Watch agree to meet monthly
HWBIDCo oversees the business security partnership.  We could provide you with a security radio liniking you direct to CCTV, we can give you access to shared intelligence and include you in a collective banning initiative that prevents persistent offenders from accessing your premises.  We also support partners working together.

Both Shop Watch and Pub Watch groups have now agreed to meet more regularly - so the first Thursday of each month (SW @ 11am and PW @ 4pm).  You are welcome to join if you think it would support your business.

Email Charlie now if you need our support on matters of security or anti-social behaviour.  We know that there have been some recent incidents of begging within business premises.
seeking Desborough Area representatives for a quarterly meeting...
HWBIDCo is busy representing your business interests in the Desborough area.  Recently we have:
  • Met with Police to discuss, and action, concerns about anti-social behaviour from local residents;
  • Supported a business breakfast meeting with the County Council to offer you the opportuity to comment on plans for the next stage of the road re-design;
  • Met with local businesses and the County Council to discuss concerns over fly-tipping;
  • Worked with a local business to raise concerns over a local phone box;
  • Discussed some opportunities for new security measures in the area;
  • Worked with Police and WDC to secure Collins House prior to redevelopment.

Now would seem to be the time to pull together a regular meeting with some key local business voices - maybe quarterly.

Let me know your views
the BID is up for renewal in 2017 and you decide our future...
HWBIDCo has a five year mandate, which comes to an end next year.

Renewal of the BID for another five years is not automatic and we are not a default position.  Businesses in the town centre have to vote positively for us to remain, otherwise we close.  If we close, everything that we do will stop.  This is because either there will be no more funding available or it does not form part of anybody else's job role.

At a simple level, this could mean over 100 hundred businesses paying extra waste collection costs, sixty plus businesses without security radios linking them to CCTV, no more town centre events, no more subsidised training places and no more housekeeping in the town centre such as deep-cleaning and hanging baskets.

At a more strategic level, your business interests will no longer be represented with planning, highways and other developments in the town.

We have drafted a schedule of meetings and informal gatherings to give you the opportunity to meet together, with us, to discuss your concerns and aspirations.
If you voted in a referendum that had global repercussions - you are going to need to vote in a local ballot that directly affects your business operation.

Email us for a one-to-one meeting
Useful Information
There is a new Temporary Road Closure Order in the Desborough Road area, associated with the forthcoming demolition of the old factory building and toilets in East Richardson Street.  East Richardson Street car park is also planned to be taken out of circulation and used as a site compound for works on the alternative route.
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