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HWBIDCo exists to make the town centre work better for business.  This could be supporting local businesses directly or it could be addressing issues in the town cente that will encourage greater footfall and visitors to stay longer.    This week we focus on traffic, deliveries and parking...
Accessing the High Street...
HWBIDCo has been working with the County and District Councils to review the vehicle access arrangements to the High Street.

The access bollards need repair and are currently out of action.  If they are to be replaced, we are considering what regulations will need to accompany this investment.  The current Road Trafiic Regulations are not enforced and need to be reviewed and brought up-to-date.

There is discussion about an enforced closure of the High Street to all vehicles (including deliveries) between the hours of 10am and 6pm.  We want to hear from you if this will cause you significant problems with your business activities.

Email for further details or to arrange an informal chat.
Alternative Route Desborough...
The next stage of works to progress the alternative route in Desborough have now been confrmed.

The area from Westbourne Street, junction with Baker Street and a short distance west along Desborough Road, will be delivered from the end of August.  This will include a new entrance for Arts4Every1, new parking spaces and moving the bus stop.  There will be a new central reservation along the remaining part of Westbourne Street, in the same design as the new piece of road, effectively making East Richardson Street and the access road behind Desborough Road left-turn-only.

The junction between Desborough Road and West End Street by the car park will also be closed permanently.  Users of the car park will need to travel further along Desborough Road and turn left at the other end of West End Street for access.

The second stage to be completed in the remainder of this year will be Desborough Road from the junction with Westbourne Street, east to the junction with Bridge Street.  This will be delivered between October and December and will involve a new roundabout instead of traffic lights at the junction with Bridge Street.  Parking spaces will be removed along this stretch.

Email for further information or a meeting.
Long Stay Parking Strategy...
HWBIDCo is pushing the argument for the development of a long-stay parking strategy for the town centre.

The issue will be forced in due course when the District Council brings forward plans for the development of Baker Street/George Street car park, which is currently the cheapest and most well-used long-stay parking for town centre workers.

What do you see as the priorities that HWBIDCo should represent?
  1. negotiated, affordable, long-stay parking charges for employees;
  2. park and ride as the long-stay parking preference for employees coming from the western side of town;
  3. replacement long-stay parking in Desborough as part of the development brief for George Street;
  4. something else?

Let me know your views
the BID is up for renewal in 2017 and you decide our future...
HWBIDCo has a five year mandate, which comes to an end next year.

Renewal of the BID for another five years is not automatic and we are not a default position.  Businesses in the town centre have to vote positively for us to remain, otherwise we close.  If we close, everything that we do will stop.  This is because either there will be no more funding available or it does not form part of anybody else's job role.

We have drafted a schedule of meetings and informal gatherings to give you the opportunity to meet together, with us, to discuss your concerns and aspirations.
If you voted in a referendum that had global repercussions - you are going to need to vote in a local ballot that directly affects your business operation.

Email us for a one-to-one meeting
Useful Information
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