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A Notebook Full
of Questions

Joseph* had a notebook full of questions, and he was determined to find answers. Ibrahim*, a disciple of some of our coworkers, shared with Joseph how he made his decision to accept Christ. By the time Ibrahim finished, Joseph was shocked and asked to meet again soon. 

Though Ibrahim has been a Christian for several years now, he had previously been a cynical skeptic just like Joseph. After the war in Syria, Ibrahim believed there was no God. The religion he grew up with had failed him, so he became an atheist. He told a friend, “There is no love in this world.” Despite this, he spoke with a Christian at a book fair who shared the gospel and gave him a Bible to take home. 

Ibrahim was so surprised and captivated by what he heard, he went home and read 20 chapters of Matthew. That night, Ibrahim left behind his cynicism and made the decision to follow Christ.

*Names changed for security

Prayer & Updates

Pray that the Lord would continue to use Ibrahim’s testimony in a powerful way with his peers. Pray that Joseph, who is not yet a believer, would come to faith in Jesus.

This summer has been full of wonderful little moments. It’s been too long since we’ve seen many of you and it’s been great to see family and friends in Indiana this past month. Thank you to all those who’ve hosted us and welcomed us back on our visit to the States. We’ll return to France and continue our design work in August. Please pray for our minds as we will be operating much more in French this next year.

We look forward to all the new productions and print projects lined up this Fall. Thanks for your prayers and support!

Andrew & Ann Lang

Design & Photography
North Africa Middle East

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