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This month we went to the Middle East to join the GO20 project that Ann helped design training videos for. We talked with people from 30 different countries. Here’s a conversation with a new friend that Andrew met there.

Matt and I almost literally bumped into a man dressed in traditional West African dress. His name was Wally from Nigeria. We said we were headed to an exhibit and he enthusiastically responded, “I will go there with you.” We got to know him more while walking and waiting in line. Through the exhibit we stayed together. Every so often I’d be taking a photo he’d turn around and say, “Andrew, let’s go!” Afterwards the three of us sat down on some steps. Matt and I began to talk about what was important to us and asked if he had heard about Jesus. Wally wanted to know more and was really engaged as we shared the gospel. He said, “This has touched me very much.” He asked for a link so he could read more about it on the metro home. We exchanged WhatsApp numbers and after praying with him we continued talking about family and his life back home. The next evening Wally texted and asked if he could receive a blessing from me before we left. So sweet! We were already headed to the airport for a redeye flight, but I told him Matt was staying a day longer if he wanted to meet. Once we landed we got a message from Matt telling us that he just had a great meeting with Wally and he prayed to accept Christ that morning!

Prayer & Updates

We are so excited for Wally! Pray that we can continue our conversations and connect him with other believers in Nigeria. Pray for all of those we interacted with and the GO20 project as it finishes up this month.

Andrew & Ann Lang

Design & Photography
North Africa Middle East

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