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Beginning the
Faith Journey

Do you remember the beginning of your faith journey with Christ? Maybe it began as a child attending church with your family, through a significant time of upheaval in your life, or from a series of divine encounters with believers. Looking back on your spiritual journey, you can recognize that God used many people, books, sermons, and experiences to bring you along the path of being a true follower of Jesus.

Every day thousands of people in North Africa, the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf begin their search for truth through the multiple channels created by our area’s staff members. Not only do seekers find truth, but many find salvation and carry on to become fruitful followers of Jesus. 

Ann led our designers in creating the timeline below for a publication. It’s an example of a faith journey from someone in the Arabic-speaking world.


Pray for the faith journey and growth of those in our area.
Our interns are making their way to Europe! Pray that they would be given favor next month entering France from another European country while the US/France border is still closed. Also, pray that we can continue to grow in our marriage and understanding for one another.

Andrew & Ann Lang

Design & Photography
North Africa Middle East

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