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Great designs come from sharing ideas with others. Some of our favorite things we’ve worked on have been a collaboration (we love being a built-in team!). Designing in isolation can be hard. Because of this, Ann had a vision to connect all the creatives in our company around the globe. She’s been working on launching a network so they can experience community, get feedback, and develop their skills.

We’re using a messaging platform called Slack so everyone can ask questions, share ideas, and be encouraged to do their best work for the Lord. It’s also helpful to find designers for projects that are in their own culture and language. We are trying to resource all the national ministries around the world, and there’s no better way to do that than with local creative people! Only a month after going live, we have 29 members from all over including Nigeria, Mexico, and Slovakia!

Prayer & Updates

We designed the theme graphics for this year’s Worldwide Day of Prayer and hope it will invite people to spend time with the Lord. Pray for all who are seeking God during Ramadan throughout North Africa, Middle East, and throughout the world.

Pray for the International Creative Network, that we can continue to find and connect other designers! Thanks so much for partnering with us!

Andrew & Ann Lang

Design & Photography
Paris, France

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