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Over the next six months many will visit the Middle East and we are excited to see God work at GO20 between now and March 2022. We have teams coming to reach out to this special group of people. Ann and our video team played a big part by creating a nine part training series for the teams. In whiteboard style, the videos explain how to share your faith in a Middle Eastern culture. One of our friends that is a part of the project reached out to us with some encouraging feedback:

Y’all I wanted to give you guys a huge shoutout! The GO20 Training videos were made exceptionally well and teams are loving them. All the people I’ve talked to have immediately said, “Whoever made these videos did such a great job!!” I talked to one guy yesterday who literally said, “Who made these videos?? Tell them they did an amazing job!” 

Prayer & Updates

Pray for the five teams coming in November and many more that will attend GO20. Pray for all the logistics and the relationships made throughout the project.

It’s that time of year again for our visa renewal. Please pray for our acceptance as the process has changed once again and there are delays due to a backlog from the past year and a half.

We’re quite busy as the year ends. We enjoy the hustle, but we ask for peace knowing we can do our best and trust God with the results.


Andrew & Ann Lang

Design & Photography
Creative Studio, France

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