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How Do We
Respond to Fear?

For many new Christians in our area, their decision to follow Christ impacts their lives in a way that’s difficult for many of us to imagine - their family and friends could reject them, they could lose their job, or even be arrested. One of our coworkers wrote text for a worksheet to help them process their fears. Our team came alongside her to put her words in a beautiful and engaging format. Here’s a before and after. 

The original is on the left and the updated English and Arabic versions are on the right.


Pray for this Fear worksheet and the people who will use it - that God would assure them through his Word of his love and promises.

We have a 6pm to 6am Covid curfew here in France. For us, it doesn’t change a lot - it just makes getting groceries more of an event. For our interns who are still waiting to come over, it’s been a long period of waiting with no end in sight. Continue to pray for their visas and also their hearts processing disappointment.

Andrew & Ann Lang

Design & Photography
North Africa Middle East

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