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Esther’s Heart 

*Esther asked thoughtful questions in a conversation with one of our coworkers. She was genuinely interested in examining the claims of Jesus. For the next two months, their conversations continued as she discussed more about Jesus and the Bible. In December of last year, Esther wanted to understand the Bible, but it was hard because neither French nor Arabic were her native language. She speaks Amazigh (pre-Arab North African or Berber). To her amazement, our coworker sent her an online version of the Bible and the Jesus Film in her native Amazigh language. It was truly a blessing for her to read and hear God’s word in her heart language—a language that is often ignored and looked down on in her country. By the next day, she had watched the Jesus Film and said it was “magnificent!” Esther had decided to follow Jesus as her Lord and Savior! In her own words:

“It’s like a miracle: someone who died to save others and I believe in that. For example in [my people group] we have a hero who died for his people too and for that I have a great respect and a great love for him. It is of course incomparable because Jesus gives us more. He is a hero and more, and He deserves everything.”

*Names changed for security

Prayer & Updates

Pray for the upcoming TV productions in Kabyle and Arabic that Ann is designing the sets for this Fall. Our studio is also recording our first podcast series in French on how to share your faith in a minority culture. Pray for the two new full time team members we welcomed this month!

Andrew & Ann Lang

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