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New Sister
in the Middle East

Lindsey* told our coworkers that she was an atheist but wanted the truth, so they shared about Jesus with her. She asked many good questions and really understood the reality, urgency, and beauty of the gospel. 

Lindsey went to church with them. She just kept saying “I’m so excited! I’m so glad I’m here!” After the service, they asked if Lindsey enjoyed it. Her response was, “I felt really at peace. When [the pastor] said that it was no coincidence that you are here, I felt that way!” Later that week our coworkers told her that if she had already decided that she wanted to follow Jesus! They talked with her about what it means to have eternal life and assurance of her salvation. Afterwards she said, “So last week I was still separated from God, but now I have eternal life and will be with him forever!”

After Christmas, Lindsey shared, “I feel confident and comfortable. And I feel God’s love for me.” They are continuing to read through the Bible together and going through our new believer follow ups!    

*Names changed for security


Prayer & Updates

Praise the Lord for Lindsey’s life changing decision! 

Pray for rest as we returned from running tech for a hybrid conference in Turkey this month. Things are much more complicated to include online and in-person participants, but it was so encouraging to see the leaders from the Middle East.

We’re visiting the Middle East at the end of this month! Pray that we will be able to engage in at least one spiritually deep conversation with someone during our visit.


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