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I Will Make
Your Name Great

God promised to Abraham, “I will make your name great!”

But most of the majority culture that we serve avoids this story of God’s promise. We helped with two recordings in a North African Arabic dialect that addressed this. The first program was called “How to Use the Bible to Tell the Story of God and Man.” It explored the Bible from creation to the resurrection of Christ, discussing the relationship of God’s promise to Abraham and how that pertains to the coming of Jesus Christ.

In the second program, “The Fundamental Truths in the Bible,” hosts Zineb and Latifa explained that truth is our standard of speech and thought. Studying the Scriptures in detail helps us better discern right from wrong doctrine. They discussed questions such as, “What is the purpose of human life?” Answer: The main purpose of man is to glorify God, and delight in Him eternally, and “What is the work of creation?” Answer: The work of creation consists of what God has done, by his mighty word and in the space of six days, all things out of nothing, and perfectly good.

Prayer & Updates

We’re welcoming a summer intern at the end of May. Pray for her fund-raising and preparations for traveling to France. We hope that she will experience how to use her design calling for God as she returns for her senior year at university.

Pray for us as we experience goodbyes with good friends. Living in France inevitably comes with change but the past few months have been hard losing our community as close friends and coworkers move elsewhere.

Andrew & Ann Lang

Design & Photography
Paris, France

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