BSG Newsletter
2021 T3 Issue 3

Published 30/8/2021


Dear Parents, Students and our Gurukula Community,

This is our third issue of the Gurukula Newsletter for this term, covering school weeks five, six and seven, wherein during the last two weeks, due to the state-wide lockdown, the school required to shift its mode of learning to the remote format. I would like to acknowledge all the staff’s hard work to shift the teaching and learning support to the online mode in a record time and all our parents and students for doing their best supporting and maintaining the learning from home. 


On the other note, I would like to wish everyone a happy upcoming Janmastami and Srila Prabhupada’s appearance day. It is unfortunate that we are unable to celebrate these beautiful holidays together this year. I am hoping that we will be able to take some time during these two days to immerse ourselves in chanting and remembering the pastimes of the Lord and His pure devotees. May Lord Krishna bestow his divine love upon us all.

Vinod Bihari Das
School Principal

Please note these important dates for the 2021 Term 3:

Tuesday 31 August - Sri Krishna Janmastami - No School

Wednesday 1 September - Srila Prabhupada Appearance Day - No School

Tuesday 14 September - Radhastami - TBC

Thursday 16 September - Last day of Term 3 for students

Tuesday 5th October - First Day of Term 4

Thank you very much.

School Secretary

Please see this link for the Gurukula Calendar.

If you ever have any queries or require assistance, the school office is available via phone on (02) 6672 3788 or via email:

Pre K & Kindergarten
Pre K students love our round table activities! In week 5, we learnt about halves, students enthusiastically cut and pasted pizzas, fruits, vegetables and last but not least some treats.
For Design and Technology, kindergarten students completed their push and pull toy cars. First, we made the design, then we painted the cars and finally we fixed the wheels on. Special thanks to those parents who collected and sent in the bottle lids. 
Govinda completed his spelling words neatly.
Ollie enjoyed the final sound phonics activity on Seesaw. 
Mirabai reading her daily Reading Mastery story at home.


Years 1-2
Sridhar, Kieren and Madhurika are busy with their remote instruction at school.
A look at the uses of natural herbs by Vallabha 
Wonderful explanation of Dasyam by Gaura Priya
Acrostic poem by Kieren
Acrostic poem by Gaura Priya
 Madhurika’s report on a significant place
Gaura priya’s report on a significant place/event
The learning continues despite the odds. The photos of student samples are from the remote learning and dear parents, it would not be possible without you and our supporting staff.  Let’s  continue to keep the partnership strong in this time of need. Our History continues with some students’ research. Vaisnava Studies and English writing were combined and produced wonderful poems. 

Years 3-4
Tahlia has completed a coding task for Science and Technology.
Chandra has shared a family memory for English language work
I want to thank all of the parents and children who are persevering with the workload during lockdown. I also want to congratulate the children for their resilience through these times. We will grow stronger together through times of hardship.

The featured work today are both samples of online multimedia work that students have completed.

Happy continued learning. Hopefully we will be back to normal soon.

Years 5-6
We would like to congratulate the students for their outstanding self regulation at this difficult time, completing their learning tasks from home. Despite this challenge, many students are producing some very high quality work. 

A big thank you to the parents that are working with their children to help them at this time. We know it is a trying time and we want to remind you we are here to support you in any way we can. 

Students have written impressive imaginative interview scripts labelled ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ where two families from different parts of the world swap houses for a week. Some excerpts from their scripts are attached. 

Students have written homages to Srila Prabhupada, in recognition of his upcoming Vyasapuja. We have included Ahalya Scott’s beautiful sweet homage for your appreciation.

Students have also been creating some impressive websites in PDH but we will show some samples in the next newsletter.

Kamalini and Rachel

Excerpt from Shivani Dumre’s interview script

A Tale of Two Cities

Setting: The experience studio in Perth. There are 3 red and black cushioned chairs and the interviewer sat at the opposite side of the room.

Fergansons interview

Interviewer: Hi guys. Welcome back to the experience show. Here today at the studio in Perth we have the opportunity to talk to the Fergansons family after they moved from Vegas to Kalgoorlie living the life of the Simpsons. During this time they have experienced a lot of different things. Guys please introduce yourselves. 

Millie: I’m Millie. This is my husband Bob. I work as a nurse and my husband works in the mine. We have two kids Holly who is 14 and Harry who is 2.

Interviewer: So how was Vegas different from Kalgoorlie?

Millie: Definitely the road rules were different and we drove on the other side of the road unlike Kalgoorlie.

Holly: There was lots more going on and it was very loud.

Bob: Yes. It was very loud and bright in the city and worst of all crowds. There were so many people.

Interviewer: Mhm. What was good about it?

Holly: There were tons of different shops, food, people and things to do.

Millie: The Simpsons house was super big and luxurious.
Interviewer: Was it better than Kalgoorlie or worse?

Millie: I definitely think there are great things about both of them. Kalgoorlie is more free and small but Vegas has more opportunities and people. I think they're both great places but being old I would want to live in Kalgoorlie.

Bob: Same I think they're both great but they do both have some things that I want to avoid especially the crowds in Las Vegas

Holly: Well I much rather prefer Las Vegas. The city has more people and fun things to do.

Excerpt from Vrindavanesvari Hassall’s script

Interviewer: That is a lot of information. Let's get onto the next question. How does Las Vegas compare to Kalgoorlie?

Millie: Holly, why don’t you answer this question?

Holly: Ugh, whatever. Both Las Vegas and Kalgoorlie are deserts. Kalgoorlie is not a busy town. But Las Vegas has so much to do. They are both very different places.

Interviewer: That is a great answer, Holly. Where was Las Vegas located?

Bob: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Las Vegas is a part of the Northern hemisphere.

Interviewer: What were your thoughts about the Simpsons house, which we are currently in right now?

Millie: It was a great experience staying in this house. It is very large and much nicer than our house back in Kalgoorlie.

Bob: It was a new experience for me. I love our house in Kalgoorlie, and this house is just too big for me.

Holly: It was great for taking selfies. At home the lighting is terrible.

Interviewer: Holly, it appears that over the time you spent in Las Vegas, you have become popular on social media. Is this true? If so, how did you become so well known?

Holly: Yes, I have gained many followers on social media. I got popular from the photo I posted near the Hoover Dam. It was built in 1931. It was built to control flooding from the Colorado river.

Excerpt from Malikai Bryan’s interview script

Interviewer: Morty, would you like to tell us something fun that you did in Pichilemu?

Morty: I had so much fun at the beach, dad and I really enjoyed surfing. Pichilemu is one of the world's best surfing spots. We also took a trip to the Andes Mountains which are the longest exposed mountain range in the world, and the second-highest after the Himalayers. A lot of wildlife lives there, almost 1,000 species and there are about 30,000 species of plants. The Andes were really beautiful, different from the rainforest at home. I did see a lot of eucalyptus and pine trees around Pichilemu which reminded me of home yet I know they are not native to Chile. 

Interviewer: Wow sounds like fun, I'm jealous, I love surfing and nature.

Interviewer: Summer you learned some Spanish while at Pichilemu, could you talk a bit about that? 

Summer: Si, I took a basic Spanish class at the Pichilemu Language School. I met a lot of foreign tourists there. Probably the most surprising thing was the Alpaca that was walking along the beach. It seemed really hot to be walking the beach in a fur coat like that!
Dear Srila Prabhupada,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories unto you! 

I have so many reasons to be grateful to you. Your kindness is overwhelming with love for your devotees and Krishna. You so selflessly travelled to the western countries to preach Krishna consciousness to the entire world. Because of your contributions you have allowed us to develop a strong connection with Krishna. Srila Prabhupada, you are the embodiment of one deeply who has pure love for the Supreme Personality of Godhead. You have made a development with a caring community that I am grateful for. Your chanting has been inspiring for many people throughout the years including me. You also have encouraged me to become a better person. 

Please allow us to continue serving you and please shower your mercy upon us all. 

Your humble servant,
Ahalya Scott 

Throughout the lockdown our School Chaplain and Wellbeing Support Officer is available for support. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss support options available to our students, families, and of course our staff.

The support is also available through the kids helpline

1800 55 1800

Kids Helpline is a free Australian telephone and online counselling service for young people aged between 5 and 25

Dear Parents,

Here are a couple of suggestions to help with the added life load of being in a lockdown. Just a reminder to be compassionate to yourselves during this time. Even the most resilient of us will feel the stress that comes with online study and homeschooling.

I am available via email should you need.

Take care.


Physical Education
Fifteen students between Years 3-8 participated in an online Zoom fitness session today. I took them through a traditional warm up sequence (bouncing, jumping, skipping and joint mobility exercises), then we moved into some Karate-esque movements with palm and foot thrusts. Finally, we practiced some gentle stretching on the floor and finished with a simple breathing exercise called box breathing (breathe in for five seconds, hold for five seconds, breathe out for five seconds, hold for five seconds). This proved to be a great way for students to connect which is something I can feel that they have been longing to do. I will continue to run these sessions throughout the lockdown period, so, keep an eye on your emails and be sure to encourage your children to get involved (open for parents and siblings too ☺)!


In Satra class for grade 7-8, the students explored Srila Prabhupada’s achievements and life mission and started a collaborative project to offer Srila Prabhupada and the devotees (It’s a surprise:)). Due to the lockdown, we’ll continue to work on it individually, and once we get back together we’ll combine all the efforts and create the display… We seek your kind blessings and prayers so we would be able to achieve our goal within this term. 

Sri Haripriya

Modern Science Stage 5

The creation of Lithium Chloride (Jahnavi Robson):

The creation of Sodium Chloride (table salt) description by Kirtana:

Sodium has 11 electrons and I am one of them. I am the 11th one furthest away from the center. I am an outcast. Sodium didn't want me anymore he was going to get rid of me but that is okay because I have a small feeling that when I will go to some new place they will like me more, when they finally decided to pass me over chlorine there was a huge flame as I went from sodium to chlorine . Now that I am with chlorine and all the nice electrons I feel I am no longer an outcast. We live in a cubic form with other chlorides and sodium ions that are all happy. This cubic form is called table salt.

Bhakti Sastri

Bhagavad-Gita 6.33-34 - Arjuna Rejects the Astanga Yoga Process (By Danakeli Fairbairn)

Arjuna rejects the practice of yoga because his mind is too restless and unsteady, it’s simply unendurable and a waste of time, all these absurd practices are just crazy. “As a practical man, Arjuna thought it was impossible to follow this system of yoga, even though he was favorably endowed in many ways” BG 6.33. If the great Arjuna back then couldn't control his mind and senses then that means, “ It is not possible for an ordinary man to leave home and go to a secluded place in the mountains or jungles to practice yoga in this Age of Kali” BG 6.33. If such feats 5000 years ago sound bizarre, back when people had a much longer life duration and actually had some sort of bodily capability to do so, what to think of now where we absolutely have to breathe, eat, drink, sleep etc. Yoga nowadays is not yoga, yoga is meant to be all-benefiting. Yoga is now considered on the material plane which only benefits the body and not our consciousness. Because being able to control the mind is much harder than controlling the raging wind.


Year 9 Sustainable Biomes

This term takes us on an investigation into sustainable biomes. Students are currently writing a research report on a chosen crop, and analysing how this crop is produced and used in Australia, its export consumption, factors that influence its yield, how technology supports its production, and how the current social situation and border closures are impacting its supply and demand. Students are soldering through this task with great determination considering the new mode of learning that we are working with. I am looking forward to something very fruitful sprouting from these times of change.



Year 7/8 TED Talks

Online learning definitely has its pros and cons. However, our Year 7/8 students have all been giving it their very best efforts day in day out. Together, we have been working on creating our own mock TED talks this term as students developed their public speaking prowess. This work will culminate in students presenting their talks on a selected topic to the whole high school (or via video submission). Thank you to everyone in our class for your heroic efforts so far! 


Design and Technology

Year 7/8 Design and Technology

The students’ perfect house design project is still under construction. Over the last couple of weeks, the students have been doing research on ‘Aboriginal houses in Australia before 1788” and “First colonial houses in Australia in 1788”. 

Govinda Caran

Visual Arts

Year 7-8 students are now up to the stage where materials have been bought for the sculptural projects. Some students have started their sculptural constructions offering a hint of some exciting works developing. 

Society and Culture/ English

Despite the pressure of their looming HSC assessments, our senior students have bravely transitioned to online learning without missing a beat. We have just completed our Buddhism unit in Society and Culture which has involved a deep dive into the history, philosophy, beliefs and practices of this hugely influential world religion as well as an introduction to some of the key figures who have emerged throughout its long history.  In English, students are playing director to work on character creation for our chosen drama text. It’s difficult to find the motivation to learn alone, and I’m so appreciative and proud of the students efforts during this totally weird and uncertain time.


Business Studies

Our HSC Business Studies students have almost completed their studies of the course content and are now beginning to review all the four major topics of Business Studies: operations, marketing, finance and human resources, in order to prepare for the HSC Trials at the school later this term and the final HSC exams in Term 4. I need to acknowledge and appreciate the resilience and versatility of our senior students, for so nicely dealing with the challenges posed by the lockdown and smoothly shifting their learning to an online format. Our zoom classes are well-attended, dynamic and vibrant, with lots of questions and ideas that are being explored and discussed. Thank you once again for your dedication to learning.

Vinod Bihari 

Visual Arts

Students in Preliminary HSC art have been looking at Power in art by considering their own environment while trying to reflect on imagery that might represent feeling of vulnerability r safety in such places as school, clubs or even the home. It is a difficult subject to tackle as it requires an awareness that we sometimes overlook while getting on with our day to day lives. Taking the time to contemplate feelings while considering how to represent these in images is challenging. Tara has produced a wonderfully expressive portrait of two dimensions of feeling. 


Thanks for reading!
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