Weston Green 18 March 2014
Mike Harrison Meets Weston Green Parents 

On Thursday 27 February, we welcomed into School our newly appointed Head Teacher, Mr. Mike Harrison. Mr. Harrison was formally introduced to parents by Mr. Steven Wade, UK Schools Director for Bellevue Education. During his visit, Mr. Harrison gave a brief presentation to parents, and he also outlined what he hoped to achieve during his first term in post.

Find out what Mr. Harrison is looking forward to as he becomes part of the family of our school.

The Latest Hockey Match Reports

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Year 6 Look Forward
to their French
Residential Trip
Year 5 Write their own Vindolanda Tablets
in Latin

In May, Year 6 will be embarking on a very exciting residential trip to France staying at La Grande’ Ferme, near Avranches in Normandy. The children will be immersing themselves in a week full of French language, culture and fun. They will be speaking French most of the week in a variety of different situations. In preparation for the trip the pupils have been practising some of their transactional French skills and showed these off to great effect during their French-themed assembly.

In Latin, Year 5 have been trying to write using the Roman cursive script on small wooden tablets, to recreate the famous Vindolanda tablets. These amazing archaeological finds were dug up in 1973, around the site of the commanding officer‘s residence, just south of Hadrian’s wall. Year 5 have created their own versions, written in English, but using the rather challenging Roman script which has no capital letters or punctuation, to create birthday invitations and shopping lists.

Year 4 Learn More About Roman Life at
Bignor Roman Villa
World Book Week
Celebrations with ‘What on Earth?’ Wallbooks

As an extension of their History studies on Roman Britain, Year 4 pupils enjoyed a very exciting day out last week at Bignor Roman Villa in West Sussex. Dating back to the 3rd Century AD, Bignor Roman Villa was one of the largest in Britain. The Villa was rediscovered 200 years ago when a local farmer, George Tupper, uncovered the Roman fountain from the villa’s original Summer Dining Room, after striking it with his plough. The visit helped Year 4 pupils gain a lively sense of the Roman way of life. 

Pupils in KS1 and KS2 enjoyed a stimulating workshop with John Gordon-Reid from What on Earth? Wallbooks recently. KS1 listened to the story of life on earth from the big bang through to the present day, with John using the wallbook of natural history to illustrate his talk. He also wore a coat with 15 coloured pockets on it, each containing an item which helped to tell the story. The KS2 session followed a similar format, but using the wallbook of science and engineering.
News from our
Year 1 Class
Kindergarten Engage in Creative Activities

It has been a very busy half term for Year 1 already! Linked to their topic, Toys From Long Ago, the pupils brough in toys that their family members had played with. They loved them so much that they decided to show them off and make a museum for them. They have also celebrated Book Week by sharing their favourite books with the Reception pupils.

Find out more and see photos by clicking the links below:
This half-term in Kindergarten, we have planned activities which encourage all pupils to work in the creative area and to use pencils and crayons. Since, on the whole, girls are usually very keen to take part in these activities and boys can be a little more reluctant, additional effort has been made to engage the boys in these creative activities as well.

Crazy Hat Day is a
Spectacular Success!
Reception Enjoy Learning About Families

On Friday 28 February, the new School Council held a fundraising Crazy Hat Day based on an idea suggested by Sophia in Year 6. The School Councillors had advertised the day with posters which they had made and then placed around the school and emailed home to parents. The idea was that the children would make their crazy hat over half term and then wear them to school on Friday, to raise money for Barnardo’s, one of the two charities Weston Green is supporting this year.

The Reception classes have recently been thinking about Mums, Dads, families and people who are special to them. They thoroughly enjoyed the books My Mum and My Dad, written by Anthony Browne, and shared many interesting details about their own families. The children then wrote and illustrated their own books about Mum or Dad. The focus switched to babies when Reception class received a visit from Mrs. Burke and her baby daughter Esmee. 

'Laughs with Sophie'

Sophie in Year 6 has put together a few jokes for a one-off feature called, 'Laughs with Sophie':

"I knew a man who made doughnuts for a living... But he got tired of the 'hole' thing!"

"A good baker will always rise to the challenge... It's the yeast they can do!"

"What do ten elephants play in the back of a Mini...  Squash!"

"What's round, green and likes camping? A Brussel Scout!"
Find out about the latest news, events and upcoming dates for your diary from Weston Green School's Parents' Association.

  Dates for your Diary

Fri 21 MARCH
KS2 Inter-House Hockey Matches at Surbiton Hockey Club

Mon 24 MARCH
Years 3 and 4 Hockey v Staines Prep (A)
Leaving at 1.40pm

Tue 25 MARCH
KS1 Workshop: Enchanted Toy Shop and ‘Life on a Scottish Island’

School closes at 12 noon

Message from the Office
    Despite the months of rain, we have had very few days when the children have been unable to go out to play. The unseasonal sunny and very warm weather last week enhanced some of our school visits to Bocketts Farm, Bignor Roman Village, and the National Gallery and also enabled us to use the school field. Charlotte de Souza announced it was ‘the best day of my life!’ 

Please click here to see some photos of Weston Green pupils enjoy the sunny Spring weather, taken by Sophie (Year 6).

Maths Week
This week is Maths Week and we welcomed back Mathematical Magician, Tony Charles, who entertained children in KS1 and KS2 yesterday by performing various Maths Money Shows and Workshops. 

Teatime Concert
Today we will be holding this term’s Teatime Concert. The concert will take place at 4.15pm in the hall and will last approximately 45 minutes. Parents, grandparents and siblings are welcome to attend and support the musicians. Tea and biscuits will be available from 4.00pm. 

Spring Concerts
Week commencing 24 March sees the start of rehearsals for our Spring Concerts. These will take place on Thursday 3 April at the following times: EYFS at 11.15am, KS1 at 1.15pm, and KS2 at 3.00pm. 

Parent Interviews
Parent interviews will take place on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 March between 6pm to 8pm. All appointments have been allocated and you should now have received a definitive schedule via email. Parents are asked to come to the front door on arrival.

Congratulations Brookwood
Congratulations to Brookwood, who were listed 2nd in The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Companies to Work For 2014.
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