Norfolk House
Norfolk House 28 June 2013
Reception’s Exciting Day at Butterfly World

On Thursday 20th June, the Reception children had a wonderful time at Butterfly World. They started their day imagining that they were tiny insects, as they explored an oversized garden which they entered through a crack in a giant flowerpot. Armed with activity sheets and a sense of adventure, they scurried around the garden spotting enormous matchboxes that they could have climbed into, spiders with legs as long as a table’s and a garden fork that was over a storey high.
3B’s Cookery Lesson:
Making Tomato Spirals with Theo
New Reception Children Enjoy First Play Session


Form 3B spent an afternoon cooking with Theo. We made ‘Tomato Spirals’. We worked in pairs and used the following ingredients: puff pastry, cheese, tomato puree and fresh basil. We rolled out our pastry and spread the tomato puree on top. Next we grated cheese all over the top, then we tore basil leaves and sprinkled them on the cheese. With Theo’s help, we put them in the oven for 15 minutes.

On Tuesday 18th June, the children who will be starting Reception in September 2013 came into school for their very first play session here at Norfolk House. It was an exciting morning for the children and the teachers and it was great to see so many children who are eager to come to school. The children were also excited to meet each other.

‘Why I like Art’
by Huey
Rounders Cricket Parents Picnic


What I really love about art is the different styles in which artists produce their work. I'm very interested in modern art, especially Pop Art. The art project we did at school this year on Pop Art was really interesting. I have been to some exhibitions at the Tate Gallery and love going; I particularly enjoyed the Lichtenstein one.

On Wednesday 19th June, KS2 students and parents participated in our annual Rounders/Cricket picnic. This being my first, I was delighted that the weather held and we were able to enjoy a stunning afternoon of fun and games. Competition was fierce, with many children and parents showing off their skills.


Dates for your diary
  Dates for your Diary
Sat 29 JUNE
FoNH Cocktail Party


Mon 1 JULY
KS2 Dress Rehearsal
(Rec/KS1 to attend)
Wed 3 JULY
KS2 Drama Production
Arrive at 5:40 for 6pm
Thu 4 JULY
2nd New Intake Circle Time  
1.30 – 2.30

End of Year Reports out to Parents
Fri 5 JULY
Sports Day Back Up
Mon 8 JULY
House Music Competition
2 – 3pm at St Andrews
Wed 10 JULY
Awards Day
10 – 12pm at Baptist Church
All children collected from Church

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Message from the office
    North London Chess Tournament
We hosted the second leg of the North London Chess Tournament on Saturday. I'd like to thank Sanjay, Henry, Charlotte, Dylan and Kieran for giving up their Saturday morning and attending in full school uniform. A special thank you to Oliver who was pulled in at the last minute and saved us from forfeiting three points. The team played all their games well and we came 3rd, with just one point behind 2nd. 
After School Clubs
There will be no After School Clubs during the last week of term.
Please take all uniform, lunch boxes, bottles etc. home by the end of term. Any tupperware will be disposed of during the holidays.
Mrs Joannides will return all medication to parents at the end of the Awards ceremony. Please ensure you take your child's medication home. 

If your child requires medication in September a new medical consent from will need to be completed and kept with the medication clearly marked with your child's name.
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