Dear <<First Name:>>, Best wishes for 2013! New projects / Thelma Hulbert Gallery - Animation & Printmaking exhibition / MA Fine Art (Distinction). 
Formations I (Exceed the weight of the planet)

Best wishes for 2013...

Project updates:

  • Returning to the studio from travel project in South America.
  • Producing new sculptural & image objects (in the Guayas & Manabi regions of Ecuador)
  • Samples from research texts around cities travelled:

“Another day and night of boat travel down a river, into the Gulf of Guayaquil, and across its swampy delta brought them to the seamy tropical port city of Guayaquil...” ¹

“Between 1503 and 1660, 185,000 kilos of gold and 16m kilos of silver were shipped from Latin America to Europe. The native American leader Guaicaipuro Cuautemoc argues that his people should see this transfer not as a war crime, but as "the first of several friendly loans, granted by America for Europe's development". Were they to charge compound interest on this loan, levied at the modest rate of 10%, Europe would owe the indigenous people of Latin America a stack of gold and silver which exceeded the weight of the planet.” ²

“Decolonization occurred differently in each geopolitical region of the world, and in unique ways in each country ... an outline is necessary, since otherwise the narratives of modern and contemporary art will remain one that is told from the cultural centres of modernity, with art from elsewhere appearing only in so far as it registers at those centres.” ³


• Image objects:

»    »  

¹ Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life, Jon Lee Anderson
  (also Story of Che Guevara, Lucía àlvares de Toledo)

² George Monbiot, The Guardian

³ Contemporary Art: World Currents, Terry Smith

Thelma Hulbert Gallery • Printmaking & Animation

Thelma Hulbert Gallery • Printmaking & Animation

Exhibition dates

• Saturday 19th January - Saturday 2nd March 2013

Opening hours

• Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 5 pm

Thelma Hulbert Gallery
Elmfield House,
Dowell Street,
Devon, EX14 1LX, UK    » View Map




Massive thank you to all that helped & supported in the process of completing a masters degree at The Cass with distinction - lecturers, contemporaries, friends & family.

Website updates:

• Selection of higher resolution images on the index page
• Editions section (covering Image Objects / Books etc)
• Available works link
• Further updates & improvements scheduled

Best wishes •

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