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Sampled Space (Global City Soundscape I)
“With music derived from sampling, the sample no longer represents anything more than a salient point in a shifting cartography. It is caught in a chain, and its meaning depends in part on its position in this chain… When musicians use a sample, they know that their own contribution may in turn be taken as the base material of a new composition… This recycling of sounds, images, and forms implies incessant navigation within the meanderings of cultural history, navigation which itself becomes the subject of artistic practice.” Postproduction, Nicolas Bourriaud
Group Show
TRIAD: Towards Regional Integration of Artistic Development
#9Topics an Instagram Project by Amalio Caputo & Marina Font in partnership with TRIAD
"TRIAD, in partnership with artists Amalia Caputo and Marina Font and in collaboration with Arthill Gallery, is proud to present the exhibition in London of the highly acclaimed first Instagram-based art project, #9TOPICS.

At its second edition, #9TOPICS has created the opportunity to develop a social platform fruition to the next level, conceptually exploring and representing social contents (the 9 topics), artistically involving the vast population of Instagram users.

Photographers, artists and social media enthusiasts from all over the world have been invited to participate in this innovative artistic project that explores the subject of ‘the SELF’."
#9Topics an Instagram Project by Amalio Caputo & Marina Font in partnership with TRIAD
TRIAD is a charitable organisation whose aim is to develop and support artistic practices globally, commissioning and staging dynamic new projects with upcoming artists, addressing today’s most social, political and cultural issues. TRIAD brings together local and artistic communities to interact, understand and develop cultural and social awareness through the medium of art.

Citizens (Parkour I), Capoeira (Triptych II) and Galapagos V by Jaykoe were selected.
Arthill Gallery
Ground Floor,
Lourdes Apartments,
North End Road,
London W14 9NU

» Map

T: +44 (0)20 7381 1952

Arthill Gallery
TRIAD Website
Exhibition Dates
24 February - 10 March 2017
Opening Times
Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm
Weekends by appointment.
Opening & panel discussion:
Thursday 23 February: 6 - 8pm
Panel Moderator: Rodrigo Orrantia

9Topics on Instagram
Amalia Caputo
Marina Font
Citizens (Parkour I)
Group Show
Urban Ecologies (Majorelle II)
Botanicals - Studio 73
Imagery underpinned by a concern around sustainability at a time when rapid urban development is occurring on a global scale. From the Urban Ecologies series (see also Urban Ecologies (Napoli I)) these works explore the balance and contrast of the environment, both natural and artificially in the urban space. Here, a pink trumpet flower growing in an urban botanical garden in Marrakech is cut with a glimpse of city rooftops. Details of this work are available to view here.
Studio 73
73 Brixton Village
London, SW9 8PS

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T: +44 (0)20 7274 7773

Studio 73 Website
Exhibition Dates
03 March - 09 April 2017
Opening Times
Tuesday - Saturday: 11 - 5.30pm
Sunday: 12 - 4.30pm
Monday: Closed
Opening & drinks:
Friday 03 March: 6 - 8pm

Studio 73 on Facebook
Solo Show
Solo Show Dates
Relational Demographics (Intercultural City I)
“The untranslatable multiplicity reflects a new kind of society. Differences are as apparent as the visible seams of a patchwork … Those seams reveal connections, interactions, and antagonisms. The intertwinement of heterogeneous and contradictory components constitutes the new pattern in thinking and creating.” Untranslatable Realities, Eva Repouscou
Conflict Resistance Displacement
We are currently supporting Re-Build, a charity that is raising funds to build an eco school in Kobane, Syria, where 13 of the 16 schools were destroyed in the recent conflict.

Following their exhibition at The Guardian Media Gallery, curated by Kosha Hussain, Re-Build are selling photographic works from the exhibition to aid the reconstruction.

Click here to see the works by Frederic Lafargue, Maryam Ashrafi and Antonio Olmos available to buy to support Re-build.

We are donating 10% of our edition sales to this cause until the end of March, available works are listed on our Rise Art profile.
Works available to buy to support Re-build
Museum Road Trip - Instagram Updates
MASI Lugano
MASI Lugano
Works from the Annette and Peter Nobel Collection at MASI Lugano

Visited in June 2016 as part of the Museum Road Trip project.

#MuseumRoadTrip #Switzerland #AnnettePeterNobel #democracy
MASI Lugano
"A critical, independent and investigative press is the lifeblood of any democracy." #NelsonMandela
City Layers (Interlaced I)
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