Living metal, new saucepans.
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You expect Brooklyn Copper Cookware to know what we're doing with copper, tin and iron, but have you thought about what the metals themselves are doing as we make your pan, or as you use it? 
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BCC's knowledge of copper cookware has come over decades of cooking and talking with experienced users, collectors and fellow fans. If you're reading this we count you in that group, and, like us, you may have wondered about the general absence of good information on living with copper cookware.

Wonder no longer. Have a look at this new post about living metals—it's like a Dr. Spock for new owners of pure metal cookware. We've just gotten the ball rolling—by all means please add your own experience and wisdom in the comment section.

And while you muse on your contribution to the collective knowledge of the world's oldest culinary metals, we have something else for your consideration...  

New in the BCC Store: Saucepans!

Liquid cooking, such as saucing, is a task tin-lined copper is uniquely (some might say profoundly) well-suited to, and the copper saucepan is the mark of excellence in any batterie de cuisine. Copper's ultra fine heat distribution results in continuous, even currents inside the pan so starches and flavor elements do not settle out, adhere, over- or undercook, even in the lowest and longest of simmers.

When we started BCC, saucepans were our best-sellers by far for these and other good reasons. Our new versions are in even US quart capacities, much more stoutly constructed and, well, just utterly beautiful.

We quickly sold out pre-orders and the response has been inspired. Have a look on Chowhound.
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"BCC has hit another home-run here, and these saucepans prove again that they are one of the leading manufacturers of copper cookware on the planetand they are entirely made in the USA."

New Saucepans from Brooklyn Copper Cookware by Toronto416 

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If you missed your chance to pre-order, we now have a very limited quantity of 1, 2 and 3, quart saucepans with covers available on the BCC online store.

Whether you comment on a post or drop us a line (you can also call us at (347) 866-2600), we're always glad to hear from you.

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