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The geese are heading north again and song birds have begun occupying the still-naked trees (yep, still growing 'em here in Brooklyn). It's still cool enough to run the oven at full blast, and while mussels are still in season we thought we'd pull out the Large Casserole to make up a batch, along with a few pounds of some classic Julia Child-inspired scalloped potatoes in the Large Rondeau.
Brooklyn Copper Cookware Large Rondeau and Large Casserole
Remember the theme of "more" when we launched those pieces? There's more! Coming to a springtime near you is The 11" Large Sauté. We've heard from dozens of you who need more room to cook more good stuff for more people. As we round out our tooling we're able to debut new designs faster than ever. You know how we usually send you an artist's rendering when we begin preorders? Have a look just below: We've already prototyped our first Large Sauté and are ordering the supplies necessary to produce our first production run.

The BCC 11" Large Sauté does the work of any large sauté pan, only so much better. This muscular workhorse distributes heat rapidly and finely across a spacious tin-lined cooking surface, which releases your creations easily. The elegant Stork cast iron handle gives balanced stovetop control and is complemented by a unique helper on the opposite side to ease a full pan wherever you need it.

A capacious 5 quarts, the 11 inch diameter fits perfectly to modern American range tops, gas or electric (use a 11" or larger Induction Interface to gain copper's advantages on your induction range).

The 11 Inch Large Sauté

The Brooklyn Copper Large Sauté.

  • 5 quart capacity
  • .125 (3mm) copper for extremely fine heat distribution
  • Heavy, hand-wiped tin lining
  • Solid copper rivets
  • Custom Stork cast-iron handles designed for easy control
  • 11” diameter, 23.5" overall, 3.25" height, 6" to top of handle
  • Weighs 14.1 pounds
  • Cover sold separately
We're having a great time making your cookware—seriously: Best. Job. Ever. Have a question? We love to talk. Drop us a line or dial (347) 866-2600. If you're on social, you can find us at the usual places too (links below).

Cook well!
Signed, Mac.
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